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Golda Laja Wajnryb (1842 - 1894)

"Galpern", "Wajnrib"

10/15/2015 10/31/2019

8/16/2009 10/31/2019

Rywka Szlam pv Herzberg (1828 - 1880)

"Rywa", "Ryfka", "Kahan", "Herszberg"

5/2/2016 10/30/2019

8/12/2014 10/30/2019

הג"מ נתן נטע זצ"ל. אבד"ק טורבין.(ע"פ ספר היחוסין של הילל גולדשטוף).

11/10/2008 10/30/2019

R' Mordechai Meir Weissbrot, A.B.D. Turobin (deceased)

"Motel of Turobin"

9/6/2018 10/30/2019

Chana Gutwilik (1886 - c.1942)

2/23/2016 10/30/2019

Source: שם ושארית, לוי גרוסמן Surname may have been Halpern since according to some that was the original family surname. Admor Menachem Mendel Morgenstern, Kotzker Rebbe or his father are reported to ...

3/28/2019 10/30/2019

Ankiel Lichtman (b. - aft.1841)

He is referred to in metrical documents from his wife and children. He signed his wife's death Akta in 1834, so must have still been living then (also signed Leibus Lichtman's married document in 1841)...

3/13/2016 10/20/2019

Wólf Lejzor Baumfeld (c.1870 - 1913)

"Wulfa Lejzora Baumfelda per Kielce Polish archives documents"

Gisele G., Wólf's great grandaughter notes: According to his son Pedro, Wólf had two businesses: first was a (ready-made and haberdashery) clothing store; and the second was of jewelry and silver, at O...

7/14/2011 6/29/2018

Kielman Baumfeld (1856 - d.)

"Kielman per JRI Poland records and archives"

Pedro B. mentions "Kalman" as his grandfather in his biography. From this info, Gisele G., Pedro granddaughter was able to find records at JRI and possible ancestors of Kielman. It seems Kielman and hi...

7/14/2011 6/29/2018

Dawid Baumfeld (c.1791 - aft.1847)


All names above including Dawid Baumfeld and his children are a guess work, by Dawid’s 4th great granddaughter Gisele G., trying to find Kielman Baumfeld ancestors based on registries/documents found o...

11/18/2016 6/29/2018

Berek Baumfeld (1837 - d.)

Notes by: Gisele G., third great granddaughter: read about Baumfeld family at Turobin town Yizkor book in Hebrew at: - page 194/198 (PDF) has info on this "four generation family" - Baumfeld.----------...

4/24/2017 6/29/2018

Toba Brandla Halpern (1823 - 1886)

"Touba", "Brandla", "Brana", "Brina", "Blima", "Bolfetz", "Heilper", "Helper", "Heisner", "Galpern", "Halperen", "Haylperen", "Hajlpern"

Notes by: Gisele G., 4th great niece, found on JewishGen:The two below seem like the same person:Birth Certificate:Surname Given Name Year Type Akta Sex Father/MotherBOLFETZ / [BAUMFELD] Brana 1823 B 1...

5/13/2012 2/7/2018

Rywka (deceased)

3/19/2016 8/2/2016

Laja (deceased)

3/13/2016 8/2/2016

Dawid (deceased)

3/19/2016 8/2/2016

Wulf (deceased)

3/13/2016 8/2/2016

Herszek Preser (1771 - 1831)

"Tzvi Hersh"

From "Turobin Births 1821-31,33-71,76-89 Marriages 1823-71,76-89 Deaths 1826-71,76-89":Name: PRESER , Hersz Year: 1831 D Akta: 25 Age: 60 Spouse: Handla Josfowiczów Father: Dawid Mo...

3/13/2016 8/2/2016

Rayzla Lichtman (1777 - 1834)

Hersz' daughter (born 1835, Turobin) was named after her.From "Turobin Births 1821-31,33-71,76-89 Marriages 1823-71,76-89 Deaths 1826-71,76-89":LICHTMAN, Razla Died: 1834 Akta: 13 (digitized here: [ ...

3/13/2016 8/2/2016

Zlata Lichtman (c.1805 - d.)

2/23/2016 8/2/2016

Aron Lichtman (c.1805 - 1847)

From "Turobin Births 1821-31,33-71,76-89 Marriages 1823-71,76-89 Deaths 1826-71,76-89":1828 - Marriage:LICHTMAN, Aron Father: Ankiel Mother: RayzlaPRESER, Złota Father: Herszek Mother: Hendla Death rec...

2/23/2016 8/2/2016

Wolf Lichtman (1836 - d.)

Given the Warsaw < London < South Africa connection, he is plausibly the same person as Woolf Lichtman "Belzyce PSA Births 1830-51,65 Marriages 1826-51,54-59,65,82-86,90-1902 Deaths 1826-51,55,65"1854:...

3/10/2016 8/2/2016