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Nicati Hooe / Sarah Goodwin = pronounced Nic a Tie - aka "Nicketti Hughes"

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  • Fitz Hugh Howe Hooe, of Aquia & Barbados (deceased)
    atDna cousins have chromosome mapped backwards since 2011 on this line; got help from DNA Detectives Pro Tushanna Corkern, have been tracking hte Hooe/Howtyne to the Pre-Brit Howtyne of Barbados / and ...
  • Sarah Holley (c.1722 - d.)
    Name is also seen as HOLLIS in the Descendants from Haw River over to Allegheny. The West in Maryland listed tithable/ as FPOC by as late as 1830. The most likely candidate why some in this descendancy...
  • John Floyd, 25th U.S. Governor of Virginia (1783 - 1837)
    ydna group: Blue Cian R1b of the group with Col. William Floyd Biography John Floyd, 25th U.S. Governor of Virginia was born on April 24, 1783 in Floyds Station, Jefferson County, Virginia (Present ...
  • Tabitha Courts (1693 - aft.1734)
  • Sarah Goodwin (aft.1612 - bef.1712)
    Not the same as Sarah Hooe according to the curator of this profile. According to the manager of this profile, the Goodwin headright who became the executrix of the Rice Hooe 1 is the same as this prof...

Stop with the Princess and Eagle Plume names and the Scent Flower too. Those are not factual names. Her name in the totem name world of current natives who use her name in the Choctaw Nation know that it means Fast and Dream. There is a coffee named for her, by natives and the parking meters at the Monocan Indian Rez have her moniker which is her avatar on Geni. Where she hailed from is likely whom the founders of the Va Historical Society said she was from, Opecancono. Why would they like, especially about him as almost took out Jamestown. Why would Ms Prestorn, wife of the first native in US Congress claim her spouses rendition of his oral history in her Dear John Letters? That Nicati, the Floyd preferred spelling, hail from more than Powhatan, is a case where just trying to pass being from the Powhatans was for getting out of tithability is a theory that has no merit because the Floyds also go direct to this group Appomatox were listed by Laderer's Travel Diaries in the late 1600s as making it onto his Eastern Siouan listings and they were their own country with their own trade designation, per the Nat Archives. The Floyds have a Machapunga heritage they share with the Berry of Ocupacia / Croatan and there are a few brickwalls that are said to be and passed down as Cherokee. So, that they really needed a Powhatan in the mix is not what happened. Like DIana Collins said, "At some point, what everyone passes down becomes the history that is recorded, so what is the problem of accepting this lines history?" Good point. It's like saying the founders of the Virigina Historical Society, Ms Preston and Mr Brown are liars, otherwise.

The BIO Tree - - it's a haplogroup I A 2 story that does not interfer with the FLoyd version at all. It just says the Trader Hughes was Rice Hooe (say it like How). That his headright Sarah Goodwin who was given that name per the record and signed her X as his executrix and delegated the main part to her son is the right place, right time, and right claimed ancestor for 1000s who pile up in a Hooe (Say it like How) and Goodwin Cluster. It does not matter what you call her name (though it kind of does) but biologically, everyone who claims her including wind clan cousins pile up at chrome 2 71 for the most part because NOT every last decendant is going to match there, even though descending, which is why we went through 5 pages of matches that were redundantly claiming her before we called it a year or 2 of studying it. We had a tip off by a pro geneatic geneaologist back in 2016.

June 2019 Appomatox Location Proven By Will Log - John Hughs Will of 1712 log found by Kelly Dunn. Will is lost. Log of death date on John Hughs as it was spelled is in the Appomatox area of Va records. Virginia Vital Records This birth date for Capt John RIce Hooe is more like 1620 and this will is either his or his son's, Rice Hooe II. Either way, it puts RIce Hooe 1 and 2 in the area of the elder Burgess's "Countrie of Appomatox" Trade License, which he delegated out as of 1656, so he was not dead in 1655 as proposed.

