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Richard Steele MP (c.1610 - c.1640)

Biography From “The Descendants of John & Martha (Steele) Handerson of 17th Century Ma & Ct” page 5 Richard Steele came with his parents to Hartford in 1635. Not long afterwards he married some u...

7/3/2008 8/11/2019

Robert Cross MP (1613 - 1670)

Robert served in the Pequot War, for which six acres of marsh land were granted him. (referenced on page 41 of 'My Children's Ancestors' 1913 by Rec. R.T. Cross. )He emigrated to America in 1634 GEDC...

5/16/2007 6/10/2019

Maj. John Mason MP (aft.1600 - 1672)

"John (Sea Captain", "Explorer", "'Founder' New Hampshire) Mason"

–1672)_ not-so-brief biography From Lincoln's History of Hingham : Capt. John, who finsihed up the Pequod War in 1637, being then in chief command, afts. major-general, etc., was prob. a resident...

8/20/2007 9/25/2017

Nicholas Jennings, of Old Saybrook MP (1612 - bef.1673)

Nicholas Jennings was the son of John Jennings, a founder of Hartford, & an unknown woman. Married Margaret Poore, alias Bedford. biography From Three hundred, seventy-six years ago my Jennings a...

5/11/2013 11/6/2016

James Cole, of the Plymouth Colony MP (1600 - 1692)

"Innkeeper of Plymouth Colony"

Parents seen as Sir William James Cole, III, of Enniskillen & Susan Cole without supporting evidence. (29Nov2018) However, from a text, "Cole 200 to 1920," Copyright, 1920, by J. Arden: quote* ...

2/2/2007 9/11/2016

Lion Gardiner MP (1599 - 1663)

Lion Gardiner (1599-1663), an early English settler in the New World, founded the first English settlement in what became the state of New York. His legacy includes Gardiners Island which remains in th...

10/28/2007 8/28/2016

Samuel Gorton, 5th President of Providence and Warwick MP (1593 - 1677)

"Forgotten founder of liberty"

There are various biographical sources including: Find a Grave MEMORIAL ID 31050767 Warwick Digital History Project Wikipedia - Samuel Gorton 5th President of Providence and Warwick

2/25/2007 5/7/2016

Capt. Joseph Weld, I MP (1599 - 1646)

"NOT a husband of Elizabeth Shatswell. Do not add her as a partner."

See the profile of Elizabeth (Wise) Weld, his first wife, for sources and a discussion of the surname of his first wife. Married (1) Elizabeth Wise (NOT Elizabeth Shatswell, that has been disproven) an...

7/8/2007 12/6/2015

Rev. Samuel Stone MP (1602 - 1683)

Biographical Summary: Reverend Samuel Stone , son of John Stone, a freeholder of that place, was born in Hertford, County, Herts (usually at that time sounded Hartford); baptized July 30,1602, in the...

6/26/2007 11/25/2015

Biography Robert Chapman died 10/13/1687 in Saybrook, CT. Family tradition states that he originated in Yorkshire, England. He married Ann Bliss 4/29/1642 in Saybrook, CT. Disputed Parents His ...

2/27/2007 11/4/2015

Captain Thomas Bull. Sr. MP (bef.1610 - 1684)

Thomas Bull was one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut in 1636. He was twenty-five when he arrived on the ship 'Hopewell' from England on September 11, 1635, according to the passenger list. Hi...

7/26/2007 10/8/2015

William Comstock MP (1595 - 1683)

Immigrated from England to Wethersfield, CT and subsequently removed to New London, CT. Immigrated from England to Wethersfield, CT and subsequently removed to New London, CT. The History of Ancien...

4/17/2007 10/8/2015

1. Sgt. THOMAS1 BARBER (JohnA) baptised at St George Parish, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 25 Dec 1612; b probably 21 Dec 1612 (St Thomas’s Day); d Windsor CT 11 Sep 1662; m Windsor 7 Oct 1640 Jane ‑...

7/3/2007 10/8/2015

Edward Colver, Sr. MP (1610 - 1685)

"Culver", "Coulver", "Edward Colver", "Edward Culver"

Edward Colver was born circa 1599 at Of, Dedham, Norfolk, England. Edward Colver was born circa 1610 at England. He married Ann Ellis, daughter of John Ellis and Ann Benjamin, on 19-Sep-1638 at First...

8/7/2007 10/8/2015

Nathaniel Merriman MP (1613 - 1694)


Profile is locked but DOB appears to be 1613 not 1614. Photo of Memorial Stone placed June 2013 is imported under Media. 1. NATHANIEL1 MERRIMAN (GEORGEa, GREGORYb, THOMASc) was born 1613 in London, E...

