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Sgt. Welcome Hodges (c.1750 - aft.1800)

More research is needed for any family connections. "United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 1 March 2021), Welcome Hodges,...

12/20/2022 12/20/2022

Isham (Isom on will) Hodges (c.1750 - 1798)


Isham (Isom on will) Hodges, Circa 1750 - 1798 Isham (Isom on will) Hodges was born circa 1750, in Virginia, USA, to John W. Hodges and Rebecca E. Cherry. John was born on November 29 1721, in Westmins...

9/12/2008 12/10/2022

Zadok Yelverton, Sr. (c.1754 - 1822)

"Yelvington", "Elijah Pitman"

"North Carolina Revolutionary Pay Vouchers, 1779-1782," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 27 November 2022), Zadock Yelverton, 24 Jan 1783; citing New Bern, Craven, North Carolina, United...

6/10/2012 11/27/2022

Andrew Floyd MP (1726 - 1786)

The work of Floyd genealogist Ron Floyd has uncovered the source for this misinformation. An "Andrew Floyd" with the dates noted on most geneological platforms was born in Pennsyvania and died in Penns...

4/26/2008 10/4/2022

Patriot of the American Revolution died in service. Joseph Gould Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915 Name: Joseph Gould Event Type: Birth Event Date: 12 Jan 1729 Event Place: Amesbury...

12/9/2019 8/21/2022

Patriot of the American Revolution, Delegate for Vermont. Participated in the Battle of Bennington, Pioneer of Nelson Madison Co New York. "United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers an...

6/5/2022 6/5/2022

John Vick, III MP (1755 - aft.1835)

"John T. Vick"

From Joseph Vick of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight, Virginia and His Descendants vol. 1. pp. 151-155 42. JOHN4 VICK (John3-2, Joseph') was born on 14 September 1755 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He die...

6/21/2020 6/2/2022

Jesse Vick (1751 - 1836)

From Joseph Vick of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, Virginia and His Descendants, vol. I: pp 169-170 47. JESSE4 VICK (?Joseph3, Robed, Josephl) was born in 1751 in Duplin, County, North Carolina...

4/25/2021 6/1/2022

Edward McFadden, Sr. (1740 - 1836)

Military service : Mar 4 1831 - Tennessee, United States Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : May 11 2018, 21:26:01 UTC From Edward McFadden was born 5 July 1740 in County Antr...

3/22/2016 4/24/2022

Military service : Served in the Revolutionary War as an enlisted soldier of the First Regiment, Albany County Militia, under Colonel Goosen Van Schaick, and in the Fifthteenth Regiment, Albany County ...

6/27/2017 4/23/2022

William Harrelson, I MP (1720 - 1792)

"United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 1 March 2021), William Harrelson, 21 Jun 1785; citing Military Service, South Caroli...

2/2/2008 4/3/2022

Archibald Flowers (1744 - 1794)

"Archibald Flower"

Not documented in the DAR database as an ancestor. It is apparent that Archibald Flowers served with his brothers Henry Jr. and John with the support of their father, Henry Sr. More research is needed ...

4/19/2009 12/30/2021

Thomas King of Horry (c.1768 - bef.1843)

Parents have not been verified for Thomas King of Horry or for his spouses. Children are named in his will. Thomas King, Sr. of Horry who married Elizabeth King is NOT Thomas King, Sr. who married Eli...

12/23/2021 12/23/2021

Samuel Hickman (1743 - aft.1783)

Patriot of the American Revolution. According to Claim and payment served on the Continental Line. See attachment in Sources from SC Archives. Hickman, Samuel, Account Audited (File No. 3580A) Of Cla...

2/9/2012 11/26/2021

Capt. Sylvanus Lowell MP (1746 - 1830)

SAR Patriot # P-239240 State of Service: MA Qualifying Service: Soldier Birth: 1750 Death: 1830 Sources: Revolutionary War Graves Register. Clovis H. Brakebill, compiler. 672pp. SAR. 1993 SAR Revol...

8/2/2009 11/25/2021

Capt Peter de Witt (1722 - 1790)

Note: The following information was compiled by Sarah K Hermans, Regent, Chancellor Livingston, NSDAR, May 2015 and published in “44 Patriots of the American Revolution interred in the Rhinebeck Reform...

2/21/2010 11/19/2021

Lt Samuel March (1734 - 1827)

Samuel was a son of John March and Margaret Bean. He marched in response to the 19 April 1775 alarm as a sergeant in Captain John Jones' company of Colonel James Prescott's militia; and was commissio...

4/20/2018 11/9/2021

Andrew Squires (c.1730 - c.1825)

A Revolutionary War Veteran from Brunswick, NC. He was granted 600 acres in the Brunson Springs section of Horry Co., SC, Horry community, for his service in the American Revolution. Some of his gran...

