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Juan Rodriguez Bellido (1560 - 1627)

He was a soldier who came with the second wave of settlers who came to New Mexico on Christmas Eve 1600. He was also a member of the loyalist group that stayed in New México while many coloniest return...

6/29/2008 9/15/2011

Juan de Herrera MP (c.1580 - c.1680)

He arrived in New Mexico on December 24, 1600He was an encomendero of Santa Clara and Jémez throughout his lifetime. He was also a soldier.Member of reinforcements who came to New Mexico in 1600.Son of...

1/30/2008 9/15/2011

He came to New Mexico with the Second Wave of Colonization in 1600.In 1609, he was a Alférez escorting the wagon-train that brought Governor Peralta to New Mexico. By 1625, he was a Captain, 48 years o...

1/22/2008 9/15/2011

2nd ONATE EXPEDITION into NEW MEXICO 1600 Don PEDRO GOMEZ DURAN y CHAVES , native of Valverde de Llerena, Extremadura, Spain, married in New Mexico. He married a daughter of Captain CRISTOBAL BACA & ...

3/23/2008 9/15/2011

Lucía de Montoya MP (1633 - c.1680)

6/29/2008 9/15/2011

José Montoya MP (c.1591 - d.)

8/27/2009 9/15/2011

Francisco de Montoya MP (c.1588 - d.)

8/27/2009 9/15/2011

Diego de Montoya MP (1584 - c.1655)


Diego de Montoya, I An Alférez living in Santa Fé in 1628, and married to Ana Martín Barba, by whom he had a daughter Ynez de Zamora, who married Juan López. There were at least two sons, Pedro, twenty...

1/25/2008 9/15/2011

Maria de Zamora MP (bef.1572 - c.1610)

María de Zamora born in Mexico City at San SebastianMaria married Bartolome de Montoya, son of Francisco de Montoya and Unknown, in Texcoco, Mexico. Bartolome de Montoya was born about 1572 in Cantilla...

1/25/2008 9/15/2011

Bartolomé de Montoya MP (1572 - 1609)

Bartolome de Montoya born 1572 at Cantillana, a Castillian town near Sevilla died 1609 at Santa Fe, New Mexico, New SpainMarried:#dona Maria de Zamora y Abarca in Mexico City.This couple came with his ...

1/25/2008 9/15/2011

Listed in the group of soldiers and civilians that went to New Mexico in 1600. He and his son Juan Lopez Holguin were on Captain Villagra's list. Of good stature, black bearded, with a mark on the left...

1/25/2008 9/15/2011

Catalina de Villanueva MP (c.1560 - 1626)

Catalina was probably all or part Mexican Native America. The HGRC data base give Chief Don Joseph as her father. She came to New México with her husband Juan López Olguín.Chief Don Joseph was the chie...

1/25/2008 9/15/2011

Capitán Juan López Olguin MP (1559 - 1626)

In March 1599 don Juan de Onate wrote the viceroy of Neuva Espana and requested additional soldier and families to help strengthen the colony that had been established.With approval, the recruitment be...

1/25/2008 9/15/2011

Antonio Baca MP (c.1589 - 1643)

Antonio Baca was born circa 1589. He was married to Yumar Pérez de Bustillo who was born c.1591. They had three daughters: Gertudris, who married Antonio Jorge; Ana, who married Francisco López de Arag...

2/18/2008 9/15/2011

Isabel de Bohorquez Baca MP (c.1586 - 1627)

Isabel Baca de Bohórquez came to New Mexico with her father in 1600. Oñate lead a party into Kansas to search for the legendary Gran Quivara. Upon his return, he found that 400 colonists had deserted S...

3/23/2008 9/15/2011

Ana Maria Pacheco y Ortiz MP (c.1563 - c.1620)

Anna and her family were among the first settlers in New Mexico. Her family were Loyalists who remained in New Mexico, and made it their home.Children of Ana Maria and Cristobal Baca, I #Isabel de Boho...

2/9/2008 9/15/2011

Capitán Cristóbal Baca MP (c.1567 - c.1613)

"Vaca", "Cristobal Cabeza de Vaca III", "Cristobal Vaca", "Cabeza Vaca III"

Cristóbal Baca, I born circa 1567 Ciudad de México, Nueva España died circa 1613 San Mateo, Nuevo México, Nueva EspañaIn March 1599 don Juan de Onate wrote the viceroy of Neuva Espana and requested add...

2/9/2008 9/15/2011

11/8/2008 9/15/2011

Capitán Alonso Ortiz Baca MP (1589 - c.1662)


Alonso Baca died after 1662 at Rio Abajo, New Mexico, New SpainHe was a soldier who came with the second wave of settlers on Christmas Eve of 1600.His family was among those settlers who remained loyal...

2/9/2008 9/15/2011