How do we know this is the same Capt Rice Hooe I? Because of the Office of the Stationary signature being the same on the Trader license of 1656 as the Burgess of How's Court at Shirley's Hundred Acre, next to Weyonoke Village of which Necotowance was lead Wero. Where is that? National Archives. How can I see it? Get a paid account. How do we know it is the same Rice Hooe as the downline triangulating Harrisons? Because George Washington's diarist said so here:

2018 - Formal request to reattach Nicati to her father. [] It is due to the Are Your Parent's Related App where the parents of 32 + kit full genomic first cousins can see from the blue line that the Goodwins on one side match to the other side of the cousin ailse on the Davis side. There is not even a slight chance that Nicati was not Sarah Goodwin. When you have 500 close cousins with 15+ cM all lining up on 2 71 in the 1/4 numbers of the whole, as expected, and some have 7 lines back to Nicati on both sides of the Hughes/Davis and also the Goodwin side, this is an easy call.

Kit runs against Bill Deyo results: is what we be using on the kits claiming Nicati pronouced Nic a Tie, coming in still a the 2 71M and we are seeing the exact same segment with claimants claiming Ingrid Pendanako Igrid (Dawson) King, Pendenako of the Chicayoke/Keskiak Algonquian with Nicati the MRCA.

NICATI CIRCLE as of summer 2018: x2 71 M Nicati Harrison Claimants of Burr Harrisons by 58 kits and Saponi & Lumbee Harris/Carter claimants by 20 kits and Tabitha Courts claimant group of 11 kits as of summer of 2018 and growing. Source: FTDNA and KC Study Group. See this online and public source for summary results: The kits involved in the Nicati claimant circles of Haliwa-Saponi, the Lumbee Nation, the Cheraw Nation all claiming Nicati are at the mid bottom of this collection of kits. The Harrison kits were already uploaded for SNP marker results at 54 numbering 2 71n beginning SNP into a Discussion begun by Team N8V and confered upon with many enrolled in FTDNA Harrison Project. Ultimately, we used all the dna companies plus, Tier One of Gedmatch and had reps with full genomes (32 first cousin kits) and compared those to distant cousins with full trees and ferret out the endogamy per ISOGG standards. There is a Davis line issue where they paper trail back to a "Legend" of Nicati and Trader Hughes; but, atDna is showing us that their lines and the Hooe/Hughes of the I2A Haplogroup are no legendary connection; it's just 8 generation atDna science for those who have the Wind Clan lines of Larimore and Davis to the same ydna Azore originating Haw River cousins name Sizor/Saucier Smith of Acalopissa Choctaw areas, and Nottoway Old Cheraw isolated communal lines.

Nic a Tie with the pronunciation on the final syllable is the way the sound is pronounced in 5 named grand daughters down the line in the Floyd family.

''' Nic A Tie / Dawson /Goodwin /Hooe /Duncan/Hughes Circle: ch 2 at 71 mil shares common ancestry with Pendenako who has dad Mingo Dawson.  Awaiting kits of Floyds who claim Opecanough as dad to Nic a Tie.  The match of overlap for Nic a Tie and Pendanako circle claimants means it was a common mom due to their being of the same ages.    So far, this  includes testers from these trees: . #Dawson #Carter #White #Harrison #Floyd #Hughes #Rice #Mingo #Seneca #Lumbee #Saponi #ydna Capt John Rice HOOE CIRCLE  meshing on same segment as DUNCAN downline showing up for Cherokee Rolls and their downiine MASSEY on Trail of Tears Brashiers Roll. Nic a Tie was Sarah Goodwin given that name, both headrights with no name and paid to go to the back country (maybe AGAIN because they had already BEEN there) by Capt John Rice Hooe I

Related Circles had to ferret out our endogamy: HARRISON CIRCLE - - row comes in on a Harrison Circle on chromosome 2 at the 91-100 shared segment...all claiming Isomgosiono.

June 26, 2018 - Replicated the Kings Connect from 2017 Summer of 53 kits; but, this year, there was random on the sput of the moment project where 3 kits were added to the totals from last year. Results were the same for the 3 new kits: ch 2 at seg 91-100 with all claiming a Harrison common ancestor and who also claim Nic a Tie "Hughes".

