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VA Bryant, ownes, Elkins, Redmond, Burton, Jett, Messe, Keziah Arroyah, Gallop, Anderson and related families

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  • Tree based on Virginia State Papers within the primary sourced book, Duncans of Faquier Co, Va.
    Ann Duncan (1715 - 1793)
    Biography== Ann Duncan was born in 1715 in Prince George County, Province of Virginia. Her parents were Robert Gallop, of Hanover Parish and Elinor Owens . Ann married Robert Duncan in 1734 in Culpeper...
  • Elinor Owens (1660 - aft.1735)
    Biography Elinor Owens was born in 1660 in Indian Point Rd area, Stafford County, Virginia, British Colonial America. Elinor married Robert Gallop, of Hanover Parish in 1678. Together they had the fo...
  • Silent Bryant, Wolf Skin Supplier (c.1657 - c.1698)
    Estate At the time of his death in 1698, Silent Bryant’s wife's name was listed as Grace when named as administrator of his estate. link . Nochildren were mentioned in the probate records. Essex Co, Va...
  • Ralph Elkins, I (c.1694 - aft.1733)
    1745, May 17, Amelia County Court Order Book, p. 314-B, Ordered road be cleared from head of Little Roanoke River along the ridge between Briery Creek & Buffelloe River to Rutlidge's ford over Appomatt...
  • Dr. Richard Bryant, of Stafford County (c.1656 - 1704)
    Biography Dr. Richard Bryant, of Stafford County was born circa 1656 in Virginia, United States. He was a Doctor. Richard married Anne Bryant . Together they had the following children: Nathaniel Bry...

RU 106 Hap Group Bryants:

Bryants of this group: Edward Bryant of Stafford Co, Group.

Core Patawomeck Silent Bryant, Wolf Skin Supplier considered full brother of Dr Richard Bryant, father of the Gallop line of Robert Gallop/Patawomeck By Marriage. Disconnected as the gift deed in joint tenancy to Silents' accepted family members is not accepted for this venue.

Minutes of the General Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, edited by H.R. McIlwaine. Meeting at James City, July the 10th 1666....It is therefore ordered for revenge of the former and for the prevention of future mischiefs that the towns of Monzation, Nanzimond, and Port Tobacco with the whole nation of the Doegs and Potomacks be forthwith prosecuted with war to their utter destruction if possible and that their women and children and their goods or as much of it as shall be taken to be disposed of according to instructions as shall be issued from the Right Honourable Governor. And it is further ordered that the said war be managed by such officers with such numbers of men and by such ways and means as the Governor shall think fit............ June 1666, the English Governor ordered the Rappahannock County militia to attack and exterminate the Indians within reach, with permission to sell captive women and children into servitude.

The Patawomekes Acquia Lands covered what became Stafford, King George, Essex and Rappahannock areas at that time. Past president of Virginia Historical Society and author of "MONTEITH Family & the Potomac Indians" by William "Bill" L. DEYO & available for $24.99 from DeJoux Publications, P.O. Box 1826, Dahlgren, Virginia, USA 22448 and Patawomeck Tribal Historian shared this: Japasaw Information from the Virginia Genealogical Society book outlines Thomas MONTEITH (1694-1747) of Scotland & Virginia with some info on his descendants of Potomac/Patawomeck Indian blood & allied families. Some important inclusions are: (1) true ancestry of the NEWTONs of VA,Stafford-Co who connect to Major William NEWTON, II d=1789 (son of William NEWTON, I & Elizabeth BERRYMAN) There is some never before published information on the family & descendants of his son, John NEWTON, who married Mary THOMAS. (2) notes on HANSBROUGH family of "Salubria" & identification of "Indian Pete" HANSBROUGH (3) identification of "Indian John" REDMAN of VA,Loudoun-Co (4) names & distribution of some Nanzattico Indian children among certain families in 1705 (5) photos & portraits (including Scottish color portraits of the parents of Thomas MONTEITH) & info touching on many other families of VA,Stafford-Co & VA,King-George-Co. Source:

The line to Harry Truman= by Professional Genealogists.