6/14/2007 10/8/2015

concerns There is no proof that Joseph Clark and Elizabeth Clark are the parents of this John. Disconnected 12-30-2015. brief biography born 1600 in Great Munden, Hertfordshire, England died ...

2/17/2007 7/18/2015

Sgt. John Clark, of the New Haven Colony MP (c.1612 - bef.1648)

"John Clark (Senior)"

Sgt John Clark Born (abt 1610-15) in England Died before May 13, 1648 in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut Parents Unknown Spouse Mary (abt 1615-8) m. unknown. Name seen as Mary ...

6/15/2007 6/8/2015

Richard Church, of Hingham MP (c.1608 - 1668)

"Richard Church of the Plymouth Colony"

Richard Church ; b. 1608 at England, carpenter. He died 27 Dec 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts and his will was presented for probate 26 January 1669. His parents are unknown. He came over as a ...

6/5/2008 4/19/2015

Thomas Hurlburt Sex: M Birth: 26 MAR 1610 in Chippenham,Wiltshire,England Death: 12 OCT 1671 in Wethersfield,Hartford,CT Burial: Old Burying Ground Notes for Thomas Hurlbut As the gener...

3/22/2008 11/23/2014

Parents unknown Page 27 STANDISH 10. THOMAS1 STANDISH was born about 1612, in England. He was probably [sic probably not] a son of Myles Standish and his first wife Rose, and was left in England, (...

7/7/2007 6/18/2014

James Rogers, of New London MP (c.1615 - 1688)

Not a known son of Thomas Rogers, Jr., of Stratford-upon-Avon & Grace Porter was he a brother of John Rogers, of Milford The Y-DNA haplogroup of James Rogers appears as I-M253 at

2/23/2007 5/3/2014

John Wildes, of Topsfield MP (1618 - 1705)

"Wild", "Wilde"

John Wild aka John Wildes (1618-1705), parentage unknown, was born in 1618 in Furness, Lancashire, England; and died 14 May 1705 at the age of 87 in Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married (...

9/13/2007 4/4/2014

Capt. Thomas Munson MP (1612 - 1685)

"“The Originator”"

Thomas MUNSON (John MUNSON1) was baptized 13 SEP 1612 in Rattlesden, Suffolkshire, England, was christened 13 SEP 1612 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England, and died 07 MAY 1685 in New Haven, New Haven Co.,...

2/11/2007 1/11/2014

Matthew Mitchell MP (c.1590 - 1646)

Not the son of Thomas Mitchell & Elizabeth Mitchell Susan Armitage “ Sailed from Bristol, Gloucestershire to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 on the ship JAMES with husband Thomas Armitage and he...

8/16/2007 10/3/2013

Sgt. William Cornwall MP (1609 - 1678)

"William Cornwall Jr./ II"

Myth of Mary Hyanno Bearse-Hyanno DNA Project proposal [ ] Mary (Unknown) aka Hyanno / Hyannos Wife of William Cornwall (disproved) The issue here is whether or not Mary 'Hyanno' is the same Mary...

1/22/2007 8/5/2013

William Blumfield (c.1604 - aft.1663)

Biographical Summary: William Blumfield probably came in the "Elizabeth" from Ipswich, in Suffolk, in 1634, aged 30, with wife, Sarah, aged 25, and daughter Sarah, aged 1; freeman, Massachusetts, Sep...

5/12/2011 8/5/2013

Hon. Thomas Stanton MP (1616 - 1677)

"Thom", "Stanton", "Indian Trader", "Farmer"

Thomas Stanton Born about 1615 in England Parents unknown Husband of Ann Lord, married 1637 in Hartford, Connecticut Colony Father of Thomas Stanton Jr., John Stanton, Mary (Stanton) Rogers, ...

2/23/2007 7/29/2013

Benjamin Burr MP (1602 - 1681)

Biographical Summary #1: Benjamin Burr was one of the proprietors "by courtesie of the town," receiving six acres in the distribution of 1639-40; his home-lot was on the east side of the road to the ...

6/12/2007 7/27/2013

Thomas "The Immigrant" Tibbals MP (c.1615 - 1703)

"Thomas "The Immigrant" Tibbals"

Early Families of Milford, Connecticut by Susan Emma Woodruff Abbott page 751. Parents unknown accorded to Early Families of Milford, Connecticut. His will was admitted to probate on June 1, 1703. A ...

