Jacob Cloete, SV/PROG

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Jacob Cloete, SV/PROG

Also Known As: "Jacobus Klauten", "Kloete", "Kloote", "Kloeten", "formerly Klauten aka Cloete", "Klauten"
Birthplace: Ödt, Kurfürstentum,, Köln (Oedt - Electorate of Cologne), Holy Roman Empire
Death: May 23, 1693
Goede Hoop Avenue, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (Murdered by deserters close to the castle)
Immediate Family:

Son of Conradt Klauten and Catharina Klauten
Husband of Sophia Feigen Cloete
Father of Gerrit Jacobus Godefriclus Cloete; Adelheid 'Elsje' Jacobsz van der Merwe, SM; Catharina Cloete and Coenraad Cloete, b4
Brother of Jennicken Klauten; Joannes Klauten; Petrus Klauten; Agnes Klauten and Adelheidis Klauten

Occupation: On 10 August 1657, Jacob Cloete was granted a vrijbrief or letter of freedom which released him from his contractual obligations to the VOC and accorded him the status of vrijburgher or free burgher. On 10Oct 1657 he owned the farm on the Liesbeeck River
Managed by: Sally Ann Orpen
Last Updated:

About Jacob Cloete, SV/PROG

(RvO) Sept. 12 '23 :
https://journals.co.za/doi/10.54272/sach.2021.v35n2a2 (about the Cloete family)

Born in "het land van Ceulen" (the question is which place or area that is, what's really meant ?)

The map used by researcher Harry Booyens refers to "Collen" which he identifies as Ceulen (Köln/Cologne/Keulen in today's Germany, the first large city founded by the Romans. https://media.geni.com/p13/b6/51/b3/10/53444839a8fb0859/cloete_familia_2009_no1_harry_booyens_original.pdf?hash=e50127080d00be83f144998d7b91110d16eeae765f3bb8448e5595a77951253e.1727852399

Google Maps shows that Köln is not situated Left under Düsseldorf, that's "Aken" On 'his' map the river streams 'up' from Collen in Upper Right direction to Dusseldorf, whereas The Rhine /Rhein streams to the Right Under to Koln in reality !! https://www.google.com/maps/search/+hardenberg,+Duitsland/@50.96514...

I've found in the openarch section a text referring to someone coming from "the land van Ceulen" This text is used in the sources as the place of origin of Jacob Cloete. Maybe his origin is misinterpreted !?
Maybe a "land of Ceulen" more detailed something sounding / written as "Uts " is to be found near Rotterdam
Source: https://www.openarchieven.nl/srt:9F1BCEFF-B87A-4DA5-A833-0E19CA4FD1...
Or maybe the land belongs to a private owner and that's why maybe it's referred to as #het land van Ceulen", https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceulen_(familie)
The place Oedt (Grefrath) könnte could be the right place. Many S.A, is founded by the dutch, and this place Oedt is ± 5 or 7 km from the modern/ actual border near Tegelen/Venlo
The place Rheinberg could be meant in the link called "Reinberk" above Duisburg

In my opinion he confuses 'Collen' with 'Köln' and the above mentioned place "land van Ceulen" could mean that we have to research further ! Untill now I didn't discover a primary source anywhere, so I have to believe a one or more people of the Cloete's have been baptised ther or should I say 'Klauten' ? Maybe someone is able to supply me with these primary sources ? (text René van Oeveren: RvO)

Full family tree here: http://incolor.inetnebr.com/strydom/geslagsregisters/cloete/cloet_m...

Aknowledgement to eGGSA http://www.eggsa.org/sarecords/index.php/church-registers/cape-town... 26/4/1662 Coenradus, son of Jacob Kloeten, free famer witnesses: Sjaeck, the labourer of the master carpenter, Leendert Cornelisz van Sevenhuijsen, free burger, and Jannetje Ferdinandus, the wife of Jeurjaen Jansz, free burger

April anno 1662

Den 21:en d:o is al hier g'arriveert het jacht genaem<t> Het Kalff daer een predikant op is genaemt dom:e Anthonius Scheerius, van wegen de kamer Amster- dam

