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Pioneer Roll Call 1907 - South Australia

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  • Donald McIntyre (1837 - 1917)
    Donald McIntyreMr. Donald! Mcintyre, yvho died on Monday at the residence of his daughter (Mrs. R. Leaver), Albert Park, at the age of 79 years, yvas a colonist of 78 years, having been brought to Sout...
  • William Loose Beare (1826 - 1910)
    William Loose Beare JP. * Arrived: In South Australia Ship Duke of York 26th July 1836 * Death: 16 July 1910 Glenelg aged 84 Years His, Wife Died at Glenelg 57 Years, His Daughter Died at Glenelg 51 Ye...

Occasionally their has been published list of South Australian Pioneers who attended functions or signed a log as a roll call. The lists will be copied here to assist researchers. These lists, cross referenced to original ships lists will confirm the list, and, as married names of ladies are entered, may assist or confirm marriages etc. These persons had to sign the book, so they were still living in these years of roll call.

NB: The absence of a name does not mean the person is deceased, they may not have attended for reasons of ill health, distance, or removed to another State.

See the Historical Timeline Project to see list of projects that place persons in time periods in South Australia.


The following names of the pioneers who entered the State during, or prior to the year 1840, were entered in the Visitors book at the Town Hall. The name of the ship by which the immigrants arrived is given after the colonist's name:—


  • T. G. Adams, Buffalo.
  • J. Chittleborough, Buffalo.
  • W. L. Beare, Duke of York.
  • H. T. Morris, Buffalo.
  • D. Wickam, Africaine.
  • W. Chittleborough, Buffalo.
  • W. Othams, Buffalo.
  • William Grey, Navarino.
  • Mrs. Ely Lovelock, Buffalo.


  • T. Gates, Henry Porcher.
  • T. Wiggins, Coromandel.
  • A. Heck Isabella.
  • Bedford Hack, Isabella.
  • Mrs. Emma Brown, Lady Emma.
  • Mrs. Emma Norman. Navarino.
  • W. R. Randell, Hartley.
  • H. Wilkins, John Renwick.
  • Mrs. G. S. Turner, John Renwick.
  • Mrs. Martha Hobbs, Lady Emma.
  • G. B. Wright, .Catherine Stuart Forbes.
  • Charles Self; G. R. Thompson.


  • Mrs. Eliza Charters, Native.
  • Thomas Calaby, Duchess of Northumberland.
  • Robert Tompkins, Eden.
  • W. Flavel, Prince George.
  • William Pedlar, Royal Admiral,
  • J. B. Bull, Canton.
  • Mrs. Coad, Lloyd.
  • T. W. Chalk, trustee.
  • W. Hamlin, Royal Admiral.
  • John Ottoway &B Chaston Eden.
  • B.H.A.Cawley, Pestonjee Boman
  • Mrs..G. Wigg, Native.
  • Donald McIntyre, Rajahstan.
  • J. W. Daw, Winchester.
  • F. B. Oldham, Lord Godridge.
  • Mrs. Francis J. Brooks, Native.
  • G. Penley, Lloyd.
  • J. Tuckfield. Royal Admiral.
  • T. J. S. O'Halloran, Rajahstan.
  • J. Battersby, Prince George.
  • William Pole, Trustee.
  • Mrs. H. Ward, Winchester.


