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Daniel Forbush, Jr. MP (c.1620 - 1687)

"Farrabas", "Forbes"

From Surname variations: Forbes, Farrabus, Farrabas, Forbush, Forbysh, Fforbes, Ffarrabas, Fferebas, Furbush, Farrowbush, Farrabush Name may have changed in this order in New England: Farrabus>Forbus...

11/9/2007 3/24/2017

William Furbish MP (1630 - c.1694)

"Furbush", "Forbush"

William Furbush Lt (1638 - 1694) WILLIAM FURBISH was probably born about 1631 at Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and before 21 Mar 1701 at Kittery, York Co., ME. He married (1) 19. REBECCA ___________ about...

6/1/2007 3/24/2017

Alexander Stewart MP (1630 - 1731)

"Steward", "Stuart"

Alexander Stewart Born: Abt. 1630 Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland Died: April 6, 1731 Marlboro, Massachusetts Alexander Stewart, #99 on “The Dunbar Prisoners” List From Surname Variation:...

7/13/2008 3/24/2017

Henry Magoon MP (c.1635 - 1684)

3 September 1651 Captured by British at battle of Worcester along with his brother John and deported to America as an indentured servant to Nicholas Lisson.

5/27/2007 3/14/2017

Tormut Rose MP (1632 - c.1684)

8/20/2008 9/1/2016

Colonel Ninian Beall MP (1625 - 1717)

"Ninian Beale", ""The immigrant" Ninian Beall", "Colonel Ninian Beall", "Colonel Beall! Colonel Beale", "Ninian Beal"

See "Discussions" for more on wives and children of Col. Ninian. NINIAN BEALL, may have been born in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland, in 1625. He held a commission as cornet in the Scotch-English Army, ra...

7/3/2007 8/26/2016

Daniel Black MP (c.1628 - 1689)

1. Daniel Black was born before 1628 in Scotland. He married Faith Bridges, daughter of Edmund Bridges and Alice Millington [SIC: Elizabeth] in Sep 1660 at Boxford, Massachusetts. He died on 5 Dec 1689...

7/31/2007 3/26/2016

John Magoon, Sr. MP (c.1625 - 1709)

The surname was variously spelled Magoon, Magoun, McGoun, d M’Goun, or Magoune. “John, a Scotchman, was an early resident of Hing. The chris. name of his w., whom he m. Nov. 7, 1662, was Rebecca. Joh...

7/16/2007 2/2/2016

Robert Dunbar, of Hingham MP (c.1630 - 1693)

Robert Dunbar was probably born about 1630-1634 in Scotland. According to tradition, Robert was a native of Morayshire, Scotland. No proof of his parentage has been ascertained. He died at Hingham, MA....

2/4/2008 9/5/2015

Ann Stewart MP (1632 - 1729)

"Winchester", "Winchurch", "Winehurst", "Ann Winchurch", "Ann Winchester", "Ann Winchurst", "Ann Winehurst"

She was an indentured servant along with Duncan whom she married later. Duncan Stewart was born in the Highlands of Scotland about 1623. He espoused the cause of his kinsman King Charles II, and in sup...

7/17/2007 6/18/2015

Duncan Stewart in Kilmadock MP (1623 - 1717)

"Dunkin Steward", "Stewert", "Stuart"

Duncan Stewart was probably sent to the colonies as a prisoner of war after either the battle of Dunbar or Worcester. Very few Scots came to the colonies around 1650 with the exception of those prisone...

7/17/2007 6/18/2015

Robert Junkins MP (1621 - 1697)

9/25/2009 2/28/2015

Robert Guthrie MP (c.1635 - 1692)

"Gutterig", "Guttridge", "Gutridge", "Guthridge", "Goodridge", "Goodrich"

Robert Guthrie Died: on Block Island, December 3, 1692; buried in the graveyard on Block Island.* Married: 1 wife, Margaret Ireland, born 1633; died on Block Island April 5, 1687; buried there,...

6/7/2009 2/11/2015

Alexander Innes MP (1632 - 1679)

1. Alexander Innes , born before 1632 in Scotland, died 9 October 1679 in Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island; married before 1652 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Catherine _______, born 1635 eit...

9/5/2008 1/21/2015

William Cahoon MP (1633 - 1675)


William Colquhoun fought the English in the brutal battles of Dunbar and Worcester in Scotland, and was captured by the Army of Parliament. He was indentured to the iron mines in Braintree, Massachuset...

9/17/2007 1/12/2015

Fenell Ross MP (c.1637 - d.)

8/7/2008 7/3/2014

John Clark was one of the Scottish POWs brought over on the ship Unity in 1650 after capture in the Battle of Dunbar to work as an indentured servant. Like many of his compatriots, he worked for a time...

2/19/2009 4/11/2013

James Ross MP (c.1620 - 1690)

[He] came from London on the ship "John & Sarah," in 1651; he served in King Philip's war, and was one of those who suffered losses because of the depredations of the Indians. James Ross, a Royalist ...

12/12/2007 6/24/2012

John MacBean MP (1634 - c.1718)

"Bean", "Beene", "MacBayne"

John MacBean (Bean or MacBayne), son of Donald MacBean and Margaret Jane MacGillis, was raised in Inverness, at the head of Moray Firth in northern Scotland. At the age of 18, he joined the Scottish fo...

7/13/2008 3/25/2011

John Sinclair, of Exeter MP (c.1630 - 1700)

"John Sinkler"

Do not merge him with Maj. John Sinclair . There is no proof the two men are the same. John Sinkler (c1630-1700), was a Scot captured at the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, deported to America in 1651, and...

8/17/2008 3/22/2011

Peter Grant MP (1634 - 1718)

The James Grant who married Elizabeth Everell was NOT his father, but he was a kinsman. Peter Grant was captured at the Battle of Dunbar on 3 September 1650 and deported to America. Because he was tr...

3/8/2008 3/22/2011