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Moses Raphael de Aguilar (c. 1611- 15 December 1679) was a Sephardic-Dutch Rabbi, Hebrew Grammatician and scholar, who wrote some 20 books on a series of talmudic and Hebrew language topics. He was als...

3/2/2011 10/7/2019

Antonio Rodrigues Pereira (c.1575 - d.)

"Joseph Israel Pereira?"

•The family crest above is of Spanish origin. •Pereira is the Portuguese word for pear tree. •The surname Pereira comes from the place name Pereira, which was situated near the river Ave, in the distri...

10/24/2007 7/25/2019

Pedro de Palacios MP (1510 - d.)

"Pedro Palache", "Pedro Palais"

2016.12.28: * At least one author of a Brill article (D Gershon Lewental) was very upset to see these articles copied and pasted into Pallache family profiles: may I suggest that we remove them?* Alter...

10/27/2007 11/18/2017

Moses Musaphia (c.1579 - 1643)

"Simon Mendes", "Mosseh Musafia"

Important Notes from the source of information linking Moses as the son of Felipe and Gracia - >These earliest recorded members of the Musaphia family above have been assumed to be siblings and have be...

10/27/2007 9/11/2017

Maria Nunes de Senior Coronel (c.1579 - d.)

"Maria Nunez"

5/3/2009 8/8/2017

Don Iago de Sampayo y Belmonte (1493 - aft.1531)

See and NOT MERGE THIS PROFILE!!! MAY NOT BE CORRECTRelationship to Jacob Israel Belmonte suggested in the text of THE BELMONT-BELMONTE FAMILY book. Doesn't tally with the family tree in the Jewish Enc...

3/9/2011 8/8/2017

6/16/2015 8/8/2017

Abraham Nunes Henriques (bef.1603 - 1667)

"Joao", "Juan"

10/18/2013 8/8/2017

6/17/2015 8/8/2017

Jacob Nunes Vaz (112-25) (1801 - 1884)

"Nunes Vaes"

Jacob's Beth Haim cemetery record incorrectly lists Sophia Goudsmit as his wife. Sophia Goudsmit is the wife of Jacob Nunes Vaz (112-175) who was born in 1829.

4/10/2010 8/7/2017

Sophia Nunes Vaz (1836 - 1907)

Sophia is incorrectly listed as the wife of Jacob Nunes Vaz (112-25) in the records of Beth Haim of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel when she is actually the wife of Jacob Nunes Vaz (112-175). Bruidegom: Jacob ...

2/21/2010 8/7/2017

Simcha Miriam Cohen Rodrigues (1853 - 1900)

"Miriam", "Marianne"

Beth Haim cemetery card for Mirjam Simcha incorrectly has her birthday as January 1st, 1858 which is the birthday of her sister Marriane.

7/25/2009 8/7/2017