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Theresienstadt (Terezin) Lecturers and Teachers

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  • Hilde Rosenthal (1896 - 1944)
  • Robert Stricker (1879-1944) (1879 - aft.1944)
    Per Brno Births (in Czech Jewish Registers ; #123 N (Births) 1875-1880, Image No. 81 ), Robert's parents were Israel Stricker, Wollhändler, and Florentine geb. Rokotnitz. "Witness" is Moritz Lindner, p...
  • Rabbi Leo Baeck (1873 - 1956)
    Leo Baeck (23 May 1873 – 2 November 1956) was a 20th century German-Polish-Jewish Rabbi, scholar, and a leader of Progressive Judaism. He became a spiritual symbol in Theresienstadt, as leader to...
  • Phil. Dr. Rabbi Otokar Kraus (1878 - 1944)
    From YadVashem: Rabbi Otokar Kraus was born in Benesov, Czechoslovakia. He was married. Prior to WWII he lived in Prague, Czechoslovakia. During the war he was in Terezin, Czechoslovakia.Rabbi Kraus ...
  • Alfred Hirsch, JuDr. (1882 - c.1943)
    Alfred's name is on this list of Terezin lecturers: ~jb

In the sheltering darkness of the long evenings, they were together in the cold and gloomy attic of a barrack, close under the roof. There they stood, pressed close to each other, to hear a talk about the Bible and the Talmud, about Plato, Aristotle, Maimonides, about Descartes and Spinoza, about Locke and Hume and Kant or about days and problems of history, about poetry and art and music, about Palestine of old and today, about the Commandments, the Prophets, and the Messianic idea. All those hours were hours in which a community arose out of the mass and the narrowness grew wide. They were hours of freedom. -Leo Baeck

Theresienstadt (Terezin), an 18th century fortress near Prague was converted by the Nazis into a transit point.

Jews were interned in Terezin sometimes for as long as two years before being sent to extermination camps. The prisoners were mainly professional people from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, Holland and Denmark, many of them a part of the European cultural elite and included thousands of children.

Despite the miserable conditions and numerous deaths from starvation and diseases, hunger and other extreme conditions the prisoners clung to their cultural values - books, art, music, intellectual debate, humor and irony.

Europe's culture survives

Volumes have been written about the culture that survived in Theresienstadt. Hundreds of professionals and academics gave thousands of lectures on all imaginable cultural and scientific subjects. In the documents that survived the war, many of them explain the main motivation for this work - first, to prepare and educate the youth for the post-war life; and second - to revive their own professional self-esteem and replace the misery of physical existence with the richness of spiritual life.

Lectures substituted teaching that was forbidden by the Nazis. Delivered in scattered miserable attics and cellars, however cold or hot the weather, the lectures took the shape of full courses in history, philosophy, art, literature, medicine, science, Judaism and other fields. They attracted tens of thousands of young people and adults, hungry and exhausted after their day’s work - the triumph of human dignity and integrity in the face of death.

The inmates had to report to the Nazis all cultural activities that took place in the camp. Ironically, surviving reports proved a precious source to recover data for thousands of lectures - including their titles, time and locations.

  • Some of the speakers were well-known before the war in their own right, for example, Dr. Leo Baeck, Chief Rabbi of Germany, Alfred Meissner, Minister of Masaryk Government in Czechoslovakia, and composer Viktor Ullmann.
  • Others survived the Holocaust and found wider recognition afterwards, like psychologist Viktor Frankl, historian Miroslav Karny, writer Josef Bor (Bondy), and author Norbert Fried.
  • The majority perished. Their careers stopped short, together with their lives; they were simply forgotten. They were such fascinating people as the Jewish philosopher Jehuda Palache, the psychologist Max Brahn, the art historian Max Bohm, the classical philologist Maximillian Adler, the psychologist Gertrude Boeml, the art collector Hugo Friedmann, the journalist Philipp Manes, and the semitologist Moizis Woskin.

The independent research group Elena Makarova Initiatives has undertaken to collect all dispersed information about Terezin lectures and lecturers stored in the archives and libraries of Europe, Israel and the US. The result of this work is a computer database with 520 names and 2430 lecture titles, supported by volumes of related documents and copies. As far as we know, it is the most comprehensive collection ever compiled.

The purpose of the Wiki on-line publication is to bring to the public’s attention the information collected. For more details on any particular person on our list, read - University over the Abyss or contact Elena Makarov, Sergei Makarov or Victor Kuperman. “ We have done our utmost to ensure that our research is accurate. However it may contain some errors. We would be grateful for any comments and additions to our list”.