2/22/2015 11/5/2021

Isaac Ludlam, Sr. (c.1750 - bef.1820)

Little research had been done until recently on Isaac Ludlam, Sr. A search of the SC Archives revealed much including Isaac's supply of material aid to troops in the form of grain and beef. See attache...

10/31/2021 10/31/2021

Richard Todd (1750 - 1809)

Not currently in DAR database; however, service is documented as follows and in Sources tab. Listed in Francis Marion's Brigade under Privates and NCOs as Richard Todd Noted as a Corporal here: ...

6/13/2009 10/30/2021

George Lewis (aft.1725 - d.)

George Lewis served as a witness on numerous land transactions with Moses Floyd From genealogist Marty Grant: On 22 Jan 1794 Moses Floyd deeded 23 acres to David Rowland, north east side of Little Pe...

1/3/2019 10/25/2021

William Collins (1754 - 1800)

This William Collins' military service seems to be corroborated with documents indicating payment for militia service. His rank is not clear. He has not been as of the date of this profile documented i...

10/11/2021 10/11/2021

Moses Martin, III (1720 - 1807)

From with a DAR #; however, service is noted P460. "Marion's Brigade: The Men who Served with Francis Marion." MOSES MARTIN, Revolutionary War Soldier Moses Martin and his son, Matthew Martin, joined G...

8/26/2020 10/11/2021

Frederick Lassiter, Sr. (1752 - c.1787)

For review for Frederick Lasiter. Event Type: Military Service Name: Frederick Lasiter • Sex: Male Event Date: 23 Nov 1781 • Event Place: Edenton, Chowan, North Carolina, United States • Event Pla...

10/14/2008 9/7/2021

Patriot Josiah (Joshua) Lewis MP (1753 - aft.1812)

"Joshua (as listed in family bible)"

Rev War service as a non commissioned officer under the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion. Patriot Josiah (Joshua) Lewis was born on July 25, 1753 in Bladen County, North Carolina, Colonial America. His parent...

2/28/2009 9/4/2021

Joseph R. Lloyd (1761 - 1848)

"United States Revolutionary War Pension Payment Ledgers, 1818-1872," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 July 2021), Joseph Lloyd, ; citing Kentucky, United States, NARA microfilm publi...

5/26/2013 7/18/2021

John White Butler MP (1759 - 1847)

Profile manager notes:It is unclear who the parents of John Butler are. Take care in attaching them and provide evidence, please. Many different people have been named and the nothing is clear. John an...

2/8/2012 7/7/2021

John Rochelle (c.1715 - c.1794)

"United States Headstone Applications for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1949", database with images, FamilySearch ( : 26 April 2021), John Rochelle, . Copy of above attached. The above notes death date ...

3/12/2010 7/3/2021

Lovick Rochelle (c.1754 - c.1809)

Lovick Rochelle had built a large mansion home at Red Oak Camp, designed by Mr. LaTrobe, the architect of the United States Capitol. *Lovick was William's twin brother.*He was born in either Va. or N.C...

10/17/2009 7/3/2021

Pvt. George Rochelle (1758 - d.)

From Ann Ramsey:George was a private in the Revolutionary Was. He was marked "deceased" in 1779 but later changed to "moved southward". In 1790 census hew ws in Camden Dist., Fairfiled Co. SC. Marriage...

10/17/2009 7/2/2021

CAPT. Abraham Simons (b. - 1824)

"Abram Simons"

From Find a Grave colonist of Wilkes County -- possibly before the Revolutionary War -- Abraham (or Abram) Simons joined the American cause and obtained the rank of captain before the close of the war....

6/27/2021 6/27/2021

Christian Rumph (1766 - 1835)

Christian Rumph is a patriot of the American Revolution, though no application has been made through the DAR. Perhaps a descendant would consider making the application. SFGreview. "United States Revol...

6/2/2021 6/2/2021

Jacob Norton (c.1745 - 1778)

that Jacob Norton died in the American Revolution. "United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 16 March 2018), Jacob Norton, 177...

9/9/2020 2/10/2021

James Norton (c.1760 - 1857)

"James Norton"

James Norton is the son of William Norton, Sr. and Farmariah Atkinson Miller "AKA the Widow Miller." This James Norton is NOT the James Norton of Greenup, KY. Do not merge. Evidence indicates provided ...

10/16/2009 2/5/2021

Roger Roberts MP (1753 - 1812)

Roger Roberts is the son of James Roberts and Rebecca Roberts. Roger seems to have made the trek from Wales with James and Rebecca. It seems after they landed in North Carolina (probably Carteret Count...

10/15/2013 2/5/2021

Son of Samuel and Catherine Grainger. Named in Samuel's will. Reference: Google Books "United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilyS...