Replicated Study on Kings Connect NA of fb Results from yesterday. 2017 Results - - 53 from Summer of 2017 Harrison cousins who claim Nic a Tie through their segmentation triangulations posted their finding on GENI in a discussion post. 2018 Summer - 4 of those claimants just repeated their findings and added some new kits to the circle and got the same results. Adding to project on Geni to continue with the circle matches as that circle grows.

The Tier One app lines this up and are coming in with Capt John Rice Hooe Circle as the cluster.

It is not hard to do triangulations on your own chromosome brower by GEDMATCH and replicate for yourself the claimants' segments, which we will be lining up here with name, chromosome, and segment match as time allows. This is not a hurry.

"In comparing the 37 markers, the probability that the males who provided the samples shared a common male ancestor in the past is…

4 generations is 58.99%8 generations is 89.03%12 generations is 97.47%16 generations is 99.46%20 generations is 99.89%24 generations is 99.98% ". which is good to know because John Parrott/Hughes was living in the area of Ft Henry trade location before Capt John Smith came to Va in 1607 and is in the same kinship cluster on FTDNA Hughes project, the ramification of this is the Capt John Rice Hooe 4 is kin. Land records of the Hughes.

William Floyd left the eastern shore went up the country as far as Amherst County, which was then a very wild region; he met with a family by the name of Davis whose ancestors had come from Wales. They had traded with the Catawba Indians and got much property in that way. The father of Robert Davis had married a half-breed Indian girl, Nickette. This Robert Davis was the father of Miss Abidiah Davis whom Mr. William Floyd married. Davis owned many of the rich lands of Amherst. His other daughters married a Mr. Venable and Gen'l Even Shelby of Maryland. His oldest son, Robert Davis, emigrated even at that early day to Natchez where many of his descendants lived. John Floyd, the oldest son of William Floyd and Abidiah Davis, his wife, was born in 1750 in Amherst County, Virginia. At the age of eighteen he married a Miss Burwell Barfoot; in twelve months after their marriage Mrs. Floyd died leaving a daughter a few days old. The mother of Mrs. Floyd took charge of the child. Shortly afterwards Col. Floyd came to Botetourt and engaged in the business of teaching school and writing in the Surveyor's office. He remained at Col. Preston's until the year 1773. Whilst at Smithfield his duties were arduous. Whenever the business of the surveyor's office did not require his personal attention, he rode as deputy sheriff with Col. Daniel Trigg, both being employed by Col. William Christian, the High Sheriff. In the year 1775, Col. Floyd went to Kentucky where he made many surveys of all the best lands on Elkhorn Creek, many in Clark County, in Woodford County, Shelby County, and Jefferson County. He returned to Smithfield after unparalleled sufferings. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Most Claimed Segment So Far by the Most Claimants: Summary with example. NICKETTI HUGHES pronounced Nic a Tie by 5 great grands through the years ....has this circle growing as directs: 2 at 177; 2 at 196 on up, on the Burr Harrison side and represented in part by:
Kit A570620 Erika Turner and T126797 Mary King

Ch. 2 at 38; ch 2 at 200 Erica Turner above matches in the same general area as Hersal Burden A459366 and then on the Pounds/Lewis/Lawrrence Monocan and Davis Creek WIND CLAN ties in here in abutting segment

Ch 2 at 135 match for Robert Pounds A682684 and Wind Clan current DLD Davis kit A692684 perfect overlap in the range of the Nicketti Hughes claimants range. and ties in abutting segment to:

Ch at 71 by 11 McClendon (adopted name) Claimants who have paper trail to Mrs. Rice Hooe 3.

Update 7 - 18 -18 There is a Cherokee line here also that pass the name Nicati, not kin to us Floyd, or Lester either, the guy is Named Buck, he was on a hit TV show called Mountain Monsters; he showed a picture and told her story and name, on national TV, History Channel; her pic looked like Abner Lesters' daughter Nicketi, but not sure how any of us connect. We all just were passed a Native grandma Nicati. Nobody i know here passed a Princess story, these were dirt poor grandparents we had and loved and they would not have had a Princess story, so thank you for removing that part from her profile. ~~~Floyd Family