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  • Claude Lelouch
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  • José Aboulker (1920 - 2009)
    José Aboulker (5 March 1920 – 17 November 2009) was a member of the anti-Nazi resistance who co-founded a resistance network in Algiers in World War II and emerged as one of the main leaders of the res...
  • Yitzhak bar Sheshet Perfet, Ribash (1326 - 1405)
    Isaac ben Sheshet Perfet (1326 – 1408) יצחק בן ששת was a Spanish Talmudic authority, also known by his acronym, Rivash (ריב"ש ). He was born at Valencia and settled early in life at Barcelona, where he...
  • Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997
    Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (born April 1, 1933) is a French physicist and Nobel Laureate. He shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics with Steven Chu and William Daniel Phillips for research in methods of ...
  • Baruj Benacerraf, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1980. (1920 - 2011)
    Baruj Benacerraf (born 29 October 1920) is a Venezuelan immunologist, who shared the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the "discovery of the Major histocompatibility complex genes which en...

The History of the Jews in Algeria refers to the history of the Jewish community of Algeria, which dates to the 1st century CE. In the 14th century, many Spanish Jews emigrated to Algeria following expulsion from Spain and Portugal; among them were respected Jewish scholars, including Isaac ben Sheshet (Ribash) and Simeon ben Zemah Duran (Rashbatz).

Following Algerian independence in 1962, almost all of Algeria's Jews, having been granted French citizenship in 1870, left with the pied-noirs. The vast majority moved to France, and the rest moved to Israel. Those who remained resided mostly in Algiers, while some settled in Blida, Constantine, and Oran.

In the 1990s, the trials of Algerian Civil War led to the emigration of most of the remaining Jews. A decisive event was the rebel Armed Islamic Group's 1994 declaration of war on all non-Muslims in the country. That year Jews abandoned the Algiers synagogue. continued

Notable Algerian Jews

  • Isaac ben Sheshet (Ribash) Rabbi
  • Queen Kahina,
  • Eva Green, Geni Private, actress
  • • Jean-Pierre Bacri, actor
  • • Maurice Benayoun, artist
  • • Alain Afflelou, business man
  • • Michel Benita, double bass player
  • José Aboulker, member of the anti-Nazi resistance
  • • Franck Amsallem, jazz pianist and composer
  • • Yvan Attal, film director, actor (Algerian parents)
  • • Jacques Attali, economist, writer
  • Baruj Benacerraf, immunologist, Nobel prize (1980) (Algerian mother) *
  • Paul Benacerraf, Geni Private philosopher (Algerian mother)
  • • Jean Benguigui, actor
  • • Richard Berry, actor
  • • Lili Boniche, musician
  • • Patrick Bruel, singer, actor
  • • Alain Chabat, actor
  • • André Chouraqui, writer
  • • Élie Chouraqui, French film director and scriptwriter
  • • Hélène Cixous, feminist writer
  • • Robert Cohen, boxer: World Bantamweight Champion
  • Annie Cohen-Solal, Geni Private academic and biographer of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, physicist, Nobel prize (1997) *
  • • Jean-François Copé, (Algerian mother), President (UMP) Group in the French National Assembly
  • • Pascal Elbé, actor
  • • Daniel Bensaïd, philosopher and trotskyist (Jewish Algerian father)
  • • Cy Curnin, lead singer of The Fixx (Jewish Algerian mother, non-Jewish father)
  • • Gérard Darmon, actor
  • • Jacques Derrida, deconstructionist philosopher *
  • • Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, journalist
  • • Eva Green, actress
  • • Alphonse Halimi, boxer: World Bantamweight Champion
  • Roger Hanin, Geni Private film actor & director
  • Bernard-Henri Lévy, philosopher
  • Claude Lelouch, film director (Algerian father)
  • • Enrico Macias, singer
  • • Reinette L'Oranaise, singer
  • • Martial Solal, jazz pianist and composer
  • Benjamin Stora, historian
  • • Patrick Timsit, humorist, actor
  • Eric Zemmour, journalist
  • • Claude Zidi, film director
  • • Marlène Jobert, an actress
  • Danny Ayalon, a politician
  • • Alon Abutbul, an actor
  • • Françoise Atlan, French singer.