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The Mystery of Oak Island

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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA (1882 - 1945)
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  • Robert (Bob) Restall, Sr. (aft.1905 - 1965)
  • Robert (Bobbie) Restall, Jr. (aft.1940 - 1965)
  • Lieut. Edward Rowe Snow (1902 - 1982)
    Edward Rowe Snow was a prolific author of New England maritime histories. married Anna-Myrle Haegg, 8 jul 1932, Helena, Montana He was the son of Edward Sumpter and Alice (Rowe) Snow. He graduate...
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    notes about the surname: [ ] Within Chester Township official papers, Thomas has his surname recorded as: '''''Embree Halifax records record the surname:''' ''Embrie Lunenburg County ...

This project dedicated to the people who have died and those that have a connection to this Island and the Folklore surrounding it.'

Location: Oak Island,, Lunenburg County, (Southern shore) Nova Scotia, Canada 57- hectare (140- acre)

Names inscribed on a memorial stone, who have died attempting to excavate the islands treasure:

unknown - 1861

Maynard Kaiser - 3/26/1897

Robert Restall Sr. - 8/17/1965 [Robert (Bob) Restall, Sr.]

Robert Restall Jr. - 8/17/1965 [Robert (Bobbie) Restall, Jr.]

Carl Graeser - 8/17/1965

so the story goes

The Money Pit []

the year 1795- Friends Daniel McGinnis, Samuel Ball, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn follow some lights they observed from the island.

They discover a circular depression, in a clearing, located near the southeastern end of the island.

During Excavation of the site, they discovered a layer of flagstones [] The pit was excavated to about 30 feet in depth. Pick marks were evident on the walls, indicating human digging activity had occured there at an earlier time. Layers of logs were discovered at about every 10 feet down.

the years 1803-1804 The Onslow Company []

This company continued the original excavation site down to depths of between 90 and 110 feet. This crew discovered the layers of logs, that the first team discovered at approximately every10 feet, did indeed continue at about every 10 feet, as the original diggers described, and that trend continued to the 80 to 90 foot depth of the shaft.

Charcoal, putty and coconut fibers were also discovered, as well as a large stone with an inscription to read: forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried This inscription was translated by Reverend A.T. Kempton.

True Tales of Buried Treasure

This book, written by explorer and historian, Edward Rowe Snow, describes further the tales of the possible mysterious treasure/s buried within the pit. about Edward Rowe Snow [Lieut. Edward Rowe Snow]

'year 1849 the Truro Company [] Truro Company is formed by investors, and the shaft is reopened to about 86 feet in depth. The company continued to drill when the "pod auger" passed through a spruce platform at about 96 feet. This platform was built of metal, clay, oak and spruce materials.

'the year 1861-the Oak Island Association []

and Old Gold Salvage Group []

This year marks yet another excavation attempt at the site. The combined efforts of the Oak Island Association and Old Gold Salvage Group, were thwarted by yet another collapse in the shaft at what has been described as a "natural cavern or booby trap". This new formed company gave up further excavation efforts, when their funding exhausted in 1864. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was a part of the Old Gold Salvage Group about Franklin Delano Roosevelt [Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA]

more unsuccessful excavation attempts

The years 1866, 1893, 1909, 1931 (William Chappell), 1935, 1936, and 1959

the year 1928 Gilbert Hedden []

Gilbert Hedden reads a fascinating article in a New York newspaper, about the strange history of the island. He collected books, facts and articles and later makes six trips to the site. Gilbert finds a link between Oak Island and a map, in the book Captain Kidd and his Skeleton Island. Gilbert makes a trip to England to converse with the books author-Harold Tom Wilkins. about Harold Tom Wilkins []

Gilbert Hedden purchased the southeast end of the island and begins digging in 1935, keeping King George VI informed of any developments. about George VI [George VI, King of the United Kingdom]

The 1931 excavation, sank a shaft to a depth of163 feet, to what was believed to be the 1897 shaft. Artifacts were recovered including: axe, anchor fluke and a pick (identified to be a Cornish miners poll pick []

Early 1960s

Restall family []

Excavation started by the Restall family ends early with four deaths of men working near the shaft. They were reported to have been overcome by fumes of noxious gas []

the year 1965 Robert Dunfield [] Robert resumes excavations with a 70 ton digging crane, equipped with a clam bucket. He digs out the pit area to a depth of about 134 feet and a width of about 100 feet. The excavated soil collected, was examined for artifacts. ( I did not find a report of Roberts findings-if any)

the year 1967-Triton Alliance []

Daniel C. Blankenship and David Tobias form the Triton Alliance Ltd.and purchase a major portion of the island. In 1971, the excavation begins again and Triton workers excavate a shaft to a depth of 235 feet, supported by steel caisson to bedrock. According to Blankenship and Tobias, cameras lowered into the shaft, revealed chests, human remains, wooden cribbing (used in mining) and tools. The images were unclear and none of the claimed images were scientifically verified. This shaft too collapsed. The excavation was again abandoned. At a later date, the excavation resumed and successfully re-dug to 181 feet in depth. Work once again halted due to a lack of funds and a collapse of the partnership.

the year 1965, January-Readers Digest []

The magazine runs an article about the "Money Pit" and the prior excavations.

1/18/1979 -television series "In Search Of" []

The legends of the mysterys of Oak Island are broadcast to a large audience.

the years 1990 thru 2005

Further excavation attempts are stalled due to legal battles between the Triton Alliance partnership.

April 2006 Brothers Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina []

The brothers purchase shares originally owned by David Tobias of the now defunct Triton Holdings Ltd.

I/5/2014- History Channel begins airing "The Curse of Oak Island" television documentary. []

reference listings and other informational sites about Oak Island: