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Stoker Family of Virginia and Kentucky

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Note: While using ANY genealogical website or program...please be informed that ANY possible family connections are NOT valid until they can be verified with documentation.

Scope of Project is To build a single, validated and documented shared family tree the goals being:

  • 1) to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information
  • 2) to clean up duplicates and ensure quality of the involved profiles
  • 3) to sort out the lines and connect the different lines

  • •4) RULE - All profiles marked PUBLIC - with me as the controling manager ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED TO PRIVATE under any circumstances. UNLESS YOU ARE THE Living profile person and ASK for control of your profile - I have choosen to leave any profile I feel to be LIVIING blank of all data - birth, marriage etc. = only those of DECEASED status will contain data IF known


First Generation

1. Stoker-752 was born 1728 in <Virginia>.

He had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Edward Stoker-511 was born 1757 and died 7 May 1846.

3 M ii. William Stoker-755 was born 1761 in <Virginia>.

4 M iii. John Stoker-753 was born 3 Apr 1754 in <Virginia>. He died 7 Nov 1833.

+ 5 M iv. Brazil Stoker-754 was born 1759 and died 1786.

Second Generation

2. Edward Stoker-511 () was born 1757 in Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia. He died 7 May 1846 in , , Nicholas, Kentucky.

Edward married (MRIN:336) Anna Ricker-733 on 15 Jan 1783 in , Bourbon, Kentucky or, , Virginia. Anna was born 3 Feb 1767 in , , Virginia. She died after 1847 in , , Nicholas, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

6 F i. Katherine Stoker-734 was born 10 Nov 1783 in <Virginia>.

7 M ii. William Stoker-512 was born 18 Aug 1786 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

8 M iii. Edward Jr. Stoker-736 was born 2 Mar1787 in <Kentucky>.

Edward married (MRIN:1805) Elizabeth Currant-737 on 9 Apr 1813 in Bourbon, Kentucky. Elizabeth was born 1792 in <Bourbon, Kentucky>.

9 M iv. Joseph Stoker-738 was born Dec 1790 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

Joseph married (MRIN:1806) Nellie Victor-739 on 9 Apr 1813 in Nicholas, Kentucky. Nellie was born 1792 in <Nicholas, Kentucky>.

+ 10 F v. Mary "Polly" Stoker-280 was born 30 May 1791/1792 and died 8 Mar 1867.

11 M vi. Bazil or Bazzel Stoker-740 was born 23 Aug 1798 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

+ 12 M vii. James Stoker-741 was born 22 Oct 1800 and died 22 Dec 1887.

13 M viii. Jefferson Stoker-743 was born 8 Mar 1803 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

Jefferson married (1-MRIN:1809) Elizabeth Hornbeck-1784 on 15 Feb 1828 in , Nicholas, Kentucky.

Jefferson also married (2-MRIN:1810) Jane Hyser-744 on 22 Mar 1834 in , Bourbon, Kentucky. Jane was born 1813 in <Bourbon, Kentucky>.

14 M ix. Archibald Stoker-745 was born 29 Apr 1805 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

Archibald married (MRIN:1812) Elizabeth Murphy-746. Elizabeth was born 1805 in <Kentucky>.

15 F x. Anna Stoker-747 was born 21 Aug 1807 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

Anna married (1-MRIN:1813) James Murphy-748. James was born 1807 in <Kentucky>.

Anna also married (2-MRIN:1814) Peyton Murphy-750. Peyton was born 1807 in <Kentucky>.

16 F xi. Sally Stoker-749 was born 1809 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>.

5. Brazil Stoker-754 () was born 1759 in <Virginia>. He died 1786 in probably lincoln county, Kentucky.

Brazil married (MRIN:1711) Catherine-2748.

They had the following children:

17 M i. Abraham Stoker-1712.

18 M ii. Edward Stoker-5439.

19 M iii. William Stoker-2747.

20 M iv. Jonathon Stoker-2681.

21 M v. James Stoker-2252.

22 M vi. John Stoker-533.

Third Generation

10. Mary "Polly" Stoker-280 (Edward, ) was born 30 May 1791/1792 in Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky. She died 8 Mar 1867 in Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky.