Den 23:en d:o heeft dom:e Scheerius, een predikatie gedaen, ende sijn ten doope gepresenteert dese vijff navolgende kinderen, waer van dom:e Scherius gedoopt heeft, het dochterken van den e: h:r commandeur Jan van Riebeeck, is genaemt Joanna, de getuigen sijn d' e: h:r command:r Zacharias Wagenaer, ende sijn huisvrou Maria Wagenaers ende Geertruidt van Riebeeck, de huisvrou van Pie- ter van der Stael, en alsoo dom:e Slipperius, mede inde kercke was, heeft de andere vier kinderen gedoopt, te weten het dochterken, van Wouter Cornelisz Mostaert, regerende burgeraet, en is genaemt Grisella, de getuigen sijn Heindrick Heindricxsz van Seurewaerden, vrijburger, en Thomas Muller vrije Saldanha vaerder, en het dochterken van Joachim Blanck, dispensier en is genaemt Engel, de getuijgen sijn Christina Does, de huisvrou van Elbert Dircksz Diemer vrijburger, ende het zoontje van Jan Martensz de Wacht, vrijburger en is genaemt Arent, de getuigen is Frans Gerritsz vanden Uijthoorn vrij lant bouwer, en het zoontje van Jacob Kloeten vrij lant bouwer, is genaemt Coenradus, de getuigen sijn Sjaeck de knecht vanden baes timmerman, Leendert Cornelisz van Sevenhuijsen vrijburger, ende Jannetje Ferdiandus, de huisvrou van Jeurjaen Jansz vrijburger, Godt de Heere geeft dat dese gedoopte kinderen tot sijne naeme eere mogen opwassen.


Sien die uitstekende artikel "Jacob and Fijtje Cloeten “van Ut in 't Land van Ceulen” - The first true European Settler in South Africa" deur Harry Booyens by http://members.shaw.ca/cliffwoodfogge/Cloete.htm

Jacob Cloete v. Keulen het waarskynlik reeds in 1652 na die Kaap
gekom. Hy was een v.d. eerste Vryburgers v. 10.8.1657. Hy kry op
10.10.1657 ‘n plasie aan die Liesbeekrivier. In 1671 is hy terug na Europa, maar keer later as korporaal na die Kaap terug † 23.5.1693, vermoor x Sophia (Fytje) RADEROOTJES v.d. Eifel (Keulen)

b1 Gerrit * Europa gedoop 2 April 1651 burger te Rondebosch later Stellenbosch x Kaapstad 26.8.1674 Catharina HARMANS v. Middelburg, Nederland

b2 Elsje * Europa gedoop 28 Februarie 1655 x 9.9.1668 Willem VAN DER MERWE

b3 Catharina ≈ 4.4.1660 x 28.1.1680 Jan VAN BRIENEN

b4 Coenraad x 26.7.1693 Martha VERSCHUUR

Jacob van Oedt in ’t land van Köln

by Harry Booyens – Familia 2009 no 1 (extract)

It has become somewhat of a genealogical tradition among South Africans to insist that the parents of Jacob were a certain Wilhelmi Klutt and Girtrudis Burschett of Cologne. This was a real couple and they indeed had a son by the name of Jacob. For the sake of completeness we provide here the baptisms for this Klutt couple from Cologne, who also had a further child that no one has ever
referred to:

Jacobum Klutt baptism: 2 Dec 1624, Koeln Stadt, Rheinland, Preussen

• Father: Wilhelmi Klutt

• Mother: Girtrudis Burschett

Gulielmum Clooth baptism: 10 Aug 1626, Koeln Stadt, Rheinland, Preussen

• Father: Gulielmi Clooth

• Mother: Girtrudis Clooth – from Kirchenbuch, 1595-1798, Katholische Sankt Kunibertkirche Cöln.

However, one is hard put to understand why there has to be this insistence on seeing Jacob as coming specifically from Köln Stadt, simply because he was listed as “Jacob Cloeten van Ceulen”. To this end, consider the 1665 muster roll entry for Fijtje where she is also described as “Fijtge Raderootjes van Keulen“. The “Ceulen” that was referred to in these 1660 notes, was simply the State of Köln, not Stadt Köln. It is more reasonable to look for Jacob’s birth in the town in the State of Köln where he was married.