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The full list of Lecturers is found at - Terezin Lecturers and Teachers together with birth, deportation and death details and is a good source for research.

  1. Adler Arthur Dr.
  2. Adler Frantisek D.L.
  3. Adler Gertrud M.D.
  4. Adler Guenther Hans Dr. Phil.
  5. Adler Maximilian Prof. Dr.
  6. Adler Simon Dr. Rabbi
  7. Alt Emmanuel Dr.
  8. Alter Karl Dr.
  9. Ancerl Karel
  10. Apfelbaum Max eng.
  11. Arnfeld Julius
  12. Arnstein Karel Dr. Phil.
  13. Aurednickova Anna Dr.
  14. Bacher Walter Dr.
  15. Bachrich Pavel M.D.
  16. Baeck Leo Dr. Rabbi
  17. Bamberger Hedwig (Hedda) Prof.
  18. Bass Max M.D.
  19. Baum Fritz (Bedrich)
  20. Baumel Richard D.L.
  21. Bauml Gertrude M.D.
  22. Beer Arnost eng.
  23. Bentschik Marcelle
  24. Bergel Alfred Prof M.D.
  25. Berger Hedwig
  26. Berger Ludwig M.D.
  27. Berman Karel
  28. Bernstein Elsa
  29. Birnstein Eduard Dr.
  30. Bloch Kurt M.D.
  31. Bloch Siegmund Dr.
  32. Bloemendahl Alice
  33. Blum Paul Dr. Phil.
  34. Blumenfeld Gerhard D.L.
  35. Blumenthal von, Ludwig Otto Prof. Dr.
  36. Bock Philip Dr. Prof.
  37. Boehm Max
  38. Bohm Zdenek
  39. Bondy (Bor) Josef D.L.
  40. Bor Josef Ju Dr
  41. Borsky Jiri
  42. Brahn Max Prof. Dr.
  43. Brammer Jan (Barnea Dov)
  44. Brand Isidor Dr.
  45. Friedericke Brandeis
  46. Braun Vitezslav (Siegfried) eng.
  47. Braunfeld Arthur M.D.
  48. Breuer David M.D.
  49. Breuer Karel eng.
  50. Brock Manfred
  51. Brod Otto
  52. Brumlikova Zdenka
  53. Buchsbaum Herbert eng.
  54. Callmann Kurt D.L.
  55. Carniol Josef Dr.
  56. Caro Isidor Dr. Rabbi
  57. Caro Klara Dr.
  58. Castelin Karel (Carl) Dr.
  59. Cohen Ludwig Dr.
  60. Czech Otto Prof.
  61. David Robert
  62. Deiml Jiri
  63. Deiner Elise Dr.Phil
  64. Dicker-Brandeis Friedl
  65. Dodalova Irena
  66. Donat Alfred Dr.
  67. Donath Jan (Hans) eng.
  68. Donath Rudolf D.L.
  69. Dormitzer (Dorn) Else
  70. Dubsky Jaroslav
  71. Edelstein Jakob
  72. Eisenschimmel Walter Dr
  73. Eisenstein Moritz
  74. Eisinger Walter
  75. Elbert Richard Dr
  76. Elsner Adolf M.D.
  77. Engelmann Walter Julius Dr.
  78. Engelsmann Alfred eng. Auschwitz
  79. Engelsmann Ervin
  80. Englaender Arthur eng.
  81. Englaender Otto
  82. Englaender (Ruzena) Rosa
  83. Eppstein Paul Dr.
  84. Falkenberg (Ginsberg) Bertha
  85. Fantl Rudolf
  86. Feder Richard Rabbi Dr.
  87. Federmann Jakob Prof. Dr.
  88. Feigel Berthold D.L.
  89. Fein Oskar
  90. Feith Rudolf
  91. Feldmann Erich Dr.
  92. Feldmann Rudolf eng.
  93. Felix Wilhelm M.D.
  94. Ferda Robert Dr. Rabbiner
  95. Feuer Antonin Dr.
  96. Feuereisen Valtr M.D.
  97. Fischer Erich M.D.
  98. Fischer Ervin
  99. Fischer Frantisek M.D.
  100. Fischer Jan
  101. Fischer Otto Dr.
  102. Fischer Vilem Dr.
  103. Fischerova Irma (Jarmila) Dr.
  104. Fischerova Luisa
  105. Flach (Flack) Michael
  106. Fleischmann Karel M.D.
  107. Fleischmann Karel D.L.
  108. Fraenkel Guenter Gerson D.L.
  109. Frankl Viktor Emil M.D