Mary married (MRIN:625) Joseph Gulick-279, son of Ferdinand Gulick-513 and Hannah Bell Leigh-514 (MRIN:891), on 9 Aug 1809 in , Bourbon, Kentucky. Joseph was born 17 Sep 1780 in , Hampshire, Virginia. He died 11/22 Nov 1871 in Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

23 F i. Lucinda Gulick-500 was born 23 Apr 1810 in <Bourbon, Kentucky>. She died 22 Apr 1852.

Lucinda married (MRIN:1689) Samuel Mc Cain-501 on 10 Aug 1830. Samuel was born 1810 in <Kentucky>.

24 M ii. John Gulick-502 was born 9 Jul 1812 in <Kentucky>. He died in , Boone, Kentucky.

John married (MRIN:1691) Eliza Wilson-510. Eliza was born 1812 in <Kentucky>.

25 F iii. Sarah "Sallie" Gulick-278 was born 2 Jun 1815 in , , Kentucky. She died 15 Feb 1851 and was buried Feb 1851 in Old Salem Cemetery, Crane Naval Depot, Martin, Indiana.

Sarah married (MRIN:727) Thomas Henry Whitworth-2525 on 15 Sep 1839 in , Boone, Kentucky. Thomas was born 5 Jul 1800 in , , Virginia. He died 2 Apr 1892 in , Neosho, Kansas and was buried in Odense Cemetery, , Neosho, Kansas.

26 F iv. Polly Ann Gulick-503 was born 24 Apr 1818 in <Kentucky>. She died 14 Sep 1821.

27 M v. Amos Gulick-504 was born 24 Jan 1822 in <Kentucky>. He died 1860/1865 in Andersonville Prison, , Sumter, Georgia.

Amos married (MRIN:1692) Eliza Ann Kenimon-505 on 2 Jan 1851. Eliza was born 17 Jan 1830 in <Virginia or Kentucky>. She died 4 Mar 1875.

Amos married (MRIN:1692) Eliza Ann Kenimon-505 on 2 Jan 1851. Eliza was born 17 Jan 1830 in <Virginia or Kentucky>. She died 4 Mar 1875.

28 M vi. Joseph Gulick-506 was born 18 Jan 1825 in <Kentucky>.

Joseph married (MRIN:1693) Anna Pook or Pock-507, daughter of John L. Pook or Pock-2474 and Louisa-2475 (MRIN:1694). Anna was born 1825 in <Kentucky>.

29 M vii. William L. Gulick-508 was born 16 May 1829 in Richmond, Madison, Kentucky. He died 14 Apr 1899 in Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky.

William married (MRIN:1695) Mary Isabel Thompson-509, daughter of John Lindsey Thompson-1290 and Nancy Hedges-1775 (MRIN:1696), on 25 Mar 1855/1856. Mary was born 5 Nov 1837 in Zanesville, Muskingham, Ohio. She died 16 Jan 1911 in Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky.

12. James Stoker-741 (Edward, ) was born 22 Oct 1800 in <Ruddells Mills, Bourbon, Kentucky>. He died 22 Dec 1887 in , , Missouri.

James married (1-MRIN:1807) Polly Ross-742 on 11 Dec 1822 in , Bourbon, Kentucky. Polly was born 1801 in <Bourbon, Kentucky>.

James also married (2-MRIN:1808) Cytha or Sytha Mc Donald-751 on 20 Dec 1827. Cytha was born 1805 in <Missouri>. She died 1880.

They had the following children:

30 F i. Laura Stoker-1413 was born 15 Aug 1850 in , Nicholas, Kentucky. She died 5 Oct 1916 in , Bourdon, Kentucky.

Laura married (MRIN:2206) Silas F. Cleaver-1787. Silas was born 13 Aug 1847 in , Fleming, Kentucky. He died 11 May 1918 in <illersburg, , Kentucky.