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Shady Grove United Methodist Church, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA

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  • Gilbert Lee Harris (1958 - 2022)
    Obituary for Gilbert Lee Harris Gilbert Lee Harris, 64, of Spotsylvania, Virginia passed away on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 in his home. Gilbert was born and raised in the Todds Tavern area of Spotsy...
  • Source:
    Gerald Wayne Patton (1975 - 2020)
    Gerald Wayne Patton (44) of Spotsylvania passed away peacefully on April 17, 2020 at VCU Medical Center in Richmond with family at his side. Gerald had acute renal failure related to his bone marrow tr...
  • Source:
    Lee A Harris (1856 - 1946)
    Residence : 1920 - Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA* Race : White* Ethnicity : American** Reference: 1920 United States Federal Census - SmartCopy : Mar 29 2020, 22:59:48 UTC * Residence : 1900 - Livingston...
  • Susan Charlotte Callahan (1956 - 2020)
    Susan Charlotte Row, 63, of Spotsylvania County passed away suddenly Monday, March 16, 2020 at her home. Charlotte, a graduate of Spotsylvania HS had been a radio dispatcher for the Fredericksburg Poli...
  • Robert Clifton Payne (1909 - 1967)
    Find A Grave
  • 11007 W Catharpin Rd
  • Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia
  • United States

(Latitude: 38.22167 Longitude: -77.71639)

Please see the related documents section of the project for the cemetery plat as well as additional information.

Shady Grove Cemetery Interments


  1. Alsop, Arthur Mossen (Section 8-D)
  2. Alsop, Clara L (Section 5-E)
  3. Alsop, Earl Washington .(Section 45-A)
  4. Alsop, Julia Catherine (Section 6-A)
  5. Alsop, Mary F (Section 45-J)
  6. Alsop, Ollie L (Section 5-D)
  7. Alsop, Susie M (Section 8-C)
  8. Alsop, Travers Mossen (Section 6-B)


  1. Bartleson, Annie (Pulliam) (Section 1-F)
  2. Bartleson, Clayton Woodman (Section 1-M)
  3. Bartleson, Edwin Stanton (Section 1-E)
  4. Bartleson, James E (Section 1-L)
  5. Bartleson, John W (Section 1-J)
  6. Bartleson, Susanna R (Section 1-I)
  7. Bass, Dorothy E (Section 32-E)
  8. Bass, Edith "Kitty"(Parker) (Section 32-F)
  9. Brent, Sarah A (Section 4-J)
  10. Bruce, E Wayne Section
  11. Bryan, Charles W (Section 44-H)
  12. Bryan, Julia R (Section 44-I)
  13. Buchanan, Goldie P (Pulliam) (Section 3-D)
  14. Buchanan, Guy Hobson (Section 3-I)
  15. Buchanan, William Wert (Section 3-C)


[Carter, Arthur Hill] (Section 2-G)

  1. Cannon, Charles Edward (Section 45-E)
  2. Cavell, Edna Lucille (Section 13-H)
  3. Cavell, Walter Franklin (Section 13-G)
  4. Cissel, Nellie M Section
  5. Cline, Marie W (Section 41-B)
  6. Cline, Rosa Long (Section 41-D)
  7. Conner, Robert Archer Section
  8. Coswell, Roberta (Section 38-B)
  9. Courtney, Susie M (Section 30-C)
  10. Crabtree, Henrietta (Section 10-B)
  11. Crabtree, Joseph H (Section 10-A)
  12. Curtis, Harriet Elizabeth (Toombs) Section


  1. Davenport, Wallace E (Section 38-A)
  2. Davis, Peggy (Norris) (Section 7-E)
  3. Deaton, Mary W (Section 11-A)
  4. Dickinson, Elwood Bowie (Section 30-B)
  5. Dickinson, Granville (Section 30-A)
  6. Dickinson, Mary Frances (Hicks) (Section 39-C)
  7. Dickinson, Robert Henry (Section 30-B)


  1. Ellington, Delton E (Section 1-A)
  2. Ellington, Hansford L (Section 26-M)
  3. Elliot, Adell Erline (Section 1-O)
  4. Elliot, Eddie Mae (Willoughby) Section 1-B
  5. Elliott, Delton Eugene Section 1-A