  110. Freiberger Rudolf Dr. eng.
  111. Freud Walter
  112. Freudenfeld Rudolf (Bastik)
  113. Freudenthal Ludwig A D.L.
  114. Freund Berta
  115. Freund Hermann Prof. Dr.
  116. Fried (Fryd) Nora (Norbert)
  117. Friediger Max (Moses) Dr. Rabbi
  118. Friedlaender von, Hans (Johann Georg Franz Hugo) General-lieutenant
  119. Friedmann Cecilie M.D.
  120. Friedmann Desider D.L.
  121. Friedmann Hugo
  122. Friedmannova-Kohnova Marta Dr.
  123. Fuchs Hella Dr.
  124. Ganz Hugo (Ganza) M.D.
  125. Gerron (Gerson) Kurt
  126. Gerson Ernst eng.
  127. Gerson Martin
  128. Glaser Else M.D.
  129. Glaser Oswald
  130. Gluecksohn Julius
  131. Goetz Oskar Dr.
  132. Goldschmidt Arthur D.L.
  133. Goldschmidt (Starke) Kaethe
  134. Goldschmied Bedrich (Fritz) Dr.
  135. Grabower Rolf (Rudolf) D.L.
  136. Graus Bedrich
  137. Graus Frantisek
  138. Groag Emanuel
  139. Groag (Fleischmann) Gertrud
  140. Grotte Alfred Dr.
  141. Gruenberger Edita
  142. Gruenfeld Adolf D.L.
  143. Guttmann Leopold
  144. Haas Ernst (Arnost)
  145. Habermann Vitezslav (Siegfried) M.D.
  146. Hadda Siegmund M.D.
  147. Haim Emil M.D.
  148. Hajek Frantisek M.D.
  149. Hamburger Adolph Cornelis Maria
  150. Hamburger Georg Dr.
  151. Hartmann Karel Dr.
  152. Hatschek Kurt Adolf
  153. Haymann Fritz
  154. Heijmann Fritz Dr.
  155. Heinburg Emil M.D.
  156. Heller Frantisek Dr.
  157. Heller Kurt Dr.
  158. Hellmann Bedrich eng.
  159. Henschel Moritz
  160. Herrmann Otto (Ota)
  161. Herrmann Philip M.D.
  162. Herz Albert M.D.
  163. Herzfeld Albert
  164. Herzfeld Ernst Prof. M.D.
  165. Herzog Arnold Prof. M.D.
  166. Heum M.D.
  167. Hirnheimer Jakov
  168. Hirsch Alfred D.L.
  169. Alfred Hirsch
  170. Hirsch Hans eng.
  171. Hirsch, von Karl Baron Dr. Phil.
  172. Hirsch, von Rudolf Baron Dr. Phil.
  173. Hirschberg Hans Walter D.L.
  174. Hirschfeld Hans Prof. M.D.
  175. Hirschfeld Willi
  176. Hochstetter Gustav Prof. Dr.
  177. Hoff (Holan) Emil
  178. Hoffmann Camill
  179. Hornung Leo
  180. Hostovsky Hugo Dr.
  181. Huber Rudolf eng.
  182. Humberger Jaroslav
  183. Huth Karl M.D.
  184. Hutter Karel (Natan)
  185. Illova Milena (Ludmila)
  186. Jacobson Jacob Dr. Phil
  187. Janowitz Friedrich (Fritz)
  188. Janowitz Leo Dr.
  189. Janowitz Viktor
  190. Jelinek Zdenek
  191. Jetter Leopold
  192. Jochowitz Hanus (Jindrich, Honza)
  193. Jonas Frieda Prof. Dr.
  194. Jonas Regina Rabbiner
  195. Jung Leopold Dr.
  196. Kafka Georg
  197. Kahn Franz Dr. Phil.
  198. Kahn Olga
  199. Kan Jiri eng.
  200. Kantorowicz Ernst Prof. Dr.
  201. Kapp Jindrich Dr.
  202. Kappelmacher Albert D.L.
  203. Kapper Kurt M.D.
  204. Kaestenbaum Israel Prof. Dr.
  205. Karny Miroslav
  206. Karny Zdenek
  207. Katz Leo M.D.
  208. Kauders (Klima) (Vilem) Dr.
  209. Kaufmann Hans Dr.
  210. Kaufmann Hanus (Jenda)
  211. Kavan Karel
  212. Kisch Izak D.L.
  213. Klaber (Kohn) Josef Captain
  214. Klang Heinrich Prof. D.L.
  215. Klapp Rudolf M.D.
  216. Klaus Otto M.D.
  217. Klausner Erich (Ervin) Prof. M.D.