  • T. Roberts, Sir Charles Forbes.
  • H. Edwards, Delhi.
  • Mrs. Amelia Latta, Platina.
  • George Martin, Moffatt.
  • Miss L. Darmborough, Somersetshire.
  • W. T. Terrell, Native.
  • T. G. Haddrick, Resource.
  • Ruth Miller, Somersetshire.
  • G. W. Hill, Aria.
  • John Illman, Cleveland.
  • W. H. Brooks, Buckinghamshire.
  • Charles Jolly, Keeowery.
  • Edward Biggs, Resource.
  • Duncan Stewart, Ariadne.
  • E. J. Haddrick, Resource.
  • Thomas Peirce, Singapore.
  • J. T. Ford, Asia.
  • F. E. Tuckwood, Duchess of Northumberland.
  • Elizabeth Lazer, Buckinghamshire.
  • John Minchin, Native.
  • C. F. Folland, sen., Resource.
  • Mrs. M. A. Baker, Buckinghamshire.
  • Mrs. Ashley, Royal Admiral.
  • Mrs, E. Keast, Cleveland.
  • Mrs. E. Saint, Cleveland.
  • Arthur Hardy, Platina.
  • W. F. Wilkey, Native.
  • William Duffield, Delhi.
  • S. Mills. Hooghly.
  • F. Harris, Recovery..
  • Mrs. Carmen, Resource.
  • A. C. McArthur. Recovery.
  • Emily Townsend. Hooghly.
  • S. Hele; Hooghly.
  • Mrs. C. W. Frisby, Anna Robinson.
  • J. Austin, Buckinghamshire.
  • George Potter, Somersetshire.
  • W. M. Edge, Duchess of Northumberland.
  • G. D. Burslem, Native.
  • G. Fatchen, Buckinghamshire.
  • M. Cain, Porter.
  • J. Gregory, Lysander.
  • H. Shearing, Buckinghamshire.
  • H. Hewett, Duchess of Northumberland.
  • D. H. H. Weir, Prince Regent.
  • Mrs. Olive Laffan. Sir Charles Forbes.
  • H. Hill, Asia.
  • Joshua Gurr, Moffatt.
  • Phillip Wheaton. Native.
  • J. D. McLoud, Duchess of Northumberland.
  • J. M, Litchfield, D'Auvergoe.
  • J. N. Perry, Asia.
  • Thomas Neill, Recovery.
  • A. S. Neill, Recovery.
  • J. McLean Campbell, Superb.
  • J. Gregory, Native.
  • W. G. C.Cole, Lysander.
  • Aaron Cole, Lysander.
  • William Pritchard, Native.
  • Watts Newland, Sir Charles Forbes.
  • W. V. Brown, Native.
  • D. Pratt. D'Auvergne.
  • Mrs. Eliza Haddrick, D'Auvergne.
  • W. H. Lapthorn, Orissa.
  • John Gregory, Lysander.


  • Thomas Pitman. Fairlie.
  • Peter Williams, Java.
  • James Tonkin, Java.
  • B. Clark, Warrior.
  • D. Kirk, Ellen Thompson.
  • Mrs. James Smith, Morley.
  • Mrs. B. Warrick, Diadem.
  • Johnson Jeffries, Three Brothers.
  • J. Beams, Fairlie.
  • C. Penfold, John.
  • Fanny Hupfield, John.
  • H. B. Wickham, Baboo.
  • J. Burgess, Fairlie.
  • Mrs. A. Carmichael, Indus.
  • T. O'Sullivan, Mary Dugdale.
  • W. S. Bottomley, Asia.
  • Tom Day. Diadem.
  • Richard Martin, Lysander.
  • Eliza Wadmore, Fairfield.
  • Henry Kelly, Martin Luther.
  • Mrs. Curry, Martin Luther.
  • John Lambert, Diadem.
  • S. A. Burford, William Mitchell.
  • Alfred Reeves, Lalla Rookh.
  • G. R. Hughes, Diadem.
  • C. Warner, Eliza.
  • Edward Macklin, Lysander.
  • J. J. Earle, Native.
  • W. H. Turner, John.
  • Mrs. J. V. Backhouse, Fairfield.
  • W. Barnes, Native.
  • Robert Forrester. Dauntless.
  • J. Brinkworth, Native.
  • J. R Cocking. Java.
  • James Pederiek, Brightman.
  • John Pederick, Brightman.
  • James Dow, Rajahstan.
  • J. C. Ford, Native.
  • M. McInney, Burman, .
  • William Rodgers. Mary Dugdale.
  • Daniel Ryan, William Nicholl.
  • J. E. Stone, Lysander.
  • C. B. Powell, Native.
  • Mrs. W. B. Brown, Charles Kerr.
  • E. Hall, Baboo.
  • W. Carter, Augustus.
  • Mrs. Eliza Barlow, Eliza,
  • Mrs. Eden Putland, Eliza.
  • Mi's. Elizabeth, Davis, Native.
  • Mrs. W. E. Weeden, Native.
  • Lucretia Sturt Whitington, Native.
  • R. Hall, Baboo.

1907 'PIONEERS' ROLL-CALL.', Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), 5 January, p. 40. , viewed 03 Aug 2018,

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