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Solomon Herz of Pilsen 1700's

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  • Bernard Wedeles (1803 - d.)
    Familiant: HBF XII/X Plzeňský Radnice (P); folio: 1 Rochlov (S); folio: 39 Rokycan (M); folio: 51 Hřešihlavy (S); folio: 61 Folio 149
  • Marcus Wedeles (1800 - 1803)
    From My Heritage web site Sky Premgyan, written by Annie P. Miller.
  • Moses Wedeles (1794 - 1856)
    Badatelna reads Moises. Witness's Salomon Wedeles and Joseph Nandel. Probably Joseph Mandl.Sarah Block's or Bloch's brother was Moses Wedeles. Moses Wedeles' son was Wolfgang Wedeles. Wolfgang had a da...
  • Rebeka Wedeles (1768 - 1842)
    Information on Rebeca is found in the Badatelna Czech Registers online. She is recorded in the town of Osek birth record book for the birth of Sara Wedeles in the year 1795. It's clear the mother of Sa...
  • Sophia Block (1833 - 1912)
    Update with data from Ancestry researcher G. Rosenberg indicating Heinrich Block was married to a Sophie Furth, born in Bohemia in October 1833. She died as a widow on December 14, 1912 and is buried i...

Solomon appears in census work iluminated by Julius Muller. His line includes the Wedeles family. There are many descendants of Solomon around today. If you have more information put it here. Bohemian Towns are Pilsen or Plezen, Becov, and other villages in the area nearby.

Solomon was born in about 1731 and died in 1807.

                                                                        '''Solomon Herz  (circa 1731-1807)'''

Solomon or Salamoun Herz of the Wossek now Osek region of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. Born in about 1731, died October 4, 1807. This information is from the familant records in the Prague Archives as researched by Julius Mueller of Prague in 2002-6 for Dan Brockman of Barrington, IL and Michael Rosenthal of Kansas City, KS.

Some information developed by Mike Rosenthal points to Solomon having been married to Eve and had a child named Jonas Herz. This may have been his first marriage.

Solomon Herz had a child with Anna Wedeles, who was from Petschau/Becov, near Most, in the Lokat region of Bohemia, near the German border in Saxony. The child was Naphtaly or Naftaly Joseph Wedeles.

Because the parents were forbidden to get married, the family and child were illegitimate until 1848 when the Familant laws were increasingly disregarded.

Naphtaly was born in about 1761 and he died on April 8, 1824. He married Rebeka Wedeles on March 29, 1785.

Rebeka Wedeles was the daughter of Benjamin Wedeles/Wotzasek and Rosa Kohn. She had a sister Ester Wedeles and a brother Salamoun Wedeles.

Naphtaly had a couple of names that he used. He was called Joseph Wedeles, and he was using the last name Wotzasek for a time near the 1783 census and up until the birth of his children. He was a liquor shop renter.

Becov is the site of coal mines. Recently a depressed region, because the coal is inferior in quality, many people are unemployed.

Becov is not too far from Osek.

No additional information is known about Solomon Herz at this time. He lived during a very troubling time for Jews in Europe, and Bohemia in particular. In the 1740 period Maria Theresa issued an edict requiring all Jews to leave the city of Prague. 60,000 persons were set adrift in the countryside for four years until she withdrew the edict and allowed people to return. Solomon was a young boy at the time.

Naphtaly’s and Rebeka’s daughter Sara, born June 12, 1795 at Osek, came to the US with Daniel Block with whom she already had several illegitimate children. They came with her. Daniel traveled separately with one older son. One of those children was Veronika aka Dora, who eventually married Samuel Berwin in St. Louis MO.

Naphtaly’s and Rebeka’s son Moyses or Moses or Mojzise was born on September 21, 1794. His descendants came to the US and are the ancestors of Michael Rosenthal of Kansas City, KS.

Naphtaly's and Rebeka's son Berdl or Bernard or Bernat Wedeles was born about 30 cervence 1803. He is related to Michael Rund of Sokolov, Czech Republic.

Dan Brockman 1/15/2006

Mike Rosenthal created a family tree document that gives a little additional detail of these people. In particular, he states that the family of Naphtali lived in Hresislav. The family of Moses lived in Radnice. The family of Wolfgang lived in Osek.

Dan February 17, 2009, Rund data November 26, 2009.

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