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Greene County Indiana Research and Ancestors

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  • Sanders G. Pigg (1813 - 1885)
    SANDERS PIGG son of James and Mary (Neeley) Pigg, of North Carolina and Virginia respectively, was born in White County, Tenn., May 13, 1813, but owing to the removal of his parents to McMinn County, h...
  • Thomas C. Owen (1852 - 1920)
    THOMAS C. OWEN farmer and stock-raiser, was born in Highland Township, this county, January 25, 1852, and is the oldest son in a family of seven children, five of whom are yet living, born to John G. a...
  • Thomas Bogard (deceased)
    THOMAS BOGARD Trustee of Center Township and a descendant from one of the first families to settle in what is now Greene County, was born in the county, where he yet resides, in the year 1823, and is o...
  • Private (1838 - 1920)
  • Calvin S. Taylor (1832 - d.)
    TAYLOR BROTHERS. George R. Taylor, the father, was born in New Hampshire in 1796, and at manhood came to Orange County, Ind., where, for a time, he taught school winters and boated summers, and where, ...

Note: While using ANY genealogical website or program...please be informed that ANY possible family connections are NOT valid until they can be verified with documentation.


  • 1 - as emigrating to Greene county Indiana - with a about data and source included
  • 2 - either being born in Indiana with a birth date -
  • 3 - as being married in Greene county Indiana - marrage date stated -
  • 4 - as dying in Greene county Indiana
  • 5 - as being buried in Greene county Indiana -
  • 7 - parents, gandparents being of Greene county and their profiles must be entered for documentation

online data bases are here - Bloomfield Library for for birth, marriage and death and for county histories of 1884, 1909, obituaries and other souces is here - INGenWeb Greene county Indiana and also Twigs & Branches of Greene county Indiana

I was InGenWeb co-coordinator from 2004-2011 give take a year either way - besides that I had e been collecting any and all resources for Greene county Indiana Genealogy from 1976 till 1990 - after that I have bought a few items.... I have the county history biographies - the histories on CD - micro-fiche for marriages, wills, court ordered birth certificates, probates up till 1983; i have cemetery boos, transcribed census records and much much more... obituaries out the... as I subscribed o the weekly paper from 1976 till it defunct-ed and sometime after as a daily... I have a card file of thousands of cards of which i indexed into family groups going to data base those into RM and place int MyHeritage eventually.

Scope of Project is

  • This will be the place to connect Greene county Indiana projects on Geni
  • It will also will be the place to connect the profiles "first ancestor(s)" who entered Greene county Indiana. (those born in another state who came to Greene county with their parents, entered land grants etc.)
  • To build a single, validated and documented shared family tree

the goals being:

  • 1) to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information
  • 2) to clean up duplicates and ensure quality of the involved profiles
  • 3) to sort out the lines and connect the different lines
  • 4) RULE - All profiles marked PUBLIC - with me as the controlling manager ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED TO PRIVATE under any circumstances. UNLESS YOU ARE THE Living profile person and ASK for control of your profile - I have chosen to leave any profile I feel to be LIVING blank of all data - birth, marriage etc. = only those of DECEASED status will contain data IF known


Elizabeth (Dobbs) Shanks Meredith - - John C Hart -- Jaunietta Jean (Wilson) Byers Hart

BIOGRAPHIES== - 3 county histories

1884 history :

There was 244+ in this history - just as few are:

Alfred F Phillips - - A. J. Faucett - - Levi F. Fellows - - Levi J Faucett - - Lemuel Boone Sexson - - Aaron Arthur - - Abram Dilley -- Alexander Smith Helms - - Absalom Lukenbill - - Adam Miller

Adding the rest slowly and trying to connect to the tree or adding some information - to help in the future to connect. All will be tied to this project by the main biography name.

My Greene County Ancestry abounds'

From the first entry of the Turley's before Greene county was formed in 1824 Benjamin Turley was hired to transport courthouse records from Burlington to Bloomfield; Dye's into Lawrence county, the Gastineau's, The Hardesty, Edington, Ault, Emery, Williams, Mewhirter, Mansfields all migrated from coshocton county Ohio during the late 1840's to early 1850's; Thomas Henry Whitworth came to Greene county from Kentucky during the late 1850's; the Long's and Sexton's seemed to have been in Greene as early as the 1830's; the Vandeventer's entered during the 1840'and 1850's and well as the surrounding counties of Owen, Morgan and Monroe. The McKee line was the last to enter into Greene from Owen where they had migrated to in the early 1830's from Kentucky between 1870-1873.

My direct family lines remained in Greene county - mom and dad left some time after they married in 1948; mom's unmarried sister in 1968/9 and dad's sister sometime during world war ii when she married.

Thus I consider m self very knowledgeable in Greene county history, genealogy and Ancestry ; besides I have been researching these ancestors since 1976.

