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William Plumpton, Sir (1436 - 1461)

During the War of the Roses, William Plumpton and his father (also William Plumpton) fought on the Lancastrian side at the Battle of Towton in 1461, where he was slain. His father was captured but late...

4/9/2007 7/1/2016

Sir William Plumpton, I, Kt. MP (1404 - 1480)

Sir William Plumpton (1404-15 October 1480) was a 15th century English aristocrat, landowner and administrator. He was the grandson of Sir William Plumpton executed in 1405 for treason by Henry IV ...

7/22/2007 7/1/2016

Sir Thomas Arundel, KB MP (c.1454 - 1485)

"Thomas Arundel"

) Thomas Arundell1 M, #25668, b. 1454, d. 1 October 1485 Last Edited=18 Nov 2006 Thomas Arundell was born in 1454 at Lanherne, Cornwall, England.2 He was the son of Sir John Arundell and Kath...

5/28/2007 4/16/2016

Sir John Arundell, VII, Kt. MP (1421 - 1473)

"John Arundel"

His proof of age states that he was born at Bideford and baptized in the church there on 9 June 1421, and was aged 21 and more. ) Sheriff of Cornwall 1443. Vice-Admiral of Cornwall; a General in Fr...

4/29/2007 4/16/2016

Sir Humphrey Audley, Kt. MP (1436 - 1471)

"Sir Humphrey Touchet de Audley", "Humphrey Tuchet de Audley", "Humphey Audley", "Knight"

(Humphrey's father) "Sir Humphrey Touchet (born circa 1435 - May 6, 1471). He married Elizabeth Courtenay, widow of Sir James Luttrell. Like his father, he supported the House of Lancaster. He was ...

5/1/2008 1/16/2016

Sir Edward Belknap (c.1471 - 1521)

Edward Belknap Sir Edward Belknap was active in the service of the English crown, both on the battlefield and as a court official, during the 16th and 17th centuries. He fought for Henry VII at t...

11/23/2008 8/14/2015

Sir John Done, of Utkinton MP (c.1443 - 1505)

Sir John Done1,2,3 M, #44357, b. circa 1443, d. circa 1498 Father Sir John Done d. 1460 Mother Elizabeth Dutton Sir John Done was born circa 1443 at of Utkinton, Cheshire, England. He married E...

9/22/2007 9/23/2014

Walter Devereux, jure uxoris 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley (c. 1431 – 22 August 1485) was a minor member of the English peerage and a loyal supporter of the Yorkist cause during the Wars of the ...

11/27/2008 5/23/2014

) Sir John Mordaunt (died c.1505) was an English politician of the Tudor period and Speaker of the House of Commons. Offices held included Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. He was the son of Wi...

2/27/2008 5/22/2014

William Catesby (1450 - 1485)

William Catesby Sir William Catesby (1450[1] – August 25, 1485) was one of Richard III of England's principal councillors. He also served as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Speaker of the Hous...

9/1/2012 5/22/2014

James Strangeways was Speaker of the British House of Commons from 1461 to 1462. Harsley Castle Lock, Julian. “Strangways, Sir James (c.1410–1480).” Julian LockOxford Dictionar...

6/5/2008 5/22/2014

Sir Thomas Tresham, Sir (c.1420 - 1471)

) Thomas Sir, High Sheriff Of Cambridgeshire And Huntingdonshire,speaker Of The House Of Commons Tresham Sir Thomas Tresham (died 6 May 1471) was a British politician, soldier and administrator. He...

3/27/2009 5/22/2014

Sir James Tyrrell, Kt. MP (1450 - 1502)

"James Tirrell", "James Tyrel", "James Terrell", "James Tirrel", "James Terell", "James Teril", "James Thurold", "James Turold"

6 May 1502 – Death of James Tyrrell, English knight and supposed murderer of the princes in the Tower, was the eldest son of William Tyrell of Gipping, Suffolk, by Margaret, daughter of Robert D...

8/24/2008 5/22/2014

William Tyrrell MP (c.1430 - 1471)

"William Tirell", "William Tyrell", "‘Tyrrell’ ‘Tirrell’ ‘Tyrel’ ‘Terrell’ ‘Tirrel’ ‘Terell’ ‘Teril’ ‘Tirrell’"

Sir Thomas Tyrrell (c. 1411 – 28 March 1477) of Heron, heir not only to his father but also to his uncle, Edward Tyrrell (d. 17 December 1442), mentioned above. Sir Thomas Tyrrell married Anne M...

