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Richard Bryant of Stafford Co - Who's Who

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  • Martha Foley (c.1654 - 1690)
    Martha Bryant- was she a sister of Richard and was she really a Bryant? We know very little about Martha, supposed sister of Richard, Thomas, and Silent. She did name two sons Bryan and Richard. After ...
  • Elinor Owens (1660 - aft.1735)
    Biography Elinor Owens was born in 1660 in Indian Point Rd area, Stafford County, Virginia, British Colonial America. Elinor married Robert Gallop, of Hanover Parish in 1678. Together they had the fo...
  • Proposed 1st wife of Silent Bryant (c.1650 - bef.1698)
    If she was born c 1650 she was not a child of Capt. Alexander Doniphan, Sr. (b 1653)Seen as wife of Silent Bryant, Wolf Skin Supplier but no record has been found Seen as mother of Elinor Owens *At the...
  • Silent Bryant, Wolf Skin Supplier (c.1657 - c.1698)
    Estate At the time of his death in 1698, Silent Bryant’s wife's name was listed as Grace when named as administrator of his estate. link . Nochildren were mentioned in the probate records. Essex Co, Va...
  • Anne Bryant (c.1658 - 1706)
    Parents seen as Mary Ann Wahanganoche, daughter of Chief Wahanganoche & Father Lt Colonel Henry Meese, Sr. . From Bill Deyo 6-5-2019 - Anne, married (1) William (not John) Redman, a Patawomeck orp...

Update 19 February 2023

Richard Bryant

This profile represents Richard or Richard Thomas Bryant, b abt 1615, d abt 14 February in the Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America. There isn’t sufficient evidence to support family relationships, and they’ve been detached.

Disputed family relationships

This can always be revisited by discussion.

There were initially no stated restrictions on point of origin. While the vast majority of 17th century immigrants to Virginia came from England, persons entering Virginia from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, or even from other North American colonies were also legitimate headrights. There are several known cases of headrights who had simply moved across the Potomac River from Maryland. Some of the Indians claimed as headrights must surely have migrated from other mainland colonies.

1,''' Richard T. Bryant, the Headright of Boon and later Tony Smith, and others - in other words, he was a Speculator and not the physician who died at sea. This squares with what was said in 2019 by an Open Letter, from Bill Deyo, Historian of Patowomeck Tribe - - Richard Bryant (father? of Dr. Richard Bryant, b. 1651 ?). The quote from my book on the brief outline of the Patawomeck history: “Bryant’s father was probably the Richard Bryant who was transported to the Stafford area (then Westmoreland) about 1644 to 1650 by Christopher Boore, who patented land next to that of Capt. Giles Brent on 10 June 1654 Cavaliers and Pioneers, vol. I, p. 304, by N. M. Nugent).” As can be determined by the many patent records, the date of the patent is most often quite a few years after the actual transport of the people to Virginia. Five years seems to be the normal amount of time between the transport and the patent date, but I have seen some that are almost twice that, including one for Thomas Gerrard that was 9 years later. The reference to the adjoining land of Capt. Giles Brent is important in the connection to Dr. Richard Bryant, as Brent had many dealings with Bryant’s grandfather, Chief Wananganoche, most of them unpleasant, and even, himself, was recorded in Colonial public records as having married the daughter of the Piscataway Chief, a Tribe that was once allied closely with the Patawomeck Tribe, as is stated in the MD public records.

GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES" Vol. I and Vol IV; indexed by Judith McGhan by Baltimore Publishing Co. page 86:"The Will of Richard Bryan (Book Z, p. 227) dated April 5, 1703. Probate recorded May 15, 1704 pg.87 "They all lived in that part of Stafford County lying on the Rappahannock above Muddy Creek which, on the election of King George, became a part of that county and remained so until 1777."

The Bryan's from London, England (Middlesex Co.) were Marriners. Bryan Immigrants from London were: Thomas, William, Henry, Edward, John, & Richard. William & Edward migrated to North Carolina in 1722. The others remained in Virginia. Richard Bryan returned to England at least twice and returned to Lancaster Co. & King George Co.,Virginia. Some of the sponsors were: Pactrick Miller, sponsored Thomas Bryan, 1655, Lancaster Co. Va. Robert Saven ? Co. sponsored John Bryan 1654. Abraham Moon & co. sponsored William Bryan. Capt. Moore Fantleroy, sponsored Henry Bryan, 1654 King George Co. Va. & Richard Bryan, was sponsored by Christopher Boon, Westmoreland Co, Va. 1654, Thomas Hackett ? Co. & Toby Smith, Lancaster Co. Va. 1654.

Richard Bryan, while returning to England, had a different sponsor, each time, this had something to do with "Headrights" of 50 acres, to each sponsor., he was able to allow the individuals a claim of 50 acres each, of which he probably was awarded something, of value. It is also of interest to note, Toby Smith, (one of his sponsor's) & Capt. Moore antleroy,(sponsor of Henry Bryan) were Brother-in-law's, as Capt. Moore Fantleroy's sister married Toby Smith. Capt. Fantleroy (sometime spelled Fountleroy) bought 4000 acres, from the Indians on the waters of Pumunkey River. He later had to return, all but, 500 acres,as the British claimed he did not pay enough to the Indians.