2Elizabeth Bryant b about 1698 in Stafford Co. Va., mm Richard Elkins died in King George Co. Va., son of Ralph Elkins and Anne Ashton Br10-1-2-1 Richard Elkins, d 1 May 1751 mMary Gallop in 1710 Br10-1-3Nathaniel Bryant m Br10-1-4Silent Bryant, (a daughter named after her uncle) Br10-2Thomas Bryant m Eleanor x, probably his Indian servant of that name, and had issue Br10-3Martha Bryant (about 1650 - after 1690) m1Thomas Foley and had 5 children, m 2nd William Burton. Br10-3-xBryan Foley co-owner of land grant with his cousin's husband, Robert Gallop see below. Br10Silent/?Robert Bryan b about 1665 m1 Lucy Doniphan m1Lucy Doniphan, as her descendants in the Hansbrough family claimed to be descended from "Lord Donathan [Doniphan]"). most likely, is from the immigrant (Captain) Alexander Doniphan, Sr. who is believed to have originally been from Spain and then England before immigrating to Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. His 1st wife was A(i)mee/Amy Partridge who immigrated from England to Virginia with siblings, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, & Sarah, and then Alexander's 2nd wife was Margaret Mott and his 3rd wife was Susannah ?/Smith?. Br9Elinor Bryant b about 1690 (granddaughter of Keziah Arroyah she was apparently the daughter of Silent Bryant m1Robert Gallop. Ga8-1Phyllis Gallop b 1712. mmarried Thomas Monteith son of James Monteith Dalyell and Magdalen Dalyell, daughter of Thomas Baronet Dalyell and Katherine Drummond Ga8-1-1Magdalen Monteith ancestor of Pres. Harry S. Truman. A Maj. Thomas Truman was in Westmoreland Co. in 1676. mAnderson Doniphan b about 1726 son of Mott Doniphan b about 1700 d about 1776 and Rosanna Anderson b about 1704 Ga8-1-1-1-1Elizabeth Doniphan mRichard Jonathan Shippe b 12 Nov. 1747 son of Thomas Shipp b 1727 d. 1777 and Elizabeth Grant Ga8-1-1-1-1Emma Grant Shippe married William Truman Jr. and had Anderson Shippe Truman ancestors of Pres. Harry S. Truman Ga8-2Elinor Gallop b 1713 m John I Owen Ga8-3Mary Gallop b 1714 mRichard Elkins and had a son Richard. Ga8Anne Gallop b 1715 m1 Robert R Duncan Du7-1 John Duncan (about 1727 - 7Jun 1788) m 1st Elizabeth Holtzclaw and had issue 2nd Wilkie McClanahan and had issue Du7-2Mary Duncan ( 1735 - 7 Jun1788) m 1st Joseph Hackley d 23 Apr 1754, 2nd Thomas Greening ?Du7Samuel Duncan b: 1740 in Prince William County, Virginia Du6-1John Duncan (31 Jan 1765 - 23 Feb 1846) m. Asenath Lee (24 Jan 1785 - 6 Sept 1853) and had issue Du6-2Susana Duncan (Aug 1766 - ) m John McNeely Du6William Withers Duncan m 3 JAN 1793 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, Nancy Jennings b: 27 AUG 1769 in Fauquier, Virginia Du5-1Cynthia Duncan abt 1793 m. y Scott and had issue Du5-2Lucy J. Duncan 1796 -1800, m Abraham Adams Du5Elizabeth Jennings Duncan b: 1796 in Virginia m 2nd Cousin Thomas Pope Bland see below Du5-3Nancy J. Duncan m Daniel Adams Du5-4Sarah W. Duncan m. William Richardson Du5-5William Withers Duncan (9 Jun 1802 - 16 Sept 1866) moved to Shelby Co. Ky., m. 1st Elzina Turner, 2nd Elizabeth King and had issue Du5-6Augustine J. Duncan (about 1804 in Garrard County, Kentucky

Clean up our family trees in southern VA,in Stafford, King George and Richmond Counties Done as of Mar 2020

Richard Bryant/of Stafford Co) was born circa 1615 was the husband of Keziah Wahanganoche and the father of Dr Richard Bryant Sr. of Stafford County.

  • Dr Richard Bryant Sr was born circa 1650 was the husband of Ann Meese Redmond Bryant, and brother of Silent Bryant, Wolf Skin Supplier
  • The parent of Ann (Meese) Redman-Bryant question got solved. There was never a question of her being Ann Pert in the UK who lived 25 years earlier. The only question was did she have the same parent as her sibling Mary (Meese), the answer to that is joint tenancy gift deed - yes - Indeed. How do we know? Ann is mother to the Elkins whose Stafford/Crafford/Grafford petitioning son of John Stafford came to probate giving back land in court to the grandmother it originated with, Mrs Henry Meese, in the court listed with her spose, by name and the name of her spouse. That land originated as Acqui gifiting from the father of Mary (Wahanganoche)/Mrs Mary Meese. That was Patawomeck land, Aquia.
We moved to Fact from past fictional denotation of Dr Bryant.  We found his headright to the Nottoway Bryant group transporter, Christopher Boon.  In his will, he mentions his legit children and wife Ann, and he gave his medical kit to his son, Richard Jr.   