'''Proceeding on the assumption that Jacob was likely to have married in the town in which he had been born, we find in the transcripts of the very same Oedt Catholic church books the following baptisms:'''

Father: Conrad(t) Klauten, sometimes called “Conradi”

Mother: Catharina No Name, sometimes called by the diminutive19 “Trein”

• Jennicken Klauten ≈ 5.3.1628, a diminutive20 name for “Johanna”

• Jacobus Klauten ≈ 11.11.1630, possibly the “Jacob Cloete” of the Cape

• Nehssgen Klauten ≈ 6.5.1635, a diminutive21 name for “Agnes”

• Joannes Klauten ≈ 18.4.1638

• Petrus Klauten ≈ 27.1.1641

• Adelheidis Klauten ≈ 31.12.1645

The above is more than likely the correct Oedt-based family for Jacob Cloete, and the following section serves to further support this conclusion, but work to confirm this is still continuing in Germany. Gerrit and Elsje van Oedt in ’t land van Ceulen Having firmly settled on Oedt as the hometown of our Klauten family, we simply search in the Kirchenbücher of the St Vitus Catholic church in Oedt to find the following two baptisms:

Father: Jacobi Klauten

Mother: SOPHIAE; Katholisch, Oedt, Rheinland, Preussen.

Godefridus Klauten Male ≈ 2.4.1651. This entry is referenced in the Bruehl archive as Ba 2010 fiche 3/6 p79. The name Godefridus is merely a Latinised version of Gottfried. In the Niederrhein area Gottfried is often reduced22 to “Gört” or “Göert”; hence the son “Gerrit” we know at the Cape. The witnesses to this baptism are two unknown people, namely Andreas Entgens en Metges Pauli.

Adelheidis Klauten Female ≈ 28.2.1655. This entry is referenced in the Bruehl archive as Ba 2010 Fiche 3/6 p90. In the Niederrhein the name Adelheid is often reduced23 to Eltgen; hence the daughter “Elsjen” (Dutch) we know at the Cape. The witnesses to this baptism are Petrus Sax en Agnes Klauten. It seems reasonable to conclude that the second witness was none other than Jacob’s younger sister “Nehssgen”.

These are clearly the two children who came to the Cape with Fijtje on 16 March 1659 on the Arnhem. There are no further children baptised by the couple after 28 February 1655 in that church. All of this is completely consistent with Jacob leaving for the Cape at some point after 28 February 1655. It does mean, however, that both De Villiers24 and Heese25 have the wrong indexing for the family Cloete, and that the De Villiers numbers of Gerrit and Elsjen have to be swapped around. “Gerrit” (Göert) is b1 and “Elsjen” (Eltgen) is b2.

The full document has been attached under media (documents) (cloete familia 2009 no1 – Harry Booyens)

See also:


Jacob Cloete M, #5323, b. before 11 November 1630, d. 23 May 1693 Father-Candidate* Conradt Klauten b. c 1600; This candidate relationship is offered on the basis of Harry Booyens excellent article Jacob and Fijtje Cloeten “van Ut in ’t Land van Ceulen” 1 Mother-Candidate* Catharina NN b. c 1600; This candidate relationship is offered on the basis of Harry Booyens excellent article Jacob and Fijtje Cloeten “van Ut in ’t Land van Ceulen”1 NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695 NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695 NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732 NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732 Birth* Jacob Cloete was born before 11 November 1630 at Ödt, Kurfürstentum Köln.1,2 Baptism Jacob Cloete was baptized on 11 November 1630 at Katholisch Kirche, Ödt, Kurfürstentum Köln.3 Marriage* He married Feigen Radergoertgens on 31 May 1650 at Katholisch Kirche, Ödt, Kurfürstentum Köln.4,5 Arrival* He may have arrived on 6 April 1652 at the Cape from Texel, Nederland, on board the Reijer, Dromedaris, Goede Hoop, Oliphant or the Walvisch with Jan van Riebeck. The small fleet had departed Texel on the 24th December 1651.