  1. Faulconer, Archer Franklin Section
  2. Faulconer, Geraldine Anne (Wilkerson) Section
  3. Faulconer, Hazel (Wheeler) Section
  4. Faulconer, Infant Section
  5. Faulconer, James W Section
  6. Faulconer, Lottie Caroline (Knight) Section
  7. Faulconer, Richard Hugh Section
  8. Faulconer, Richard Hugh Jr Section
  9. Ferguson, Kimberly Ann (Proffitt) Section
  10. Finney, Allie K (LNU) Section
  11. Finney, Doris (Alsop) Section
  12. Finney, Garland Galaway Section
  13. Finney, James Section
  14. Finney, Pelham Gray Sr Section
  15. Finney, Pelham Gray Jr Section
  16. Ford, Margaret Evelyn (Talley) Section
  17. Ford, Stephen Addington Section
  18. Foster, Clayton H Section
  19. Foster, Jane (West) Section
  20. Foster, Lena (McGary) Section
  21. Foster, Robert Linwood Section
  22. Foster, Warrick Section
  23. Foster, William Beauregard Section
  24. Fowlkes, Erma Manerva (Poteat) Section
  25. Furrow, Elsie Lee (Alderman) Section
  26. Furrow, Virgil Thomas Sr Section


  1. Hall, Baby Section
  2. Haney, Ennis Lee Section Section 1D
  3. Haney, Ruby (Spicer) Section Section 1C
  4. Harris, Altheia C Section
  5. Harris, Leonidas A Section
  6. Harris, "Annie" Anne Section
  7. Harris, Dorothy (Stewart) Section
  8. Harris, Elton Bowie Section
  9. Harris, Herman E Section
  10. Harris, Leslie Elton Section
  11. Harris, Magnolia Eugenia (Foster) Section
  12. Harris, Maxine B Section
  13. Harris, Robert McCracken Section
  14. Harris, Richard Stanley Section
  15. Harris, Roberta Ann (Dickinson) Section
  16. Harris, Rosser Vernon Section
  17. Harris, William S Section
  18. Heflin, Jean E (Long) Section
  19. Heflin, G Wesley Section
  20. Hicks, Baby Section
  21. Houck, Margaret Jordan (Row) Section
  22. Howard, Audrey Earline (Alsop) Section
  23. Howard, Deborah Lynn Section
  24. Howard, Derward Calvin Section
  25. Howard, Ivie Virginia (Dillard) Section
  26. Howard, Joseph James "Curly" Section
  27. Howard, Rosser Montgomery Section
  28. Howard, Vernon Richard Section
  29. Howard, Virgie Belle (Curtis) Section


  1. Jones, Elton Duval (Section 26-N)
  2. Jones, Gerald Duval (Section 26-F)
  3. Jones, Lucille Beatrice (Payne) (Section 26-O)
  4. Jones, Osceola Elton (Section 14-C)
  5. Jones, Ralph Tatum (Section 14-A)


  1. Kent, Ellis Warner (Section 26-G)
  2. Kent, Garnett (Gordon) (Section 13-B)
  3. Kent, James Lee (Section 13-A)
  4. Kent, John Samuel (Section 13-E)
  5. Kent, Anna Martha (Dillard) Section 13-F)
  6. Kent, Sarah Catherine (Perry) (Section 13-D)
  7. Kent, William Lee (Section 13-C)
  8. Kinsey, Howard G (Section 1-G)
  9. Kinsey, Linda V (Section 1-H)
  10. Kishpaugh, John (Section 18-A)
  11. Kishpaugh, Poebe A (Section 18-B)
  12. Knight, Eunice Idaline (Talley) (Section 30-E)
  13. Knight, James Parker Jr (Section )
  14. Knight, James Parker Sr (Section 30-D)
  15. Knight, May (Bryan) (Section )


  1. Lindgren, Anne (Foster) Section
  2. Lindgren, Charles (Section 9-A)
  3. Long, Donald O (Section 27-D)
  4. Long, Jennie (Lewis) (Section 41-C)
  5. Long, John Minor (Section 41-F)
  6. Long, William C (Section 41-E)


  1. Mastin, Steven N "Bo" Section
  2. Mathews, Ercie B (Section 26-J)
  3. Mathews, Roy C (Section 26-I)


  1. Norris, Elizabeth (Taliaferro) (Section 7-A)


  1. Oliver, Mary (Hicks) (Section 31-B)
  2. Oliver, Wilbur Samuel (Section 31-C)
  3. Oliver, William Samuel (Section 31-A)