6/22/2007 6/3/2013

Capt. John Underhill MP (1597 - 1672)

"Edward", "Jan Jans", "Onderberch", "Onderhill"

John Underhill (7 October 1597 – 21 July 1672) was an early English settler and soldier in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Province of New Hampshire, the New Haven Colony, New Netherland, and later...

7/20/2007 6/3/2013

John Purchase MP (1612 - 1645)

John Purchase was a soldier in the Pequot War under Captain Mason and received a soldier's grant in the Soldiers' Field, Hartford, for services rendered there. [Town Records, Hartford. Stuart's History...

5/19/2008 6/2/2013

John Warner, of Farmington MP (1615 - 1679)

Not the same as John Warner, of Middleton “John Warner, Jr. was the son of John Warner, Sr. and his wife (_).“ Married Margaret. Their 4 children: JOHN: b. say 1642; m. by abt. 1669 ____ ____. ...

7/26/2007 6/2/2013

Thomas Blatchley MP (1615 - 1674)

"Thomas Blackley", "Thomas Blacksley", "Thomas Blachly"

not-so-brief biography Thomas Blackley (Blatchley, Blacksley) embarked for New England in the "Hopewell," July 28,1635, age 20; was granted a lot in Hartford conditionally, Jan. 7, 1639-40; removed t...

12/20/2007 5/7/2013

Nicholas Disborough MP (1612 - 1683)

"Disbro", "Desbrough", "Disbrow", "Desbrow"

Nicholas Disborough Birth: June 16 1612 / Abt 1613 - Saffron Waldon, Essex, England Death: Aug 31 1683 - Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Parents: Nicholas Disbrowe, Mary Gylbye Married: Mary...

7/3/2008 5/2/2013

William Hayden, of Hartford MP (bef.1608 - 1669)

William Hayden, original proprietor of the Hartford Colony. Parents unknown. Possibly the brother of John Hayden , of Dorchester & Braintree. NOT the son of Gideon Hayden , Esq., of Ebford & Cadhay. ...

7/4/2008 4/24/2013

John Oldham (1592–1636) was an early Puritan settler in Massachusetts. He was a captain, merchant, and Indian trader. His death at the hands of the Indians was one of the causes of the Pequot War of 16...

7/11/2008 4/18/2013

Rev. Henry Smith MP (1588 - 1648)

The following is the work of Dale Smith. Generation One Rev. Henry Smith was born in 1600 in Norwich, Norfolk, England and died August 09, 1648, in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, aged 48. H...

2/20/2007 4/11/2013

Thomas Barnes, of Marlboro MP (1636 - 1679)


biography From The first BARNES in the colonies was Thomas BARNES (BARENCE), who was born in Barkling, Essex, England, about 1636. He came to America at the age of twenty, on the Speedwell, arrivin...

9/21/2007 5/3/2012

Caleb Hopkins MP (c.1622 - 1651)

Caleb Hopkins Birth: Circa 1623 - Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States Death: After June 6 1644 - Barbados Parents: Stephen Hopkins, Elizabeth Fisher Giles Hopkins volunteered t...

11/11/2007 4/6/2012

Giles Hopkins, "Mayflower" Passenger MP (bef.1607 - 1690)

"Egidius", "Gyles"

'Giles Hopkins Baptized: 30 January 1606/7 - Hursley, Hampshire, England Died: 16 April 1690 - Eastham, (current day) Barnstable county, Massachusetts Father: Stephen Hopkins (1581 - 1644) Mo...

2/18/2007 4/6/2012

Benjamin Munn MP (1700 - 1775)

"Benjamin Munn, b. 12th August, 1700; in 1715 the new settlement of Brimfield was opened up and he, Benjamin, together with ten others, became the original proprietors of the new township. In 1760 the ...

11/2/2010 3/26/2012

Capt. Benjamin Munn MP (1620 - 1675)

BIOGRAPHY: He started Hartford, Connecticut and then moved on to startthe community of Monson, Massachusetts. It appears Benjamin may have born in England, but there are others researching the Munn con...

4/19/2008 3/26/2012

Thomas Prence, Governor of Plymouth Colony MP (1600 - 1673)

"First Governer of the American Colonies", "Govenor - Arrived Plymonth 11 09 1621 on ship Fortune", "Prince"

1/28/2007 3/15/2012

Robert Rose, Indian Fighter MP (c.1619 - bef.1683)

Robert2 Rose (Robert1), b. ca 1619, was aged 15 when he came with his parents on the Francis in 1634. He d. sometime between 1 Nov. 1679 (deed) and 9 Mar. 1682/83 (inventory), in Stratford, Fairfield C...