6/28/2008 5/22/2014

Sir Richard Ratcliffe, KG MP (b. - 1485)

Sir Richard Ratcliffe, KG (died 1485) was a close confidant of Richard III of England. Notes: Knight of the Garter. Younger son of Sir Thomas Radcliffe and Margaret, daughter of Sir William Parr of K...

7/20/2008 12/5/2013

Giggleswick, St Alkelda’s. (Sir Richard Tempest) At the east end of the north aisle is the tomb with stone effigies of Sir Richard and his wife Sybill. Sir Richard fought for Richard III at Bosw...

6/16/2012 12/3/2013

Walter Strickland, of Westmorland MP (c.1406 - c.1467)

Walter Strickland, Esq. was born at of Sizergh, Westmoreland, England. He married Douce de Crofte, daughter of Sir Nicholas de Crofte and Ellen le Botiller, on 11 November 1426.2 Walter Strickland, Esq...

5/14/2008 12/3/2013

Richard Percy, Knight MP (c.1426 - 1461)

Sir Richard Percy (1426/7–29 March 1461, Battle of Towton) Citations "The Extinct and Dormant Peerages of the Northern Counties of England" by J.W. Clay. "Percy, Lords Percy, Earls of Nort...

8/23/2013 12/1/2013

Humphrey Beaufo MP (c.1458 - 1485)

Humphrey Beaufo and Johanna Hugford had two known children: 1) Johanna Beauufo, born before 1484. Married Richard Throckmortion of Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire. 2) John Beaufo of Emscote, born ...

10/26/2008 11/6/2013

Reynold Grey, 7th Baron Grey of Wilton MP (c.1421 - 1494)


GREY (7° B. Grey of Wilton) Reynold married twice. First to Tacinda Tudor, no children, secondly to Thomasine Beaufort, one son, John, 8th Baron of Wilton. From Ancestors of Alexandra Catlin...

10/27/2007 11/5/2013

Sir John Hotham MP (1411 - 1461)

Sir John Hotham was born in 1411.1 He died in 1461, killed in action.1 He was the son of Sir John de Hotham and Matilda Newsome.2 Married Elizabeth Eure, daughter of Sir William Eure.1 Of S...

2/5/2010 9/8/2013

John Hotham, Squire of Scorborough MP (1434 - 1461)

"John de Hotham"

John Hotham Birth: 1434 - Scorborough, East Yorkshire, England Parents: John de Hotham, Elizabeth Eure Wife: Isabel Hildyard Death: March 29, 1461 - Battle of Towton, Towton, West Yorkshire, ...

3/5/2010 9/8/2013

Sir Thomas Pilkington MP (c.1423 - 1487)

"Sir Thomas Pilkington", "Sheriff of Lancashire"

Sir Thomas Pilkington, Sheriff of Lancashire1 M, #61258, d. 16 June 1487 Father Edmund Pilkington, Esq. b. c 1396, d. b 3 May 1451 Mother Elizabeth Booth1 Sir Thomas Pilkington, Sheriff of Lanc...

2/19/2009 8/18/2013

John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury MP (c.1410 - 1500)

"His Eminence Cardinal John Morton", " D.Cn. & C.L.", "Cardinal John "Moreton" Morton"

JOHN MORTON, Archbishop of Canterbury, cardinal and statesman, belonged to a family which had migrated from Nottinghamshire into Dorset, and was born either at Bere Regis or Milborne St Andrew. He died...

7/17/2012 5/11/2013

Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales MP (1453 - 1471)

"aka Edward of Lancaster"

Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales Edward of Westminster (13 October 1453 – 4 May 1471), also known as Edward of Lancaster, was the only son of King Henry VI of England and Margaret of Anj...

5/2/2007 6/6/2012

Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland (3 February 1393[a] – 22 May 1455) was an English nobleman and military commander in the lead up to the Wars of ...