  218. Klein Camillo
  219. Klein Franz Eugen
  220. Klein Gideon
  221. Klein Karel M.D.
  222. Klein Kurt
  223. Klein Ota
  224. Klein Rudolf Dr.
  225. Klein Rudolf M.D.
  226. Klement Otto Ph. Mr.
  227. Koenig Jiri M.D.
  228. Knapp Rudolf
  229. Knoche Gerhard Dagobert Dr.
  230. Kohn A.Prof.
  231. Kohn Antonin
  232. Kohn Arthur Dr.
  233. Kohn Gustav Dr.
  234. Kohn Paul
  235. Kolben Hanus Werner
  236. Koralek Karel
  237. Koerbel Gert Georg Jiri
  238. Korper Miroslav
  239. Korti Raoul
  240. Kosek Josef Prof.
  241. Kovanic Karel M.D.
  242. Kozower Philipp
  243. Kraemer von, Aurode Martin Baron Dr. Phil.
  244. Kral Adalbert (Vojech) M.D.
  245. Kral Hanus M.D.
  246. Krasa Hans
  247. Kraus Frantisek
  248. Kraus Jindrich
  249. Kraus Karl Dr.
  250. Kraus Otokar (Otakar) Rabbi Dr.
  251. Kuerschner Karel Mg.
  252. Kussy Werner Dr.
  253. Kvasnievski Zikmund (Kwasniewski Zigi)
  254. Lang Erwin Dr.
  255. Lanzer Fritz (Bedrich)
  256. Lederer Karel
  257. Lederer Leo Prof. Dr.
  258. Lederer Richard eng.
  259. Lederer Viktor
  260. Leiner Richard
  261. Lengsfeld (Lenek) Hugo
  262. Lesna-Krausova Milada
  263. Levi Ferdinand
  264. Levy Prof. M.D.
  265. Lieben Eugen Dr.
  266. Lindenberger Kurt (Karel) M.D.
  267. Loewenstein Leo Dr.
  268. Loewy Louis (Julius) Prof.
  269. Luitpold Josef
  270. Lustig Max
  271. Lustig Pavel
  272. Magnus Julius D.L. Counsellor of Justice
  273. Maier Frantisek (Franta)
  274. Mandl Daniel eng.
  275. Manes Phillip
  276. Manheimer Max Eugen Manfred
  277. Marmorstein Hugo eng
  278. Marx Moritz M.D.
  279. Mautner Hans Dr. Phil.
  280. Mautner Wilhelm Dr.
  281. Mayer Ernst M.D.
  282. Mayer Ernst Karl D.L.
  283. Meinhard Karl
  284. Meisl Fritz (Bedrich), eng.
  285. Meissner Alfred Dr. Jur
  286. Meissner Emil Dr.
  287. Meissner Leo
  288. Menczer Aron
  289. Merzbach-Kober Margarete Dr.
  290. Messerschmidt Kurt D.L.
  291. Metz Adolf M.D.
  292. Meyer Heinz Rabbiner
  293. Mueller Aron
  294. Mueller Sidonie (Zdenka)
  295. Muenzer Franz (Frantisek) Th. Univ.doz. M.D.
  296. Munk Erich M.D.
  297. Munk Karel eng.
  298. Murmelstein Benjamin Dr. Rabbi
  299. Narewczewitz Erich
  300. Narewczewitz Erich
  301. Neszcly Alfred Dr.
  302. Neuberg Erich eng.
  303. Neuburger Friedrich Alexander D.L.
  304. Neuhaus Cilly
  305. Neuhaus Leopold Rabbi Dr.
  306. Neumann Alfred M.D.
  307. Neumann Arno (Arnost, Ernst) M.D.
  308. Neumann Ervin eng.
  309. Neumann Walter
  310. Noskowsky Felix
  311. Nussbaum Rolf
  312. Oesterreicher Ernst Dr. Phil.
  313. Oplatek Berthold Dr.
  314. Oppenheim Martin Dr.
  315. Ordner Berthold
  316. Ornstein (Rueff) Edith
  317. Palache Jehuda Lion Prof. Dr
  318. Peiser Ernst
  319. Perlsee Franz (Frantisek)
  320. Petzal Werner Dr.
  321. Pfeiffer Robert M.D.
  322. Philipp Karl Eugen Wolfgang
  323. Philippson Alfred Prof. Dr.
  324. Pick Erwin M.D.
  325. Pick Hans (Hanus) Dr.
  326. Pick Maria
  327. Pick Robert M.D.
  328. Pick Rudolf M.D.
  329. Pickova-Saudkova Gisela
