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Joachim Petrus Prinsloo MP (1864 - 1934)

Sterfkennis/Deathn Notice TAB MHG 85982

1/2/2010 2/18/2017

PREHN HENNING JOACHIM. - Hamburg. * 10.12.1699, son of the merchant Hinrich P. (W. Schmidt, p. 97). Arr. 1722 as adelborst in the Lakeman, which was wrecked at the Cape, assistant 1723-31, b. 1731. ~ ...

2/14/2010 9/30/2014

Johann Heinrich de Lange, SV/PROG 2 MP (1720 - 1805)

"Johann Heinrich Lange", "Jan Hendrik De Lange", "Johann Heinrich de Lange"

LANGE JOHANN HEINRICH. “Oltrop” (i.e. Holtrup, Holtrop or Oldentrup ?). Arr. 1748 as sa., farmhand 1748-71, in 1771 loaned as farmhand to his wife Aletta Lübbe. ~ 8.4.1757 Aletta Lübbe. 11 children. (C...

8/18/2008 9/3/2014

Louis van Assemburg MP (c.1680 - 1712)

Source: Family Search Dutch Reform Church Registers. Cape Town, South Africa. The entry Govorner Louis Assemburg: As a Witness for Willem Helot and Christina De Beer child that getting baptize. books...

6/13/2014 7/15/2014

Willem Helot, SV/PROG MP (c.1600 - d.)

Willem Helot Born Amsterdam, Netherlands 27.10.1675 Bapt. Westerkerk, Amsterdam 27.10.1675 Arrived at the Cape c. 1694 aboard the Nederland Assistant to Simon v.d. Stel Became secretary of ...

7/3/2014 7/14/2014

Johannes Hertz, SV/PROG MP (b. - 1794)

HERTZJOHANNES (S in CJ 1311: 117). Grünberg in Hesse. Arr. 1771, b. 1775, a baker. X (in Germany) Anna Catharina Tube, who came to the Cape in 1774 as servant of the Rev. Jacob Caspar Metzler on ...

6/27/2014 6/27/2014

Samuel Friedrich Bode, SV/PROG 2 MP (1730 - 1790)

"Bode", "Boudier", "Boodjee", "Samuel Fredrik Botha"

SAMUEL FRIEDRICH BODE Samuel Friedrich Bode was born in 1730 in Lüneburg (53.15° Latitude, 10.23° Longitude), Germany (see History below). In 1766 the family stayed in Hannover and Samuel left to go ...

9/5/2009 8/21/2013

Johann Johannes Vosloo, SV/PROG MP (c.1649 - c.1732)

"Johannes", "Jan", "Johan"

Johann/Johannes/Jan Vosloo Born c. 1649 - according to SAG Vol.15 page 260 he was born in Lippstadt, Wesfale, Germany, BUT The First Fifty Years Project states c. 1660, Plettenberg, Netherlands. ...

9/13/2007 1/30/2013

William Tarling, SV/PROG MP (c.1633 - d.)

"Willem Teerling"

Surname alternates: Tarling / Teerling Reference The First Fifty Years Project J.L. (Leon) Hattingh, "Die Blanke Nageslag van Louis van Bengale en Lijsbeth van die Kaap", Kronos (Die Blanke nagesla...

7/23/2008 1/30/2013

Pieter Visagie SV/PROG MP (c.1630 - 1682)

Pieter VISAGIE van Antwerpen , was alreeds by die Kaap in Maart 1655. Hy trou op 21 Junie 1671 met Catharina KIENS(T) van die stad Veere in die provinsie Zeeland van Nederland. Catharina Kienst trou ...

6/9/2008 1/30/2013

Wynand Leendertsz Bezuidenhout, SV/PROG MP (1639 - c.1674)

"Leenderts - seun van Leendert", "The Father (First) Bezuidenhout in South Africa - 1666 : Head Gardener for the VOC"

a1 Wynand Leendertsz Bezuidenhout v. Nederland. Baas-tuinier aan die Kaap, x 23.9.1668 Jannetje Gerrits, v. Amsterdam. Bron: Geslagregister van Vroeë Kaapse families. Judi Meyer ===============...

9/16/2007 1/30/2013

Jacob Cloete, SV/PROG MP (bef.1630 - 1693)

"Jacobus Klauten"

Full family tree here: Aknowledgement to eGGSA 26/4/1662 Coenradus, son of Jacob Kloeten, free famer witnesses: Sjaeck, the labourer of the master carpenter, Leendert Cornelisz van Sevenhuijsen, free b...

9/15/2007 1/30/2013

Adriaan Deneys, SV/PROG MP (1710 - 1762)

"Denys", "Deneys"

Reference - SAG Volume 2 Page 58 VOC serviceman from Amsterdam

2/2/2010 7/4/2012

Ryk Tulbagh, SV/PROG MP (1699 - 1771)

"Rijk Tulbach"

See Wikipedia... Marriage NGK Cape Town 1725 Augusti 26 s:r Rijk Tulbagh j: m: en juff:r Elizabeth Zwellingrebel j: d: on

2/4/2012 2/4/2012

Hendrik Swellengrebel, b1 MP (1700 - 1760)

Hendrik Swellengrebel (Kaapstad, 29 September 1700 - Utrecht, 1763) was de eerste VOC-goewerneur van die Kaapkolonie wat plaaslik gebore is. Swellengrebel was die oudste seun van Johanna Cruse (5 Feb...

2/4/2012 2/4/2012

Governor of the Cape Colony

11/30/2007 2/2/2012

Willem Adriaan van der Stel MP (1664 - 1733)

"Wilhelmus", "Govenor."

"Willem Adriaan van der Stel (August 24, 1664, Haarlem – November 11, 1733, Lisse) [1][2] was appointed as extraordinary Council of the Dutch Indies,[3] and Governor of the Cape Colony, a way station f...

1/31/2011 9/6/2011

Lorenz Campher, SV/PROG MP (c.1660 - bef.1730)

"Lourens", "Kamfer"

See also the Apr 2016 research review of facts surrounding Lourens Campher's wife Ansela van die Kaap at Ansela van de Caap, SM/PROG Stamvader Lorenz/Lourens Campher Campher is believed to have bee...

8/24/2007 7/27/2011

Details of birth and parentage: Born in Bengal, India 14 Feb 1767 Details of his voyagers from the VOC archive: [ ] Gerard was originally a captain on 2 VOC ships - The Castor and The Meermin...

9/8/2009 2/3/2011

Simon van der Stel, SV/PROG MP (1639 - 1712)

"Simon van der Stel (14 October 1639 – 24 June 1712) was the last Commander and first Governor of the Cape Colony, the Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa." Dates, family member...

1/25/2010 1/31/2011

Jan van Riebeeck MP (1619 - 1677)

"Jan van Riebeeck"

Johan Anthoniszoon "Jan" van Riebeeck (April 21, 1619, Culemborg, Gelderland – January 18, 1677) was a Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town. Van Riebeeck was born in Culemborg in the...

1/13/2011 1/13/2011