7/13/2009 2/5/2021

Stephen Chapman, II (1767 - 1854)

Stephen Chapman Soldier of the American RevolutionBirth: 1767 - Connecticut, Connecticut, United States Death: Feb 3 1854 - Bear Lake, Warren County, Pennsylvania, United States Parents: Stephen Cha...

4/6/2017 12/8/2020

Pvt David Eaton, II (c.1755 - 1848)

Revolutionary war Pensioner In Dec 1746, Davidwas listed in the muster roll of Capt. John Goffe's Co. at Dover, with his first cosin Benjamin. In 1753 he was received as a adult into the Firs church at...

1/24/2018 11/23/2020

Pvt John McQuigg, Jr (bef.1750 - 1804)

Patriot of the American Revolution DAR Ancestor # A076429Service: NEW HAMPSHIRE Rank(s): PRIVATE Birth: ANTE 1750 DERRY IRELAND Death: 1804 OWEGO NEW YORK Service Description: 1) CAPT PUTNAM,COL BALDWI...

9/20/2012 9/15/2020

James Annis (c.1762 - 1840)

2/20/2021 Current theory is that James Annis was a privateer who in 1781 served aboard the "Greyhound," and was possilby impressed into the British Navy. The account attached references a "James Annis"...

2/5/2012 4/12/2020

Thomas Nye (1763 - 1835)

Patriot of the American Revolutions service MAA REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERAN......Thomas was the son of SOLOMON NYE and MARY (Blackamore) NYE.Born in Falmouth,Massachusetts, he married MARY Ellis in Sandw...

2/21/2009 3/10/2020

Pvt Timothy Eaton (1750 - bef.1791)

Timothy was a Private in the Amercian revolution serving along side his Seabrook cousins Cop Levi, Pvit Benjamin and Pvt David who served with Capt Moses Leavitt's Company, And Col Abraham Drake's Regt...

8/20/2018 3/5/2020

Capt. Henry Eaton MP (1704 - 1790)

Captain Henry Eaton Born January 22 1703/1704 and Baptized June 11 1704: Married Mary True, daughter of Ensign Henry True on Aug 10 1727. He was a commissioned Ensign in the local militia, at the early...

5/20/2009 3/5/2020

Pvt Wickham Brooks (1753 - 1817)


Private continental Army 4th company CT May 8th 1775-Oct 22nd Captain Johnson's Company June 16-Dec 28 1776

8/5/2014 11/27/2019

Pvt Asa Hunt (bef.1756 - 1776)

Asa Hunt of Duxbury MA, Private,Capt. Benjamin Wadsworth's (Sd Duxbury)co. of Militia, Col. James Warren's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19,1775; Service 3 days.Name: Asa Hunt • Event Typ...

11/11/2009 10/24/2019

Pvt Tristram Eaton (1749 - bef.1802)

A Mariner and unmarried was lost at sea after he signed Association Test NH 1778 and before his father's will signing in 1802. November of 1775 he was a private in Capt Henry Elkins company involved in...

7/2/2013 8/27/2019

David Powell (1748 - 1788)

Revolutionary War veteran. Military Service: DAVID JR. served in the Revolutionary War in 1778 in Colonel Patterson Bell's 8th Battalion, Third Company, Pennsylvania Militia. His 6 brothers also served...

3/4/2007 8/18/2019

Abraham Walker (c.1749 - 1835)

was born about 1749 and died 09/19/1835.1781 Foster was set off and Abraham was appointed Assessor of Rates. also a Revolutionary War Veteran.married Eunice Hill, dau of Daniel Hill and Elizabeth Eddys...

7/28/2019 7/28/2019

Sgt. Jacob Lyon (1740 - 1776)

Minute man, Capt. Nathan Watkins Co.Sgt., Capt. Nathan Watkin's company of minute who marched April 22, 1775, from Gageborough and Partridgefield; service 14 days. Reported enlisted in the army May 5, ...

7/17/2019 7/17/2019

Lt. Benjamin Allen (1746 - 1810)

One of nine children of David Allen and Mary Weldon. In 1767 in Hillsale, he married Sarah Sisson, 1751-1771. About 1773 he married Hannah Rowley also in Hillsdale.(This needs research.)Revolutionary p...

7/10/2019 7/10/2019

Pvt. Charles McCarty (c.1720 - 1777)

Pvt. Charles McCarty and his son in law, Pvt. Nathan Bishop, died within 4 days of each other at Valley Forge.Pvt. Charles McCarty, 3rd New Hampshire Regiment, Muster Rolls of Valley Forge. State: New ...

2/4/2014 5/6/2019

Pvt. John Bishop (1740 - 1833)

List of some of the men in the Revolution from Chesterfield, New Hampshire: Forge Muster Roll: ID: NH207691st Division1st RegimentBrigade: Poor'sCapt. Jason WaitSource: Pension R863Spouse: LydiaSon: Th...