  1. Parker, Evelyn Mae Section
  2. Parker, Harriet Elizabeth (Pates) Section
  3. Parker, Hazel Virginia (Alsop) Section
  4. Parker, Jeter Tinsley Section
  5. Parker, William Alfred Section
  6. Payne, Arthur Crismond Section
  7. Payne, Dora A Section
  8. Payne, Harris Emory Section
  9. Payne, Isodora Jones (Hicks) Section
  10. Payne, John H Section
  11. Payne, Ruby Ray (Kent) Section
  12. Payne, Ruth Lee (Kent) Section
  13. Poole, Ella (Eastburn) Section
  14. Poole, Lucy M Section
  15. Poole, Montraville F Section
  16. Poole, William M Section
  17. Porter, Lula Belle (Schultz) Section
  18. Powell, Ann E Section
  19. Powell, Elizabeth (Rollins) Section
  20. Powell, Lionel Ebenezer Section
  21. Powell, William Section
  22. Proffit, Infant Son Section
  23. Proffit, Infant Daughter Section
  24. Pulliam, John James Section
  25. Pulliam, Mary E Section
  26. Pulliam, Melissa Section
  27. Pulliam, Virgie F Section
  28. Pulliam, Wallace T Section
  29. Pulliam, William T Section



  1. Ripley, James Albert (Section 44-C)
  2. Rollins, Marvin L (Section 41-A)
  3. Rollins, Frank A (Section 29-D)
  4. Rollins, William Clifton (Section 29-E)
  5. Row, Fannie Tolby (Kent) (Section 26-H)
  6. Row, Urla (Baker) Section
  7. Row, William George Section


  1. Sands, John Alexander (Section 45-A)
  2. Sands, Mary Therese (Neavill) (Section 45-B)
  3. Seay, Emily Pearl (Alsop) Section
  4. Seay, Gwendolyn Fern (Section 7-B)
  5. Seay, Reby E (Section 8-B)
  6. Seay Roy Linwood Section
  7. Seay, Thelma May (Long) Section
  8. Sellers, Mary Emaline (Section 25-C)
  9. Shaw, John Leroy (Section 45-G)
  10. Skittlethorpe, Edith Bee Section
  11. Smith, Harriet P. F. (Section 7-A)
  12. Steiner, Donald W (Section 37-B)
  13. Stratton, Betty (Section 20-B)
  14. Stratton, Charlie (Section 20-A)


  1. Taliaferro, Nellie E (Foster) Section
  2. Talley, David Earl Jr. Section
  3. Talley, Ennis Carl Section
  4. Talley, Ennis Earl Section
  5. Talley, Flossie Ann (Oliver) Section
  6. Talley, James Joseph Jerome Section
  7. Talley, Joseph Cline, Jr Section
  8. Talley, Joseph Cline, Sr Section
  9. Talley, Margaret "Annie" Ann (Powell) Section
  10. Talley, Roberta Lee (Edwards) Section
  11. Taylor, Michael James Section
  12. Tanner, Charles D Section
  13. Toombs, Carey Edward Section




  1. Wakeman, Nancy Mabel (Row) (Section 22-B)
  2. Wakeman, Samuel Houston (Section 22-C)
  3. Wakeman, Samuel Tilden (Section 22-A)
  4. Warren, Daisy D (Section 24-B)
  5. Warren, Ida Virginia (Talley) (Section )
  6. Warren, John Milton (Section)
  7. Warren, William C (Section 24-A)
  8. Watson, Alan Cline Section
  9. Whitlock, Mary E (Section 16-G)
  10. Wilkerson, Donald Wade Section
  11. Wilkerson, Grace Lee (Hicks) Section
  12. Wilkerson, Robert Roswell Section
  13. Wright, Audrey Elaine (LNU) (Section 21-A)
  14. Wright, John Wesley Jr (Section 21-F)
  15. Wright, Pauline (Drew) (Section 21-C)
  16. Wright, Rosella (Harris) (Section 21-G)
  17. Wright, Vivian DuVal (Section 21-E)
  18. Wright, Wilbur Evans (Section 21-D)
  19. Wright, Willis Seymore (Section 21-B)
  20. Wyatt, Allen Curtis (Section 26-L)