Cloete's arrival with this fleet is however in doubt - there are no existing lists of those who sailed or arrived on the vessels apart from the prominent individuals, and Cloete does not appear in the local records until 1657.6 Burgher* He became a Burgher on 10 August 1657, in Dutch Vryburgher or Vrijburgher, a status in which a soldier or other employee of the VOC was released from their contractual obligations to the VOC and permitted to farm, become a tradesman, or work for others.6 Farm* He owned the farm on the Liesbeeck River.6 Baptism He and Feigen Radergoertgens witnessed the baptism of Coenraad Janse Visser on 8 April 1663 at Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.7,8,9 Family Feigen Radergoertgens b. c 1628, d. 28 May 1665 Children

   Gerritt Cloete+10 b. b 2 Apr 1651, d. b 30 Nov 1702
   Elsje Cloete+11 b. b 28 Feb 1655, d. c 1702
   Catarina Cloeten12 b. b 4 Apr 1660
   Coenraedt Cloeten+13 b. bt 1661 - 1664

CLOETE JACOB (S of his sons Kloote, Kloete, Kloeten). - Cologne. Arr. 1652 (?), burgher 10.8.1657, got a farm on the Liesbeeck River 10.10.1657. Repatriated 1671, returned to the Cape as corporal, murdered 23.5.1693. (Entrance in Journal of 23.5.1693: “Deesen avond tusschen 8 à 9 uuren is niet verre vant casteel en by't vleeschhuys vermoort Jacob Cloeten, corporaal in dienst der E. Compagnie, d'oudste van Comp's dienaaren als hebbende den grondslag deser colonic helpen leggen, en zynde geweest d'eerste vryman, dog naderhand wederom in Comp's dienst gekeerd . . men vond hem deerlyk mishandeld met drie houwen int hoofd en twee steken in de borst, alle vyf doodelyk, behalven nog 25 mindere quetsuuren, leggende in syn bloed gewenteld met zyn degen op syde en in de scheide, soodat hy verraderlyk aangetast most zyn, als hy anders nog rap ter been en soo dispoost als een jongman van 25 jaren en onverzaagt was”) Cloete was married to Fytje (Sophia) Raderootjes of “Uts int land van Keulen”, i.e. probably Uesz in the Eifel. 4 children: Elsje, Gerrit (both born in Germany), Catharina, bapt. 4.4.1660 (Spoelstra, I, p. 14), Coenraad, bapt. 23.4.1663 (ibid., p. 23). Catharina was married 28.1.1680 to the burgher Jan van Brienen (S in CJ 1124: 151), and died 9.7.1702 (CJ 1164: 67). For the other children see G.R. nr. 78. (Leibbrandt, Letters, pp. 264 and 319; CJ 230, p. 311; G.R. nr. 78.)

Immigration: 1652 Kaap DE Goede Hoop

Event: Vryburger 8 Oct 1657 Kaap DE Goede Hoop


Judi Marais-Meyer register

Emerentia v Rensburg registers - NAAIRS goedgekeurde navorser

Geslagregister van Vroeë Kaapse Families - C C de Villiers Vol 1

Groot Familienaamboek - Cor Pama Vol 1

Jacobs ( sy seuns spel ook die naam Kloete, Kloote en Kloetens) v Keulen. Aank. waarskynlik 1652. Burger 10.8.81657. Kry 10.10.1657 plaas aan die Liesbeekrivier. Repratieer in 1671 maar keer as korporaal na die Kaap terug. Vermoor 23.5.1693, x Fytje of Sophia Raderoortjes, ' van Uts in't Land van Keulen.


Jacob CLOETE was 'n Duitser van Keulen en het waarskynlik in 1652 na die Kaap gekom. Hy was een van die eerste vryburgers van 10 Augustus 1657. Hy verkry 'n plaas aan die Liesbeekrivier. In 1671 vaar hy terug na Europa, maar keer weer na die Kaap terug as korporaal. Hy was getroud met Sophia (Fytje) RADEROOTJES. Sy was van Eifel (Keulen) voordat hulle na die Kaap gekom het. Sy land aan die die Kaap op 16 Maart 1659.