8/5/2018 5/6/2019

Pvt. Ezra Phelps (1758 - 1844)

Ezra Phelps was a private in Capt. Ezra Rowlee's company; Lt. Col. Timothy Robinson's detachment of Hampshire Co. militia; muster roll dated Garrison at Ticonderoga, Feb. 25, 1777. Enlistment to expire...

10/18/2010 4/24/2019

Francis Boyd (1763 - 1840)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 27 2016, 17:29:41 UTC Found copy of Francis Boyd land grant. His wife is listed from Virginia, so I added this copy of a land grant certificate until pro...

2/10/2011 9/7/2017

Major John Horton MP (1763 - 1848)

Major John Horton, Sr. was a lineal descendant of Barnabas Horton of Mousely, England, who emigrated to America in 1638, and settled permanently at Southold, Long Island, New York, in 1640 (vide Horton...

8/23/2008 5/8/2017

Conrad Strickler, Sr (c.1705 - 1790)

[ ] from Find a Grave for Jacob Strickler, his son= is a biography for Jacob's father, CONRAD STRICKLER, THE IMMIGRANT.Konrad/Conrad Strickler Born: ca. Jan 1695 Died: Oct 1771 Barbara (Müller/Simens?}...

9/7/2008 12/24/2016

Daniel Sprenkle (c.1744 - 1821)

Daniel SprenkelBirth: unknown Lancaster County Pennsylvania, USA Death: Nov. 6, 1821 Fountain Dale Adams County Pennsylvania, USADaniel was the son of Wilhelm (William) Sprenckel (Sprengel, Sprenkel)...

9/3/2008 8/30/2016

John "Jacob" Sprenckel (1751 - c.1807)


5/26/2009 8/21/2016

William Sprenckel, Jr. MP (1735 - 1805)

"William Sprenckle"

from the Bushong Bulletin Vol 5 #3Vital Records of Christ Lutheran Church of York, Pennsylvania: translated from the original German by Henry James Young [MS.][767] John Jacob son of John and Elizabeth...

5/26/2009 8/21/2016

Peter Sprenkle (c.1745 - 1813)

The following^ is a nmster roll of Captain Jacob Bott, ^ Peter Sprenkle, SPRENKLE (PETER2 SPRENCKEL, WILHELM1, JOHANN HEINRICHA SPRENCKLE, JOHANN PETERB SPRENCKEL, PETERC)485 was born Abt. 1768 in York...

8/17/2008 8/21/2016

Col. Jesse Putnam (1754 - 1837)

Genealogy- Joseph and sons mentionedRichard Thurston Searle, the father of Alonzo T. Searle, was born in Georgetown, Mass., April 2, 1814, and died June 30, 1880 (his mother was a Je\vett—a member of a...

7/6/2009 8/1/2016

Captain Levi Baxter was an American soldier in the Revolutionary War, entering this service as a private [when and where?], to be discharged eventually [when and where?] at the rank of captain. Levi Ba...

5/13/2009 5/13/2016

Silas Merriam (1736 - 1812)

: unknown Death: Jan. 25, 1812 Middleton Essex County Massachusetts, USAAge 74. Revolutionary War veteran. Family links: Spouse: Lydia Peabody Merriam (1748 - 1832)* Children: Elizabeth Merriam Putna...

10/14/2008 3/19/2016

Maj. Daniel Ely MP (1693 - 1776)

Died in 83rd year. Was in 1st Co. 6 Reg't in 1775 (probably also Colonial as his father ___ Ely was killed in service 9 Dec. 1762 in same Co. same Reg't) Daniel Ely Major 2 Birth1693, Lyme, , CT Death1...

10/13/2008 3/2/2016

Caleb Huston (1740 - 1776)

Priscilla Coffeen d/o Michael & Lydia Lake was b. in Lunenburg, MA 9/2/1742. m. Rindge, NH 22 Dec. 1763 Caleb Huston b. Dunstable, MA 6/1/1740 s/o Samuel & Sarah Huston. Caleb Huston was a Soldier of t...

11/25/2009 1/20/2016

Capt. Thomas Claggett MP (1644 - 1703)

"Rt Rev Thomas J Claggett D D"

7/10/2007 11/22/2015

Thomas Price MP (1755 - d.)

10/27/2008 11/22/2015

Pvt. Nathan Bishop MP (1735 - 1777)

Birth: 28 September 1735 at Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut"Connecticut Births and Christenings, 1649-1906," database, FamilySearch ( : 11 February 2018), Nathan Bishop, 28 Sep 1735; citing ; FHL micro...

11/8/2009 11/22/2015

As Washington specified, all but Rezin Davis were original members of the company. Thomas Price’s old company (later under Otho Holland Williams) went to Philemon Griffith, with Thomas Hussey Luckett, ...

9/12/2009 11/22/2015