3/11/2007 6/6/2012

Duke of Somerset Successor Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke Earl of Somerset Predecessor John Beaufort, 1st Duke, 3rd Earl Successor Henry Beaufort, 5th Earl Spouse: Eleanor Beauchamp Issue El...

5/10/2007 6/6/2012

"Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke of Somerset (26 January 1436 – 15 May 1464) was an important Lancastrian military commander during the English Wars of the Roses. He is sometimes numbered the 2nd Duke ...

5/10/2007 6/6/2012

Sir John Grey, 7th Lord Ferrers of Groby MP (c.1432 - 1461)

"John Grey of Groby", "Lord Ferrers of Groby"

Sir John Grey, of Groby, Leicestershire (c. 1432[1] – 17 February 1461) was a Lancastrian knight, the first husband of Elizabeth Woodville who later married King Edward IV of England, and great-...

10/22/2007 6/5/2012

NEVILLE (1° E. Kent)

8/24/2007 6/5/2012

Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick MP (1428 - 1471)

"Warwick the Kingmaker"

"Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick KG (22 November 1428 – 14 April 1471), known as Warwick the Kingmaker, was an English nobleman, administrator, and military commander. The son of Richard N...

7/9/2007 6/5/2012

Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury MP (1400 - 1460)

"Earl of Salisbury"

Richard Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury Richard Neville, jure uxoris 5th Earl of Salisbury and 7th and 4th Baron Montacute, KG, PC (1400 – 31 December 1460) was a Yorkist leader during the earl...

5/2/2007 6/5/2012

"Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, 6th Earl of March, 4th Earl of Cambridge, and 7th Earl of Ulster, conventionally called Richard of York (21 September 1411 – 30 December 1460) was a leadi...

5/1/2007 6/5/2012

George, Duke of Clarence MP (1449 - 1478)

"George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, 1st Earl of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Warwick, KG (21 October 1449 – 18 February 1478) was the third son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, and Cec...

5/8/2007 6/5/2012

a short summary from Wikipedia: Elizabeth Woodville, Queen consort of England Tenure: 1 May 1464 – 9 April 1483 Coronation: 26 May 1465 Spouse: Sir John Grey m. c. 1452; dec. 1461 Ed...

2/7/2007 6/5/2012

Henry VII of England MP 100 (1457 - 1509)

"Harri Tudur", "King of England"

"Henry VII (Welsh: Harri Tudur; 28 January 1457 – 21 April 1509) was King of England and Lord of Ireland from his seizing the crown on 22 August 1485 until his death on 21 April 1509, as the fir...

2/6/2007 6/5/2012

Richard III of England MP (1452 - 1485)

"Old Dick", "Crookback"

latest news about Richard ========================================================================= A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richar...

5/8/2007 6/5/2012

Edward V, King of England MP (1470 - c.1483)

another possible birth date is 4 November Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

5/2/2007 6/5/2012

Edward IV of England MP (1442 - 1483)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward IV King of England (first time) Reign: 4 March 1461 – 3 October 1470 (9 years,182 days) Coronation: 28 June 1461 Predecessor: Henry VI Succes...

2/7/2007 6/5/2012

Henry VI of England MP (1421 - 1471)

"Henry VI (6 December 1421 – 21 May 1471) was King of England from 1422 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471, and disputed King of France from 1422 to 1453. Until 1437, his realm was governed by ...

1/30/2007 6/5/2012

William Bonville, KG, 1st Baron Bonville MP (1391 - 1461)

"Bonneville", "Bobville", "Boniville"

Family and Education There are three possible birth dates for William Bonville, 12 Aug. 1391, 30 Sep. 1391, and 31 Aug. 1392. CP, ii. 218-19 is incorrect in giving Bonville’s date of birth as ...

8/8/2007 6/5/2012

Sir Marmaduke Constable MP (c.1455 - 1518)

""the little""

Sir Marmaduke Constable, "the little" (c.1458 – 20 November 1518) was an English soldier descended from the Hereditary Constables of Chester, hence the surname of the family. He descended from...

9/23/2007 6/4/2012

Thomas Dacre 2nd Lord Dacre of Gillesland[1,2,3] Birth 25 Nov 1467 Sex Male Lived In England Died 24 Oct 1525 Buried Priory Lanercost, Cumberland Person ID I00105112 Leo Last M...