Pieter raderotjes van Ut in ’t lant van Ceulen, hier te lande gecoomen voor vrijman met ’t schip Aernhem den 16en Meert ao. 1659 met sijn suster Fijtje raderotjes, huijsvrouwe van den vrijborger Jacob Cloeten (Resolusies van die Politieke Raad, C. 2, pp. 155–160, Woensdag den 10en November ao. 1660).

Sophia het 'n broer, Pieter, aan die Kaap gehad.

In Desember 1658 het Jacob Cloete 40 beeste, en 146 skape besit.

Met die Khoikhoi opstand in 1659 was Jacob en 'n vriend, Jan Martensz de Wacht, besig om hulle beeste op te pas. Die vrouens wat in die huis was, het 'n bende Khoikhoi gewaar en hulle gewere betyds gegryp om die Khoikhoi te help afslaan.

Jacob was uitgevang omdat hy betrap was dat hy wederregtelik graan verkoop het, in plaas van om dit aan die Kompanjie te verkoop. Hy was ook aangekla vir ruilhandel, diefstal ensluikhandel.


b1 Elsje gebore in Europa, X 9 Sep 1668 Willem van der Merwe

b2 Gerrit gebore in Europa (latere Heemraadslid), X 26 Aug 1674 Catharina Harmans

b3 Catharina gedoop 4 Apr 1660, X 28 Jan 1680 Jan van Brienen

b4 Coenraad, X 26 Jul 1693 Martha Verschuur

In Januarie van 1671 nadat Jacob se vrou oorlede is, is sy seun by Wouter Cornelisz Mostert en sy dogter by Frans Gerritsz en sy vrou, geplaas.

In Februarie kry Cloete toestemming om die Kaap te verlaat nadat hy sy tydperk van 20 jaar as Vryburger uitgedien het.

Wijders bij eenige van de landbouwers alhier, naementlijck Jacob Cloethen van Keulen en Jacques Braekenij [4] van Bergen in Henegouw, den Raad verthoont zijnde, dat deselve, vermits expiratie van hunn[e] respectiven tijden, die bij d’ E. Compe. voor de vrijluijden allomme in India wonende, gestipuleert zijn, alsnu genegen waeren met dese retourvloot wederom nae ’t vaederland te keren ende dierhalven daertoe consent versoghten: Soo is aan deselve, om dat tot geen lange[r] verblijff zijn te disponeren geweest, zulx toegestaen, mits betaelende alhier sodanigen cost ende transport gelt als daertoe is gestelt. (Resolusies van die Politieke Raad, C. 7, pp. 10-20. Woensdagh den 4en Feb. ao. 1671).

Hy moes weer by die VOC aangesluit het,want hy is 23 Mei 1693 vermoor terwyl hy as korporaal in die Kaapse garnisoen gedien het. Volgens Dan Sleigh egter was hy tweede in bevel van die buitepos Clapmuts en op besoek aan die Kaap toe hy vermoor is. Hy was voorheen een van die eerste Vryburgers en met sy dood die oudste persoon op die VOC se monsterrol.

"Dezen avond tusschen 8 a 9 uuren is niet verre van't castel en by't vleeschhuis vermoord Jacob Cloeten . . .men vond hem deerlyk mishandeld met drie houwen in't hoofd en twee steken in de borst . . . leggende is syn bloed gewenteld" lui die Joernaal. Sy wapens en ander besittings is nie aangeraak nie. "Daghregister", uit Dan Sleigh se "Die Buiteposte" bl. 201. Hy het ook 25 kleiner steekwonde gehad. Dit was eienaardig dat sy eie swaard nie eens uitgetrek was nie, en dit kan waarskynlik daarop dui dat hy verras is en geen weerstand kon bied nie.

Die Politieke Resolusies, C. 22, pp. 78-80.

Saterdagh den 4 Februarij 1696, des voornoens.

Voor de volle vergaderinge.

