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  • Essy Geddis (c.1835 - d.)
    mtDNA U8a1 inferred from 4 great-great-great grandchildren tested thru Mary-Florence-Doreen-Doneen and one great-great grandson thru Mary-Florence-Violet.
  • Maria Matilda Stewart Phillips (1870 - 1964)
    mtDNA U8a1 inferred from 4 great-great grandchildren tested thru Florence-Doreen-Doneen and one great grandson thru Florence-Violet.
  • Florence Adelaide Knox (1899 - 1988)
    mtDNA U8a1 inferred from test results of 3 great grandchildren of Florence (thru daughter Doreen and her daughter Doneen) and 1 son of her sister Violet.
  • Doreen Beryl Hewitt (1932 - 1986)
    mtDNA U8a1- implied by granddaughters Kris Hewitt and Sandra Foster and Tiffany Hewitt and grandson Brandon Gilby, all thru daughter Doneen, also implied by son Terry.
  • Doneen Lois Hewitt (1955 - 2008)
    mtDNA U8a1 - implied by 4 tested children Sandra Foster, Brandon Gilby, Tiffany Hewitt and Kris Hewitt

For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup U8a1 or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested.

Defining Mutations

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Haplogroup K (named Katrine by Bryan Sykes) makes up a sizeable fraction of European and West Asian mtDNA lineages. It is now known it is actually a subclade of haplogroup U8b'K, and is believed to have first arisen in northeastern Italy. Haplogroup UK shows some evidence of being highly protective against AIDS progression.


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  • U8a: The Basques have the most ancestral phylogeny in Europe for the mitochondrial haplogroup U8a, a rare subgroup of U8, placing the Basque origin of this lineage in the Upper Palaeolithic. The lack of U8a lineages in Africa suggests that their ancestors may have originated from West Asia.
  • U8b: This clade has been found in Italy and Jordan.

(Source: Wikipedia, Haplogroup U (mtDNA))

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