5/18/2008 3/1/2012

Deacon Richard Goodman MP (1609 - 1676)

Richard's parents are unknown. Civil War General Joseph Hooker and educator John Dewey are descendants. IMMIGRANT, 1632/3 FREEMAN, 14 MAY 1634 PEQUOT WAR VETERAN, 1637 CONSTABLE, 1656 KILLE...

1/17/2007 2/28/2012

Nathaniel /Nathan Gillette MP (1608 - 1689)

"Nathan", "Gillette", "Gylette"

Pequot War "GlI,LETT, NATHAN--Service mentioned. (C. R,, Vol. II,p. 161) Enlisted from Windsor. ('l'arhox, Tuttle, Bodge and Stiles' Win.) He was a brother of Jonathan Gillett and was of Dorchester, ...

4/26/2008 2/28/2012

Benedictus Alford MP (1619 - 1683)

"Benedict Alford", ""Sergeant Alvord""

From: Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut Vital Records, Windsor Marriages - 1640s to early 1700s First Book Windsor Births Marriages and Deaths 1638-1704, Page Fifty-Three Benedictus Alford and Jane...

2/10/2008 2/28/2012

Captain John V. Gallup, III MP (1620 - 1675)

Local, colonial, and military leader who, as a captain, was killed in the Great Swamp Battle against the Rhode Island Narragansetts. Winthrop Fleet of 1630, passenger on the ship “Mary & John” Lineag...

9/24/2007 2/28/2012

Samuel Hale (deceased)

I-IALE, SAMUEL-Service mentioned. (C. R., Vol. IT., p. 151 ; Vol. IV., p. 423, and Savage.) Enlisted from Hartford. ('Tarbox, 'Talcott, liodge, Stuart ant1 Parker.) T;rorn Wethersheld. (Atlanl.; ant1...

2/28/2012 2/28/2012

Thomas Hale MP (c.1613 - 1678)

FIALE, THOMAS-Service mentioned. (C. R., Vol. II., p. 162, Vol. IV., p. 423, and Savage.) Enlisted from Hartford. (Tarhox, Talcott, nodge, Stuart and Parlcer.) I-Iatl a lot in Soltliers' Ficl(!. Of I...

5/12/2011 2/28/2012

Thomas Barnes MP (aft.1615 - 1691)

"Thomas Barnes of New Haven & Middletown"

Thomas Barnes Birth: 1615 / 1623 - of Barking, Essex, England Death: June 10 1691 - Middletown, Connecticut Wife: Mary, Elizabeth THOMAS BARNES, referred to as " Thomas of New Haven and Mid...

6/14/2007 2/28/2012

Richard Osborn MP (1612 - 1685)

Pilgrim father who came from London England in 1634 and settled at Windsor CT. Founder of the New England branch of the family and was in the Pequot war and for his service received a grant of land in ...

6/17/2008 2/28/2012

Capt. Richard Olmstead, of Norwalk MP (1611 - 1687)

"Cpt. Richard Olmstead", "Immigrant"

Richard Olmstead Born about 20 Feb 1611 in Fairstead, County Essex, England Son of Richard Olmstead and Frances Slany Married 1) ?Elizabeth (Haugh) Whittingham? 2) Magdalen, widow Smith Fathe...

8/4/2007 2/28/2012

Sgt Edward Riggs, III MP (1619 - 1667)

"Edward Rigges"

Military rank of Sgt. Name: Sgt. Edward (Immigrant, 1633) Riggs Sex: M Birth: Abt 1614-1619 in Lincolnshire, England Death: 1668 in Derby, New Haven Co., CT Note: First Lady Mamie Doud ...

3/5/2007 2/28/2012

John Cooke, "Mayflower" Passenger MP (1606 - 1695)

"Junior. John Soule Cooke", "John Cooke", "Joseph Cooke", "John Cooke Esq", "John Soule Cooke"

Descendant of Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke Events 1620- Mayflower passenger ""Led ashore by his father's hand." 1637- Served in the Pequot War. 1657- Excommunicated and became an Anabapt...

1/22/2007 2/26/2012

The Notorious Captain John Stone MP (c.1580 - c.1634)

The most authoritative biography on John Stone is perhaps compiled by the Stone Family Association: The Notorious Captain John Stone John Stone was the son of another John Stone of Bretherton, La...

5/14/2008 2/26/2012

John Nott, of Wethersfield MP (1618 - 1681)

"Walter", "‘the Immigrant‘"

Not the same as Mr John Nott John Nott was born in England in 1618 and died abt 1681 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut. He was a talented joiner and a Sergeant in the Pequot War of 1637. Marri...

5/6/2008 1/11/2012