De Edle. Heer Gouverneur ter vergaderinge gedemonstreert hebbende hoe dat diversse gecontumaseerdens ende ter dood gevonnisde moordenaers, als namentlijck Christiaan Hols van Brinck, [1] Jan Hendrick Schoonheck van Garlen, [2] Jan Casperssen van Hassel, [3] alle soldaten in dienst der E.Compe. over haerluijder particuliere moorden op diversse tijden aan de persoonen van den vrijborger Claas Plomp, Jacobus Jansz soldt., en den Hottentotscapiteijn Brasman begaan, van gelijken ook die persoon off persoonen die den corporaal, Jacob cloeten, [4] op ’s heeren straaten seer erbarmelijck heeft of hebben gemassacreert gehad, en haar daer op voortvlughtigh gestelt hebbende, niet jegenstaande alle diligentie en aengewende devoiren der officieren en dienaeren van de justitie, openbare en personeele citatien, als mede gestatueerde praemien tot noch toe niet te voorscheijn gekomen waren, nochte door den fiscaal, Ianddrost, of eenigh dienaar van Justitie hebben connen achterhaalt, geapprehendeert, noch in handen van de Justitie gebraght werden: Ende dat deselve grove delinquenten sigh als noch soo ten platten lande als in ’t geberghte onthoudende sijn, en hun onderhoud (niet jegenstaande het verbod) door eenige qualijck geintentioneerde landsaten weten te becoomen, en van de selve met geweer, kruijt, loot en tabacq versien werdende, tot die extravagantie gecomen sijn, van selffs over ’t geberghte t’ trecken, grof en klijn vee van de Hottentotsse natien in te ruijlen, ende bij haar wederkomste de selve voor een seer geringe prijse aan sommige vrijluijden weder over doen, en daar door bedeckt ende verborgen blijven: dat noch wijders aan Stellenbosch, Drakenstein en in ’t omleggende geberghte ook dagelijx omswervende en vagabonderende sijn diversse andere deserteurs, banditen en gefugeerde swarte jongens, gewapent en ongewapent, en onder de selve mede den soldaat in de wandelinge genaamt den Poolssen Edelman of Baron, en eener Jan du Seine, [5] geboortigh van Grisons, beide seer fameuse schelmen. Omme dese Colonie dan, tot conservatie van de g’meene ruste ende handhavinge van de Justitie, van alle soodanige delinquanten t’ suijveren, Soo is omme daer inne tijdelijck t’ versien en haar verder quaad voor te comen, hoogh nodigh geacht, en vervolgens eenpaarlijck geresolveert ende beslooten de eerst genoemde delinquanten, de welcken over haar begaene moorden als voors. ter dood sijn verwesen, te verklaren gelijck verklaart werden bij desen, voor veldvluchtigh, woestballingen en vogelvrij, in dier voegen dat ijmand, wie hij ook soude mogen wesen, deselve of eenige van dien, ’t zij Ievendigh of dood quame te apprehenderen of in handen van de Justitie dede comen, voor den levendige sal genieten een premie van Rs. 100 en voor den doode 50 dos.; dat ook die geene de welcke den geseiden Poolssen Edelman of Baron, als mede de voors. Jan du Seine sal comen te ontdecken, achterhalen, ofte apprehenderen, datse in handen van de justitie geraaken, tot een praemie van ijder van dien genieten sal de somma van gelijcke 50 Rs. met authorisatie aan alle ende een ijgelijck deser ingesetenen, dat ingevalle in ’t apprehenderen, den soogenaemde Poolschen Edelman, Jan du Seine, mitsgs. eenige andere deserteurs, vagabonden als mede g’aufugeerde [6] slaven, gewapent of ongewapent sijnde, haar metter daad quamen te opposeren of haar trachten door de vlught te salveren, deselve in dat geval vrijelijck te mogen ververmincken, t’ slaan, met hagel in de beenen te schieten, en op verdere mogelijcke manieren soodanigh t’ belemmeren, dat die daer door connen g’apprehendeert en vervolgens in handen van de Justitie connen overgelevert werden: ende op dat de apprehensie des te facielder vermach t’ geschieden, Soo is verder geresolveert dat niemant, hij sij wie hij ook sij, eenige van deese moordenaars, banditen, vagabonden en fugativen met het minste onderhoud noch nachtruste (ongelet haarluijder dreigementen) sal vermogen t’ assisteren off accomoderen op de poene tegens de ophouders van moordenaars, bandieten, vagabonden en fugativen gestatueert. Bevelende eindelijck den fiscaal, landrost [7] der selver veldwachteren, en alle anderen haar dienaren, omme tot uijtvoeringe van dese onse Resolutie, alle naarsticheijt en vigilantie sonder eenige conniventie aan te wenden. [8]