9/21/2007 6/4/2012

"Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, KG, PC, Earl Marshal (1443 – 21 May 1524), styled Earl of Surrey from 1483 to 1514, was the only son of John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, by his first wife, ...

4/21/2007 6/4/2012

Sir Walter Hungerford MP (c.1441 - 1516)

"Lord Hungerford"

Sir Walter Hungerford of Farleigh (died 1516) fought for Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He served on the Privy Council for both Henry VII and Henry VIII. Biography Walter Hungerford w...

7/30/2007 6/4/2012

Henry de Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter MP (1430 - 1475)

"Henry Holland"

Henry Holland, 3rd Duke of Exeter Henry Holland, 3rd Duke of Exeter (27 June 1430 – September 1475) was a Lancastrian leader during the English Wars of the Roses. He was the only son of John H...

10/22/2007 6/2/2012

Sir Thomas FitzGerald was Lord Chancellor of Ireland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sir Thomas FitzGerald of Laccagh (c.1458-1487 ), younger son o...

2/15/2008 5/28/2012

Béraud Stuart, III. seigneur d'Aubigny (c.1452 - 1508)

"Chevalier /d'Aubigny/"

Bernard Stewart, 4rd Lord of Aubigny (French: Bérault Stuart) (c. 1452–1508) was a French soldier, Commander of the Garde Écossaise, and diplomat belonging to the Scottish family...

3/2/2009 5/28/2012

"Rhys ap Thomas (1449–1525), KG, was a Welsh soldier and landholder who rose to prominence during the Wars of the Roses, and was instrumental in the victory of Henry Tudor at the Battle of Boswo...

4/6/2007 5/28/2012

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on John de la Pole John de la Pole, 1st Earl of Lincoln [1] M, #107564, b. between 1462 and 1464, d. 16 June 1487 Last Edited=22 May 2004 Consanguinity ...

6/23/2008 5/28/2012

"Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland, KG (c. 1449 – 28 April 1489) son of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland and his wife Eleanor Poynings, daughter of Richard Poynings, Lord Poynings."...

6/6/2009 5/28/2012

Sir William Stanley, Kt. MP (1437 - 1495)

William Stanley (Battle of Bosworth) Sir William Stanley (c. 1435[1] – 10 February 1495) was an English soldier and the younger brother of Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby. Stanley fought wit...

10/22/2007 5/28/2012

John Beaufort, Marquess of Dorset, Earl of Dorset (c. 1455 – 4 May 1471) was a member of the Beaufort family during the Wars of the Roses. He was the third son of Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke...

6/16/2008 5/28/2012

William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings KG (c. 1431 – 13 June 1483) was an English nobleman. A follower of the House of York, he became a close friend and one...

8/3/2007 5/28/2012

Richard de Welles, 7th Baron Welles From Wikipedia: Richard Welles, 7th Baron Welles (1431–1470) was an English nobleman and soldier. From a Lancastrian family, he came to be on good terms...

8/25/2008 5/28/2012

'Robert Welles, 8th Baron Willoughby de Eresby (died 19 March 1470) was an English baron. He was the son of Richard Welles, 7th Baron Welles and Joan Willoughby, 7th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby. ...

5/14/2010 5/28/2012

William Tailboys, Sir, de jure 7th Baron Kyme MP (c.1415 - 1464)

"Sir William Tailboys", "William Tailboys", "Tallibois", "Talisboys"

Sir William Tailboys, de jure 7th Baron Kyme (c.1415–26 May 1464) was a wealthy Lincolnshire squire and adherent of the Lancastrian cause during the Wars of the Roses. He was born in Kyme,...

10/25/2007 5/28/2012

Philip Wentworth Sir Philip Wentworth, Knight, of Nettlestead, Suffolk (c. 1424 – 18 May 1464) was an English knight and courtier. Philip Wentworth was the son of Roger Wentworth (died 24 Oc...

2/16/2007 5/28/2012

Sir John Wenlock (later, the 1st Baron Wenlock) KG (died 1471) was an English soldier, courtier and politician. He fought on the side of both the Yorkists and the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Rose...