Brent Point Deed work researched.   Done.  He bought out the Tan Yard of Rice Hooe adjacent to Silent Bryant's Acquan Land where Widewater State Park is tody, which Silent's land came to him by his grandmother Mary Meese due to the Grisby Court of same land, then ended up in Silent's granddaughter's possession, Elinor (Gallop) Owens.


Land Research of Who Patented Land WIth Whom and Why:   Deed from Henry Meese's native wife down to Silent Bryant had to be native due to the law suit where Brent had to give back a lot of land to the natives for thinking he would just marry and take it; but, his wife successfully divorced him for abuse and he had to repay the land; yes, that land. Then, the co-patented land with RIchard Gallop with the people who were siblings of Silent, with Richard being the spouse of Elinor Bryant who was gifted land just mentioned in 2 specific deeds along with Elkins cousin, specifically FOLEY who married sibling of Silent is obvious to anyone that in-laws are co patenting together. Therefore:  White Rabbit Test gets applied.  The White Rabbit Test:  What would have to be false for this to be true? Answer: IT would have to false that Silent was NOT part of the Bryant household for this last paragraph statement not be true and since the deed work proves the connection, it is deed work that is no longer a circumstancial connection.  It is secondary sourcing.<

Clean up from July 4, 2019: through July 10, 2019 Report

Anne wife of Dr Richard Bryant of Stafford County needs her last name to be Meese instead of Unknown

* Anne Meese needs connected to her parents Henry Meese & Mary Wahanganoche, There is no "Grace Meese in this immediate family." Done. Update in 2020, one of the Adventurer 8.0 Team members found the primary source for Grace Meese. Thanks to Coyal Gorman. The source is in her avatar of her new profile.
* Richard Bryant (Transport) needs connected to his son Dr Richard Bryant of Stafford County. This is done.
* Keziah Wahanganoche needs connected to her son Dr Richard Bryant of Stafford County. That is done.
Elinor (Bryant) Gallop-Owen daughter of Silent Bryant -founding member of the Patawomeck Tribe's Listing, tribal records is Silent Bryant --full sibling of Dr Richard Bryant and here with this summary is the response: Reconnection to Silent Bryant of daughter Elinor (Bryant) Gallop-Owen's deed work as Gallop spouse co patented land with Elinor 's Foley sibling's spouse; was given in a deed of gift from Henry Meese's lands that came to same as it did the others in the immediate family of RIchard Bryant. The 2 specific deeds are in the source sections. The profiles are linked within the About sections only, as of July 10, 2019.

There are a few signature SNPs that are in multiple sites that re-verifiable establishment of the claimants can be done by any party interested in replication of group chromosome browser input of kit numbers.

A single example of an 11cM sharing of claimants by Elinor Bryant Gallop-Owen cousins, depending on which way they are connecting; but, most have a lot of endogamy in these lines: Hans Friedrich adds: This is my grandfathers line !! Chief Wahanganoche 12th great-grandfather Keziah Arroyo Richard Bryant Sr. ( - 1704) Elizabeth Bryant (1675 - Ralph Elkins (1700 - ) Ruth ELKINS (1728 - 1806) Rebecca Rachel Skaggs (1790 - Hannah Lester (1790 - 1815) malachai staton (1810 - 1880) Nancy Ann Staton (1836 - 1907) Franklin Jude (1859 - 1915) Mattison Elsworth Jude (1894 - 1963) John Jude (1922 - ) John Dean Jude (1950 - ) Hans Friedrich

This info comes from Bill Deyo --- Following received from Bill Deyo on 6-5-2019 Richard Bryant and Anne Meese had, among others, Elizabeth Bryant, who married Richard Elkins, son of Ralph Elkins and Miss Ashton (sister, not daughter of Col. Peter Ashton).

Following received from Bill Deyo on 6-5-2019 Also, there was no Grace Meese. John Ashton’s wife was Grace, but she was not a daughter of Henry Meese. That was only theorized because Henry Meese gave a deed of gift of a cow to Grace’s daughter, Mary, who was most likely his goddaughter and named after his Indian wife, Mary. Henry did not give any gifts to any of the other children of Grace Ashton.

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