[4] Jacob cloeten is op 16 Maart 1692 vermoor. Sien C.681: Orig. Placcaatboek, 1686–1709, p. 228. Volgens die Dagregister is hy egter op 23 Mei 1693 vermoor.

(Franken beweer dat Cloete maar toe 'n jongman van


''''''was, in werklikheid was hy baie ouer).

? Could this persom murdered 1693 have been somoenone else ?


Heese en Lombard

GC de Wet, Vryliede en Vryswartes aan die Kaapse Nedersetting

AJ Boeseken, Jan van Riebeeck en sy Gesin

JLM Franken, "Dr J Hoge's 'Personalia of the Germans at the Cape'" -- Africana Notes and News, Vol VI no 1, Dec 1948

Resolusies van die Politieke Raad (TANAP)

Dan Sleigh, Die Buiteposte

Saamgestel deur:

AM van Rensburg


Vol III, Dictionary of SA Biography

CLOETE (Kluthe, Kloete, Kloeten), Jacob

(*Cologne, Ger., (?) -- d. the Cape, 23.5.1693), early Cape free burgher and

Company official, joined the VOC as a midshipman and probably accompanied

Jan van Riebeeck and his party to the Cape in 1652. He left the service of

the Company on 10.8.1657 and two days later received seventeen hectares of

ground along the Liesbeek River. In 1658 he farmed in partnership with

Herman Remajenne and Jan Martensz de Wacht, in 1660 in partnership with

Remajenne and from 1661 on his own.

He was often at loggerheads with the law and stood trial on such charges as

illegal bartering with the Hottentots and illicit trading in corn. He was

also accused of boarding ships on their arrival before the stipulated period

of three days had expired. On two occasions his servants sued him for

overdue wages. He returned to Europe in 1671, leaving his children in the

care of Wouter Cornelis Mostert and Herman Ernst Gresnicht at the Cape. Nine

years later he returned to the Cape, however, as a corporal in the service

of the VOC, serving for some time at the outlying post of Klapmuts, after

which he was transferred to the Castle.

C. was the oldest Company official at the Cape when he was murdered in the

street by an unknown person. He was the ancestor of the Cloetes, one of the

oldest Afrikaans families in South Africa.

In Europe he married Sophia (Fytje) Raderotjes (d. 28.5.1665), who arrived

at the Cape with her brother Pieter Raderotjes in the "Arnhem" on 16.3.1659.

The two eldest children of the marriage were born in Europe, while two more

were born at the Cape. The eldest daughter, Elsje, married Willem Schalk van

der Merwe on 9.9.1668 and she is the female ancestor of the Van der Merwes

in South Africa.

corporal in the Dutch East India Company's service (1693)


In the muster rolls dated 15 February 1658 he is listed as a member of 'Hermans Companie' as one of the three owners.

In 1660 he is listed with his wife, Fijckje Raderotjes and three children, still part of the Hermans Company but there are now just two members of the company, he and the eponymous Harman Remajen. Working with (or for) them are three hands from the Netherlands (Nederlandse dienaars), Jacob Bruijns from Bom, Pieter Raderotjes, her brother, and Hans Cornelisz van Langeland.

In 1661 he is no longer part of Hermans Company, but is listed as an individual free farmer at Uijtwijk with his wife and three children, and Netherlands hands Toecke Sijboltz from St. Als- kercq and Bastiaen Castier from Oostenden.

André van Rensburg, on his Stamouers web site, states that in January 1671 his daughter was placed with Frans Gerrits and wife, and his son with Wouter Cornelis Mostert. He does not give a source for this information, but it was presumably in preparation for his leaving the Cape.

