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Hanks / Hankins / Hawkins Families

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  • Rebecca Ellen Luzadder (Hawkins) (1858 - 1920)
    Rebecca E. Hawkins Luzadder BIRTH 1858 DEATH 1920 (aged 61–62) BURIAL Knottsville Cemetery Knottsville, Taylor County, West Virginia Husband: Aaron Columbus Luzadder 1858–1921 Children: Lovie...
  • Earl Clifford "Pete" Hawkins (1898 - 1971)
    Photo added by Barry Statler Earl Clifford “Pete” Hawkins BIRTH 4 Feb 1898 Jefferson County, Ohio, USA DEATH 5 Aug 1971 (aged 73) Hernando County, Florida, USA BURIAL Westview Cemetery Carrollton,...
  • Charles Lawrence Hawkins (1884 - 1970)
    Married twice? Wife's name is different in these 2 sources but they might be the same person. : Celia Ann Nethken Hawkins 1886–1947, married 14 Nov 1908 in Upshur County, West Virginia Children of Cel...
  • James Hawkins (1878 - 1968)
    1880 Mannington, Marion, West Virginia, United StatesResidence 1900 Mannington district (north side, excl. Mannington town), Marion, West Virginia, United StatesResidence 1910 Freemans Creek, Lewis, We...
  • Gerald Ross Hawkins (1926 - 1991)

The parentage of President Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, has long been a genealogical puzzle. Let's give it a go at sorting out known facts from myths ... and while we're at it, documenting and correctly aligning the family trees of the Hanks and Hankins / Hawkins.

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starting with the profile here and seeing where it takes us ...


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Suggested Reading

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