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Robert II d'Oilly, Baron Of Hook Norton MP (c.1065 - 1142)

"de Oilly"

Baron of Hook Norton, High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, ordered the building of Oxford Castle. Doomsday Book records that by 1086 he held a number of manors.merged profile held place of death as Eynsham en...

11/6/2007 11/19/2015

Roger d'Ivry=From Medlands: [ ROGER d'Ivry (-after 24 Apr 1089). No information has so far been found on the parentage of Roger, but presumably he was closely connected to Robert d'Ivry, husband of Aub...

12/17/2008 11/19/2015

Robert D'Oyley de Liseaux, High Sheriff of Oxfordshire MP (1044 - c.1091)

"Robert D'Oyley de Liseaux", "Robert Doyley", "Robert de Oiley", "Robert d'Oilly", "Robert D'Oyley", "Roberti De Oilgi"

Robert D'Oyly== From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert D'Oyly (also spelt Robert D'Oyley de Liseaux, Robert Doyley, Robert de Oiley, Robert d'Oilly, Robert D'Oyley and Roberti De Oilgi) was a Nor...

4/29/2008 5/31/2015

Sir Richard Ingoldsby (1617-1685) was an officer in the New Model Army and, as a Commissioner (Judge) at the trial of King Charles I, signed the king's death warrant.Richard Ingoldsby was the second so...

5/2/2008 3/31/2015

Henry III, king of England MP (1207 - 1272)

"Henry of Winchester", "King of England", "Lord of Ireland", "Duke of Aquitaine", "Henry of Windsor"

a short summary from Wikipedia:Henry IIIReign: 19 October 1216 – 16 November 1272Coronation: 28 October 1216, Gloucester17 May 1220, Westminster AbbeyPredecessor: JohnSuccessor: Edward IRegent William ...

1/25/2007 3/31/2015

Empress Matilda MP (1102 - 1167)

"Matilda", "Mathilda", "Mathilde", "Maud", "Adelheid", "Adelaide", "Alice", "Beauclerc", "Plantagenet", "Anjou", "Matilda of England", "Maude", "HR Empress Matilda of England and Queen of Germany", "Holy Roman Empress", "Queen of Germany", "Empress Matilda", "Lady of the English (disp..."

Empress MATILDA born Adelaide from Medlands 2. MATILDA (Winchester or London 1102-Abbaye de Notre-Dame des Près, near Rouen 10 Sep 1167, bur Abbaye du Bec, Normandy, later moved to Rouen Cathe...

1/29/2007 3/31/2015

Henry D' Oyly MP (1109 - 1163)

"de Oilly", "d'Oyley", "Doyley", "d'Oilly", "de Oyley"

Henry de Oilly of Hook Norton From Medlands HENRY de Oilly of Hook Norton, Oxfordshire (-1163). “R. de Oileo” founded Oseney Abbey, Oxfordshire, with the consent of “Editha uxore mea et filiis mei...

7/4/2008 3/31/2015

William de Chesney MP (c.1102 - c.1170)

William de Chesney= From Wikipedia: William de Chesney (flourished 1142–1161) was an Anglo-Norman magnate during the reign of King Stephen of England (reigned 1135–1154) and King Henry II of England (r...

3/16/2009 3/31/2015