Later in the 17 th Century the British banned individuals from buying land from the Indians. The land of Capt. Moore Fantleroy, is were Richard Bryan I, married Keziah Arroyah, daughter of "Wahanganoche" (alias Whipsewasson), nephew of the great cheif, Powhatan, father of Pocahontas. The tribe of Kaziah Arroyah is the Patawomeck Tribe of Stafford Co. Va.(See Bryan Family Genealogy Forum #5531, by Bill Deyo, historian, of the current Patawomeck tribe)


2. Dr. Richard Bryant, of Stafford County The DOCTOR wills his medicine in the STAFFORD COUNTY VA DEED & WILL BOOK 1699 - 1709; THE ANCIENT PRESS pp. 227-229 Will of Richard Bryant of Stafford County in Virginia being sick and weak of body ... give unto my son 'NATHANIEL BRYANT' one horse colt that came of the mare called Black Bess & one cow & calf when he shall arrive to age of twenty one .. .give unto my son' RICHARD BRYANT' all my land which I enjoy in Virginia his Mother having her life holy upon the Plantation where I now live as long as she lives .. give my son Richard Bryant all my wearing cloathes and my books and medicines & the mare called Fox and my bridle & saddle & the ffeather bed I purchased when I was a batchelour and the furniture belonging thereto and that he shall be free the Christmas day after he is 18 and for himself then to receive his legacys and if his mother again and he and her Husband cannot agree then for my son Richard Bryant to remove to the Plantation where SAMUEL BURTON liveth on it is my will Samuel Burton hath lived there four years rent free but it is my will if Samuel Bur-ton lives there any longer to pay 450 pounds of Tobacco for rent & the Quit-rents for 100 acres of land having neither paid Quitrents nor planted the orchard according to bargain and that he shall live no longer there but till my son RICHARD BRYANT shall at year at 18 .. give my daughter 'ANN BRYANT' the mare Phillis that runs with the mare Phoenix & one cow & calf to be delivered when she shall arrive to the age of eighteen years .. give my Daughter 'SYLENT BRYANT' the next mare colt that shall fall from any of my mares .. and one cow & calf when she arrive at the years of 16 ... give to my daughter 'SUSANNAH BRYANT' the next mare cult that shall fall from any of my mares .. and one cow & calf when she shall come to the age of 16 .. & 4 yews & a ram .. I give unto my daughter ELIZA. ELKIN' 480 pounds of Tobo. which ABRAHAM DIPREE turned into my land for building RICHD. ELKINS Tobo. House the said Tobo. to buy her a Gown & Petticoat with .. it is my will that Richard Elkin should buy his son RICHARD ELKIN my grandsou a mare of 3 years old and enter it upon the records in lieu of the Martinico mare he lost of mine .. and I hope the Worshipful Court will see it performed .. it is my will Richard Elkin should have 2 yews and a ram to be delivered at six years old to put him to school will my son in law WILLIAM REDMOND if he will shall live upon the Plantation whereon his Mother lives seven years rent free or upon the Plantation where SAMUEL BURTON now liveth .. my will the land I give to my son Richard Bryant if he should dye without issue to fall to my son NATHANIEL BRYANT and if my son Nathaniel Bryant dye without issue then amongst my daughters .. my will my son Richard Bryant should have one large iron pot & pothooks one chest that which is commonly called mine two pewter dishes four plates & half dozen new spoons one frying pan .. it is my will that my wife be solely Exectx. to all the rest & residue of my goods and chattels .. this fifth day of April Anno 1703.

Presence John Creek, Richd. Bryant Diana x Smith, Rebecca x Owen The above will was produced in open Court by the oaths of Dyana Smith and Rebecca Owen witnesses thereto subscribed who declared they saw John Creek an Evidence thereunto subscribed witness the same and a probate thereof is granted to ANN BRYANT Exectx. she giving security WILLIAM BURTON & JOHN ROWLEY became securities & with her signed Bond accordingly and was ordered sd Will should be recorded Recorded 15th die May 1704. Willm. Fitzhugh Cl Court

  • Dr Richard Bryant, -
Global, '''Find A Grave Index for Burials at Sea and other Select Burial Locations, 1300s'''-Current Name:	Dr Richard Bryant   Gender:	Male   Birth Date:	1651  '''Birth Place:	Virginia, United States of America'''  Death Date:	15 May 1704  Death Place:	Virginia, United States of America   Has Bio?:	Y  Children:	Ann Proctor;  Richard Jr Bryant , Ann Proctor (born Bryant), Elizabeth Elkins (born Bryant), Eleanor Bryant Elkins, Randolph Bryant, Nathaniel Bryant -