I have am abundance of Greene county Indiana Materials -

  • WPA Records - birth, death, Marriage, marriage Supplement 1882-1893 ,marriage Supplement 1905-1911 microfiche
  • Cemetery records - Easter, Western 2 vols, Grandview & Fairview
  • WPA Records - birth book form 2 vols
  • marriage indexes May 1983-Sep. 1989; Sep 1989-dec 1995
  • county histories - Baber, 1884 with Sullivan on CD, 1909 3 vol Biographical on CD
  • microfiche of wills from 1824 to mid 1980's
  • microfiche of marriage applications from 1921 to mid 1980's
  • microfiche of Estate and probate and guardianship Index
  • Original Naturalization application of Greene county Indiana
  • clipped Obituaries from the Bloomfield News from 1980's to its non existence (plus more in Text format)
  • microfiche of court order Birth certificates (done c 1950's for Social Security purposes)
  • Koleen My home Town - Claude lynch
  • Early Settlers of Greene co. In. from Southern States
  • common Court Pleas Abstracts
  • Greene co. In. Will Abstracts 1825-1904 Bks. 1-3 book form
  • census Abstracts for 1850, 1860, 1880
  • censuus Micro film of 1870, 1900
  • other items that related to Genealogy of Greene county Indiana

Greene county Genealogies:

  • The Jefferson Jones Genealogy
  • The McDaniel family our heritage Arron McDaniel - book is entered into GENI.
  • The Ashcraft family - descendants of Daniel Ashcraft - Martha Ashcraft Neal
  • Revised Genealogical Records of Descendants of John Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts,The Judith Elaine Burns, Compiler 1982, Gateway Press Inc. Baltimore, Md.
  • Biographical Profiles: Freemasons of Bloomfield No. 84, F & AM Bloomfield [Indiana], 1849 - 1949 2003-4, CD-ROM - Derived from Lodge records George William Wolf, Jr.
  • Gone But Not Forgotten, An Anthology of Fact & Folklore Mildred Uland
  • Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts 1590 - 1890, The1890, Salem Publishing and Printing Co. The Salem Press, 1891Rev. Rufus Emery

I have done manuscripts or updated manuscripts on Greene county Ancestors

  • Hardesty [Edington, Ashcraft, Emery, and many more names] - being added into GENI
  • ..............Edington Ancestors- has been added into GENI - also a seperate PAF datadase has been made for all Edington ancestors and descendants of Philip Edington and Abigail curtis
  • ..............Ashcraft acestors - has been added into GENI
  • .............Cheney / Chaney Ancestors - has been added into GENI
  • .............Curtis ancestors
  • Vandeventer
  • McKee
  • Dye - has been added into GENI and discarded
  • Gastineau - has been added into GENI and discarded
  • Mansfield - PAF file - - has been added into GENI
  • Bays
  • The Jonah Queen and Associated Families are Queen - Pownall - Skomp - Hugunin - Ferguson - York - Barkley

I was coordinator of the iNGenWeb project and had the following counties @

  • Greene
  • Owen
  • Sullivan
  • Carroll (which is in Northern Indiana) I left the project and am investing my time in GENI and my own genealogy and the lines I have researched for family and friends and also my Lake Maxinkuckee website.

I Updated the section on John Emery of the Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Mass. 1590 - 1890, The Rev. Rufus Emery 1890, Salem Press and Printing Co., The Salem Press, 1891 in 1982 and had it published in book form that year and i have continued with the project and included Anthonys section; the Greene county Emery's are of John Emery of Newbury, Ma.

A Brief History

There is a lot of history in and about Greene County.

Greene County is in southwestern Indiana, southwest of the "Brickyard". Bordered on and on the north by Clay and Owen Counties. The center of the county lies at approximately 39°39' north latitude and 86°97' west longitude, twenty eight miles southwest of Bloomington.

The county, named for Maj. General Nathanael Greene (Continental Army) a Revolutionary War Hero (he never resided in the county).

Burlington, the original county seat is no longer in existence. It was relocated to the center of the county at Bloomfield, in located on land donated by Peter Van Slyke, (Cornelius Peter Vanslyke) and became the county seat.

Greene County comprises 543 square miles of land.

The western half of the county is mostly rolling prairie and drained marsh land that is

very fertile and well suited to farming.

The eastern part of the county is rough and rocky and has extensive coalfields, while the iron ore and other minerals are found in the western part of the county.

The annual rainfall in Greene County averages 46.3 inches; the temperature varies from average minimum of 17° F in January to
an average maximum of 86.5° in July.

The county's economy produces an average annual income of $20,098 per person.

Major roads

HWY 231 only goes from Bloomfield to Scotland (within the county) (about 1/8 of the length of the rest of the highways). It does travel throughout the state, but it is not a major north south route. It combines and changes constantly along the western portion of central Indiana. It is not a good road for travel because of its jogs, curves, and two-lane roads. It is not a very direct route. From Loogootee in Martin county to I-64 it is a good flat road...otherwise it is not a preferred route nor a major thoroughfare for long distance driving or within the county.
The major east/west road connecting Sullivan (US 41) and Bloomington (stretching across the entire county) is HWY 54. It passes through Sullivan, Dugger, Linton, Switz City, Bloomfield, Stanford, and on to Bloomington where it meets state road 45 (the connector to Crane- Naval Base).
HWY 67 start well above Indianapolis near the Oho border and near Muncie, Indiana; and extend from South Indianapolis at I-465 through Moorsville, Martinsville, Spencer, Worthington, Switz City, Sandborn, Westphalia, Edwardsport, Bicknell, Bruceville, and on to Vincennes. This road is a major north/south route through the entire state. It travels through a total of ten counties.
Another major north/south road is HWY 59 it travels from Brazil, Clay City, Jasonville, Midland, Linton, and ends south of Sandborn (traveling through 4 counties).
HWY 57 also exists connecting Worthington with Washington and later Evansville.