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Excellent Biography at the Cape Slave and Indigene People's Site by Patric Tariq Mellet Biography at SA History Online

3/8/2016 3/8/2016

Prince Catchiri Daijman Mamoetie van Ternate MP (c.1690 - 1747)

"Kyai Chili Mahmud", "Catchiri Daijman Mamoetie", "Ketees Malocco"

Exiled family member of the King of Ternate who had been found guilty of rape. After persisting at the Cape in serious lawless and immoral behaviour (incl operating a brothel), he is incarcerated on ...

3/29/2009 9/29/2014

Wilton Mkwayi MP (1923 - 2004)

Wilton Mkwayi was one of the Robben Island stalwarts who served life imprisonment with Nelson Mandela. Wilton Mkwayi, trade unionist and political activist: born Qwaru, South Africa 17 December 1923;...

8/21/2014 8/21/2014

Hans Christoffel Snyman (Schneider), SV/PROG MP (c.1645 - 1683)

"Hans Christoffel Snijder", "Hans Christoffel Schneider", "Scneider"

Emigration: 21 Feb 1657 Heidelberg, , Baden-Wèurttemberg, Germany as soldier on the ship "Prins Willem" Source: My People Puzzle Hans Christoffel (Christoph) Snijder (Schneider/Snijman) a. as solda...

4/17/2011 6/22/2014

Stokwe aNqeno MP (deceased)

Confined to Robben Island after frontier wars...Mostert, Noel: ‘Frontiers’. 1992, Jonathan Cape, London p1237 Peires, JB: ‘The House of Phalo’. 1981, Raven Press, Johannesburg, SA Mostert, Noel: ...

4/7/2013 6/22/2014

Xhoxho kaNgqika MP (c.1815 - 1869)


Confined to Robben Island after frontier wars...Mostert, Noel: ‘Frontiers’. 1992, Jonathan Cape, London p1237 Peires, JB: ‘The House of Phalo’. 1981, Raven Press, Johannesburg, SA Mostert, Noel: ...

11/5/2011 6/22/2014

Crampton has 'Qasana' & his brother, 'Siyol'o as the brothers of 'Mdushane' (ie 3 sons of 'Ndlamde') - whereas Peires has 'Qasana' and 'Siyolo' as the sons (by the same mother) of 'Mdushane' (ie the gr...

11/5/2011 6/22/2014

Hester Zacharias, b2 MP (1663 - d.)

Reference Mansell Upham 'What can't be cured, must be endured … Cape of Good Hope - first marriages & baptisms (1652-1665)' " Hester Jans: van de Caep born Robben Island (c. 1662-?); free-b...

5/8/2014 6/22/2014

Jacob Aertsz Brouwer MP (deceased)

"Jacob Aartsz Brouwer", "Jacob Aarts Brouwer", "Jacob Hertsz Brouwer"

eGGSA eGSSA Who was Susanna Claasen? Richard Ball Norfolk, England Having seen a posting on one of the email newsgroups which asked for information about the baptism and parents of Susanna Claa...

6/11/2009 5/5/2014

Chief Phatho married Noxina daughter of Toyise from the Gasela-clan as senior wife and had a son named Dilima. Chief Dilima's senior wife was the daughter of Ndileka (a Chief of imiDushane kaNdlambe tr...

3/10/2014 3/10/2014

Peter Becker, SV/PROG MP (1673 - 1745)

"Pieter Bekker"

(from Königsberg, Prussia) Daar bestaan enige verwarring oor die herkoms plek van Peter Becker. Tydens sy aanstelling as soldaat by die VOC word vermeld dat hy uit Deventer (Nederland) gekom het. B...

10/13/2007 7/17/2013

Walter Sisulu MP (1912 - 2003)

"Xhamela (his tribal name)."

Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu (18 May 1912 – 5 May 2003) was a South African anti-apartheid activist and member of the African National Congress (ANC), serving at times as Secretary-General and Deputy Pre...

6/27/2013 6/27/2013

Jacobus van Meerhof, b1 MP (c.1660 - c.1685)

Crampton has his father as an Unknown, likely White, man - prior to van Meerhoff. She intimates it might have been van Riebeeck, or at least an embarrassment to him - given his & his wife's absence at ...