  330. Placzek Thekla
  331. Plato Hermann M.D.
  332. Podvinec Arnost M.D.
  333. Pokorny Karel M.D.
  334. Polacek Karel
  335. Polacek Melanie
  336. Polak Frantisek
  337. Polak Josef Dr.
  338. Polak Richard M.D.
  339. Pollack Walter (Valtr) M.D.
  340. Pollak Arnost (Ernst) eng.
  341. Pollak Friedrich
  342. Pollak Josef Dr.
  343. Pollak Josef D.L.
  344. Pollak Leopold Dr.
  345. Pollak (Moric) Moritz
  346. Pollak Otto
  347. Pollert Jindrich eng
  348. Popper Egon Dr.
  349. Popper (Furman) Erna
  350. Popper Max Dr.
  351. Porges Otto eng.
  352. Posner Hans M.D.
  353. Prager Bedrich
  354. Prager Stephan (Friedrich) Dr. Phil.
  355. Prager Vilem
  356. Pribram Hugo Prof. Dr.
  357. Quittner Oscar 29.09.1905
  358. Raubitschek Walter
  359. Redlich Egon (Gonda)
  360. Reich Otto (Ota) D.L.
  361. Reichenbaum (Rosh) Erich Dr.
  362. Reicher - Oberleutnant
  363. Reichmann/Rachman (Reisik) Rudolf (Jakob)
  364. Reiner Karel Dr.
  365. Reiser Arnost
  366. Reiss Ernst (Arnost) M.D.
  367. Reiss Josef M.D.
  368. Reiss Siegmund
  369. Revesz Pal (Dov)
  370. Rischawa Hedwika M.D.
  371. Robitschek Gerhardt
  372. Romberger Heinz
  373. Rosenberg Bruno Dr. Phil.
  374. Rosenkranz Oskar Dr.
  375. Rosenthal-Laubhardt Hilde
  376. Rothgiesser Rudolf Ludwig Fritz eng
  377. Ruzicka Otakar
  378. Salomonski Martin Dr. Phil. Rabbi
  379. Salus Fritz (Bedrich) M.D.
  380. Salus Milos eng.
  381. Saudek Rudolf Prof.
  382. Schanzer Lola Dr. Phil.
  383. Schapira David Dr.
  384. Scheck (Shek) Zeev (Wilhelm)
  385. Scheurenberg Klaus
  386. Schleissner Felix Prof. M.D.
  387. Schlesinger Eugen
  388. Schliesser Karl
  389. Schlosser Gerta
  390. Schmitz Alfred
  391. Schmolka Helena M.D.
  392. Schmoller Georg Dr.
  393. Schoen Albert Dr. Rabbi
  394. Schoenbaum Karel D.L.
  395. Schoenberg Arthur eng.
  396. Schoenfeld Julius
  397. Schoen (Shan) Vlasta (Nava)
  398. Schor (Spiro) Barbara
  399. Schorsch Gustav
  400. Schreier Frantisek M.D.
  401. Schulhof Roszi (Ruzena)
  402. Schulmann Frantisek
  403. Schwarz Emil eng.
  404. Schwarz Felix M.D.
  405. Schwarz Otmar Paul
  406. Schwarzbard Isidor Dr.
  407. Schwarzkopf (Solar) Gustav
  408. Schwertfinger Aron
  409. Seeligman Isac D.L.
  410. Selten Fritz D.L.
  411. Semecka Irma
  412. Sever Max eng
  413. Siegmann Georg D.L.
  414. Sigmund Gerich
  415. Simon Erich Dr.
  416. Simon James Dr.
  417. Simonsohn Berthold Dr.
  418. Singer Kurt M.D.
  419. Singer Oscar (Otto) M.D.
  420. Sittig Ota Prof. M.D.
  421. Sobotka Oscar D.L.
  422. Sochaczewer Ludwig
  423. Sonnenberger Erna Dr.
  424. Sonnenfeld Irma
  425. Sonnenschein Leopold
  426. Spanier Ben
  427. Spanier Julius M.D.
  428. Spies Gertrud (Gerty)
  429. Spitz Maximilian M.D.
  430. Stargardt Otto Friedrich D.L.
  431. Stein Arthur Prof. Dr.
  432. Stein Karel D.L.
  433. Stein Richard M.D.
  434. Stein-Bodansky Hildegarda
  435. Steiner Hanna
  436. Steiner Hanus Vily
  437. Steiner Walter
  438. Steinherz Samuel Prof. Dr.