10/31/2008 5/28/2012

Lord Thomas de Scales or Thomas Scales de Newselles or Thomas Scalles KG (1397 – 25 July 1460), 7th Baron Scales, Knight of the Garter from 1426 was one of the main English commanders in the l...

4/25/2009 5/28/2012

Robert Hungerford, 3rd Baron Hungerford MP (1423 - 1464)

"Lord Moleyns"

Robert Hungerford, 3rd Baron Hungerford Robert Hungerford, 3rd Baron Hungerford (1431–1464) He supported the Lancastrians cause in the War of the Roses. In the late 1440s and early 1450s he wa...

2/20/2008 5/28/2012

John Cheyne, Baron Cheyne (c.1442 - 1499)

"John Cheney"

John Cheyne (or Cheney), Baron Cheyne (c. 1442 – 1499) was Master of the Horse to King Edward IV and personal bodyguard to King Henry VII of England. John was the third son of John Cheyne ...

12/20/2007 5/28/2012

Sir William Brandon, Kt. MP (c.1448 - 1485)

) Sir William Brandon (1456 – 22 August 1485) was Henry Tudor's standard-bearer at the Battle of Bosworth Field, where he was killed by King Richard III. He was the father of Charles Brandon...

5/2/2007 5/28/2012

Sir Thomas Lovell, MP MP (1450 - 1524)

Sir Thomas Lovell (died 1524) was an English soldier and administrator, Speaker of the House of Commons, Secretary to the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Early life He was fifth son...

8/2/2009 5/28/2012

Sir Ralph Percy, Governor of Bamburgh Castle MP (1425 - 1464)

"Governor of Bamburgh Castle"

Ralph Percy Sir Ralph Percy (died 1464) was a knight, a Governor of Bamburgh Castle and a supporter of the Lancastrian side in the Wars of the Roses. Percy was the grandson of Sir Harry (Hotspur) Per...

3/11/2007 5/28/2012

Walter Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy MP (c.1420 - 1474)

"Walter Blount", "1st Baron Mountjoy"

Walter Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy Walter Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy KG (c. 1416 – 1 August 1474) was an English politician. Walter Blount was born about 1416, the eldest son of Sir Thomas Bl...

10/14/2007 5/28/2012

John Mowbray, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. Elected Knight of the Garter 1451 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John de Mowbray, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

8/3/2007 5/28/2012

John Courtenay (c. 1435 – 4 May 1471) was a son of Thomas de Courtenay, 13th Earl of Devon and Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Devon. He was the younger brother of Thomas Courtenay, 14th Ea...

5/28/2012 5/28/2012

Sir Thomas Courtenay, 6th Earl of Devon (1432–1461) was the eldest son of Thomas de Courtenay, 5th Earl of Devon by Margaret Beaufort, the royal blooded daughter of John Beaufort, Earl of Some...

5/28/2012 5/28/2012

Thomas de Courtenay, 13th Earl of Devon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Summary Thomas Courtenay, 13th earl of Devon was born, presumably in Devonshire, in 1414. As the only surviving son...

7/5/2008 5/28/2012

William Bonville Bonville, III, 6th Baron Harington MP (c.1442 - 1460)

"6th Baron Harington"

William Bonville, 6th Baron Harington William Bonville, 6th Baron Harington (1442 – 30 December 1460) was an English nobleman who was a loyal adherent of the House of York during the dynastic ...

9/12/2007 5/28/2012

Thomas de Ros, 9th Lord de Ros of Helmsley MP (1427 - 1464)

"Thomas de Roos"

Thomas de Ros, 9th Lord de Ros of Helmsley b. 9 September 1427 - Conisburgh Castle, d. 14 May 1464 Parents: Thomas de Ros, 8th Lord de Ros of Helmsley, Lady Eleanor Beauchamp. Married: Philip...

9/8/2007 5/28/2012

Thomas Percy, 1st Baron Egremont (1422 - 1460)

"1st Baron Egremont"

Thomas Percy, 1st Baron Egremont (29 November 1422, Leconfield, Yorkshire - 10 July 1460 Battle of Northampton) Thomas Percy was the son of Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland and Lady Eleanor ...

7/4/2008 5/28/2012

John Talbot, 2nd Earl Shrewsbury MP (c.1413 - 1460)

"2nd Earl of Waterford"

John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, 2nd Earl of Waterford, 8th Baron Talbot, KG (c. 1417 – 10 July 1460) was an English nobleman and soldier. He was the so...