In February 1671, his required time as a freeman served, he was granted a passage back to the Netherlands on the return fleet. (Source: Resolutions of the Council of Policy C. 7, pp. 10-20)

Later he re-entered the Company's service and was a corporal at the time of his death in 1693.

Originally a member of the VOC, Jacob was accorded free burgher status and by 1657 owned a farm on the Liesbeeck River.

He was murdered on 23 May 1693 by deserters near the Castle at de Caep de Goede Hoop.



Source: Genealogies-of-old-South African-families

Arriveer c 1652 & word burger op 10 Aug 1657. Kry 10 Oct 1657 plaas by Liesbeek. Repatrieer in 1671 maar keer weer as korporaal na die Kaap terug.

Jacob Cloete was granted his "vrijbrief" (letter of freedom) on 10 August 1657. This letter released him from his contractual obligations to the VOC and confirmed his status as "vrijburgher" (free citizen). By October 1657, Jacob owned a farm on the Liesbeeck River.

Jacob was murdered by deserters near the Castle of Good Hope.

His names is also recorder as Jacobus Klauten and Jacobi Klauten.


Bio notes: Jacobs Cloete SV/PROG repatriated in 1671 and returned as corporal. He was mudered on 23.5.1693 betweem 8 and 9. Married to Fytje(Sophia) Raderoortjes and 4 children.

Source https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Klauten-14 https://strydom.incolor.com/geslagsregisters/cloete/cloet_mn.htm

Jacob was in the Dutch military. He married Sophia (Fytje) Raderootjes circa 1645 in the Netherlands and their first two children Elsje and Gerrit were born there. Jacob is then recorded one of Jan van Riebeeck's companions although his name is not recorded with Jan on the first ship. The following year, Sophia and the children arrive on 16 March 1659 onboard the Arnheim. In 1657 Van Riebeeck started making Vryburghers and Jacob is the twentieth Burgher. On 10 August 1657 he is given land on the Liesbeek river. Sophia dies in 1665 leaving Jacob with four children. Early in 1671, Jacob returns to the Netherlands. He later returned to the Cape as a corporal and worked as an artillery officer for the VOC, second in command of the garrison stationed at Clapmuts. While on an official visit to the Castle, he was murdered close to the Castle. His murder was documented in the journal of the Cape Governor, Simon Van Der Stel on 23 May 1693.

Landed at the Cape with van Riebeck on 6th April 1652. His name heads the list of the first 17 free burghers of the Cape (10/8/1657), and was the first registered land owner in the Cape in Liesbeck 10/10/1657. Murdered 23/5/1693. The Cloete family in South Africa date back to 1652, when the progenitor, Jacob Cloete (Kloete, Kloet, Kloote, Kloeten) arrived in Cabo de Goede Hoop from Keulen (Cologne) in what is now Germany.

He became a free-burgher in the spring of 1657, on the 10th of August, and received a farm two months later (10th October) from the Dutch East Indian Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compange, VOC), situated on the Liesbeeck river. By 1671 Jacob was not eager to remain at the Cape of Good Hope and repatriated to the Netherlands. However he was soon back again, this time as a soldier, with the rank of Corporal. He was mysteriously murdered on the 23rd May, 1693.

The “stammoeder” of the Cloetes was Fytje (Sophia) Raderootjes "van Uts in 't land van Keulen" who arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1658, together with her brother, Peter, on the”Arnhem”. https://www.1820settlers.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I2314...


His sons also spell it Kloete, Kloote, Kloeten.

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Jacob Cloete, SV/PROG's Timeline

November 11, 1630
Ödt, Kurfürstentum,, Köln (Oedt - Electorate of Cologne), Holy Roman Empire
November 11, 1630
Katholische Kirche, Ödt, Kurfürstentum Köln, Germany
April 2, 1651
Ödt, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
February 28, 1655
Kurfürstenstraße, Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
October 10, 1657
Age 26
Liesbeek River, Cape Province
Age 26
Koln, Germany
Age 27
DE Wacht (With Harman Remajenne And Jan Maartens); Eventually Turned Out To Be An Excellent Farmer A
April 4, 1660
Kaapstad, Suid Afrika, Kaap
April 23, 1662
Kaapstad, Suid Afrika, Kaap