  439. Steinova Otilie M.D.
  440. Sterk Wilhelm
  441. Stern Erich Heinrich Dr.
  442. Stern Walter M.D.
  443. Sterzer Karl D.L.
  444. Stettenheim Alfred Dr.
  445. Stiassny Joseph (Pepek)
  446. Strass Jiri
  447. Strauss Hermann Privy Counsellor Prof. M.D.
  448. Strauss Leopold (Leo) Dr.
  449. Streim Siegfried Dr.
  450. Stricker Robert Oberbaurat eng
  451. Sucharipa Herbert (Alfred)
  452. Sulc (Schulz) Bedrich
  453. Sussmann Romuald
  454. Szamek Fritz Dr.
  455. Tarnowski Margot Clara
  456. Taussig Frantisek M.D.
  457. Taussig Jindrich
  458. Taussig Josef (Pepek)
  459. Taussig Maria
  460. Teichner Samuel M.D.
  461. Teilhaber Felix A. Prof.
  462. Teller Karl Dr. Phil.
  463. Terna Jan Frans Dr.
  464. Thorn Karel D.L.
  465. Tiederova Gertruda (Trude)
  466. Treumann (Politzer) Louis (Leopold)
  467. Tuma (Taussig) Mirko
  468. Ullmann (Winternitz) Annie
  469. Ullmann Viktor
  470. Ungar Hermann Dr.
  471. Unger Walter Dr.
  472. Unger Zikmund Rabbi
  473. Utitz Antonin
  474. Utitz Emil Prof. Dr.
  475. Vogel Erich eng.
  476. Vohryzek Karel eng.
  477. Vohryzek Lev (Leopold)
  478. Vrba Karel
  479. Waigner Karel
  480. Wald Arnost D.L.
  481. Waldstein Valerie
  482. Wasserbrenner Klemens M.D.
  483. Weidmann Frantisek Dr.
  484. Weil Erwin Prof.
  485. Weil Franz
  486. Weil Isidor D.L.
  487. Weil Oskar M.D.
  488. Weil Rudolf
  489. Weinberg von, Arthur Dr. Privy Councillor
  490. Weinberger Franz Gerhard Dr.
  491. Weinberger Johann D.L.
  492. Weiner Kurt M.D.
  493. Weinfeld Karl Prof. Dr.
  494. Weiser Jadwiga (Hedy)
  495. Weiss Franz (Frank) eng.
  496. Weiss Lily
  497. Weisskopf Leopold
  498. Weissova (Klepetarova) Edita Prof.
  499. Weisz (Weiss) Eugen (Jeno) Rabbi
  500. Werner Albert M.D.
  501. Wiener Max Dr.
  502. Wilk Harry Prof. Dr.
  503. Winter Arnost eng.
  504. Winter Zdenek Dr
  505. Witz Karel D.L.
  506. Wolf Arnost Dr.
  507. Wolff Siegfried D.L.
  508. Wolff-Eisner Alfred Prof. M.D.
  509. Woskin (Nahartabi) Mojzis Dr.
  510. Wotzilka Gustav M.D.
  511. Wurzel Jacques (Jacob, Yaakov)
  512. Zeckendorf Leo Dr
  513. Zelenka Frantisek
  514. Ziegler Arnost eng.
  515. Zucker Otto eng.
  516. Zweig Hans M.D.
  517. Zwicker Bruno Prof. Dr. Ph.


The University Over the Abyss project has been since 1990 supported by: Leo Baeck Institute, Jerusalem; Terezin Initiative Association, Prague; Simon Wiesenthal Center, LA; Rich Foundation, the USA; Academy of Science and Humanities, Israel; Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, USA; Felix Posen Foundation, Switzerland; Hanadiv Charitable Foundation, Britain; Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, USA; William Gross, Israel; Pär Stenberg, Sweden; Prof. Edith Kramer, USA, and other donors.

The 2nd edition of the book has been reedited, corrected and extended by reactions and new inputs of the readers; a new chapter, The Laughter of the Helpless, has been written, about ingenious humor and satire of the prisoners. It was also redesigned which made reading easier