8/15/2008 4/8/2013

Salomon van Meerhof, b3 MP (c.1666 - c.1686)

Samen met zijn zus Petronella zijn ze in 1677 getransporteerd naar Mauritius (samen met nog een zusje en broer Jacobus volgens Meegenomen door vrijburger Bartholomeus Borms en zijn vrou...

8/14/2008 4/8/2013

Petronella Van Meerhof b2 SM MP (1663 - 1713)

"Petronella; Pieternella van die Kaap; Pieternella Meerhof; Pieternella Saayman", ";Zaaiman; Zaaijman", "Pieternella Zaayman", "Petronella Zaaijman"

Alternate first name: Pieternella / Petronella Alternate surname: Meerhof / van Meerhof Van 1669-1677 is Pieternella is opgegroeid bij Jan Reyniers. Samen met haar broer Salamon zijn ze in 1677 get...

11/21/2007 4/8/2013

Maqoma Born in 1798, he was the Right Hand Son of Ngqika , King of the Rharhabe division of the Xhosa nation. Implacably opposed to his father’s ceding of the land between the Fish and Keiskamma Rive...

10/27/2008 4/8/2013

Johannes Swanepoel, b5 MP (c.1723 - d.)

b5 - Johannes - Page 485 - “SA Genealogies” vol 12, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 2005” Johannes Swanepoel (geb. 1723), opsigter op Cloete se veeplaas Doordrift in die Camdebo, gids van...

6/9/2008 2/1/2012

Carolina Elizabeth Hampshire MP (1910 - 1992)

"Aunty Betty"

Record No.: 62054 Estate No.: 2398/92 Surname: HAMPSHIRE First Name: CAROLINE ELIZBETH Date of Death: 18 Feb 1992 Will: YES Customary Law: NO Inventory Value: 0 Pre-Deceased Spouse Surn...

5/1/2008 2/1/2012

Wilfred George Hampshire MP (1902 - 1985)

"Bill", "Blham"

Record No.: 454631 Estate No.: 5716/85 Surname: HAMPSHIRE First Name: WILFRED GEORGE Will: YES Customary Law: NO Inventory Value: 0 Spouse Name: HAMPSHIRE Source: ======= Wilfred Ge...

5/1/2008 2/1/2012

Pieter van Meerhoff, SV/PROG MP (1637 - 1668)

"Peter HAVGAARD", "Peder HAVGAARD", "Avgard", "Peter Havgard", "Peter Haggard", "Peter Ede"

Jan Neelmeyer 5/19/2014 om 12:04 nm. Managers of Aug Ede Havgard, I am contacting you about this profile: Aug Ede HAVGAARD I am of Danish origin and when I first saw the name Pieter van Meerhof c...

4/16/2008 1/31/2012

Autshumato 'Herry' Chief of Goringhaicona MP (b. - 1663)

"Chief Harry/Herrie die Tolk", "Chief Harry/Harry die Strandloper", "Autshumao"

Names: Autshumao Died: 1663 In summary: khoikhoi leader and interpreter of the Gorinhaikonas. Autshumao also known as Herry the strandloper (beach walker), he was chief and interpreter of the G...

7/30/2010 1/31/2012

Krotoa 'Eva' van Meerhof SM/PROG MP (c.1641 - 1674)

"Eva van die Kaap", "Kratoa", "Eva van Meerhoff", "Krotoa of the Goringhaicona", "van die Kaap", "Pieternella van die Kaap"

Add yourself to the list of Krotoa's Grandchildren on Geni Please see Timeline Tab for a breakdown of her Life Events Feel free to add information or other interpretations as well. [Sharon Apr 2013] ...

5/16/2008 1/31/2012

Nelson Mandela MP (1918 - 2013)

"Madiba; Tata"

Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela (fondly known by his amaXhosa clan name, ‘Madiba’), served 27 years in an Apartheid Prison on Robben Island, emerging to become South Africa’s first democratically elected...

5/3/2010 1/31/2012