8/3/2007 5/28/2012

Cardinal Thomas Bourchier crowned 3 Kings and one Queen of England. ---------------------------------------------------------- Thomas Bourchier (c. 1404 – 30 March 1486) was Archbishop of ...

2/23/2008 5/28/2012

Humphrey Bourchier, Sir MP (c.1440 - 1471)

Sir Humphrey Bourchier , son of Sir John Bourchier and Lady Margery Berners, was born about 1440 in Halstad, Essex, England. In Devenshire, England, about 1465, he married Lady Elizabeth Tilney (born a...

5/1/2007 5/28/2012

Sir James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormonde and 1st Earl of Wiltshire (1420 - 1461)

"James Butler", "Lord James Butler", ""The White Earl""

James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormonde M, #4234, b. 24 November 1420, d. 1 May 1461 James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormonde was born on 24 November 1420. He was the son of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde ...

3/26/2008 5/28/2012

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find A Grave Wikipedia Profile-painting -""The Murder of Rutland by Lord Clifford" artist-Charles Robert Leslie

10/22/2007 5/28/2012

Sir Roger Kynaston Kt. of Myddle and Hordley (ca. 1433 – 1495) was a Knight of the Realm and English nobleman. He was a member of the Kynaston family, of North Shropshire and the Welsh Marches. ...

8/17/2007 5/28/2012

John Sutton, VI, 1st Baron Dudley MP (1400 - 1487)

"John de Sutton", "John Sutton Dudley VI", "Sutton Lord Dudley K.G.", "John Sutton", "Lord-Knight Of Garter", "'Of Dudley' K.G.", "Lord Lieutenant of Ireland", "1st Baron Dudley", "Lord Dudley", ""John de Sutton"", ""John Sutton Dudley VI"", ""Sutton Lord Dudley K.G."", ""Joh..."

Photo: Dudley Castle Note: In the Middle Ages the Sutton family inherited the title and estate of Lord Dudley and lived in Dudley Castle. Sir John de Sutton VI - was born on 25 Dec 1400 in Dudl...

3/14/2007 5/28/2012

James Touchett, 5th Lord Audley MP (1397 - 1459)

"James Touchet Baron Audley", "James Tuchet Lord Audley"

His proof of age states he was born at Derby and baptized in the church at Mackworth on 26 Dec. 1397. James Tuchet, 5th Baron Audley, 2nd Baron Tuchet (c. 1398–1459) was an English peer. Jam...

6/1/2007 5/28/2012

John de Clifford, 9th Baron Clifford MP (1435 - 1461)

"The Butcher"

From Luminarium entry JOHN DE CLIFFORD, 9TH BARON CLIFFORD, son of Thomas, eighth baron Clifford, was born in 1435 or 1436.1 He makes his first appearance in February 1458, when, together with Some...

6/13/2007 5/28/2012

Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset, 6th Earl of Somerset, 3rd Marquess of Dorset, 3rd Earl of Dorset (1438? – 6 May 1471) was an English nobleman and military commander during the Wars of t...

6/16/2008 5/28/2012

Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland MP (1421 - 1461)

"2nd Earl of Northumberland", "Baron Percy", "Baron Alnwick"

(WIKI HAS WRONG DAUGHTER ELEANOR LINKED, HER PAGE SAYS DAU. OF MAUD (HERBERT) & HENRY PERCY 4TH EARL) Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland, (25 July 142...

4/8/2007 5/28/2012

Marguerite d'Anjou, Queen consort of England and France MP (1430 - 1482)

"Queen Consort of England"

another possible birth year is 1429 Margaret Valois-Anjou Princess of Neapels By marriage Queen Consort Margaret of England on 30 May 1445. To Henry VI King of England and France. Wikipedia Links...

5/2/2007 5/28/2012

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke MP (1423 - 1469)

"Herbert", "William Daubney", "William Daubney Aubeney", "Black Will", "Black William"

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke KG (c. 1423 – 27 July 1469), known as "Black William", was the son of William ap Thomas, founder of Raglan Castle, and Gwladys ferch Dafydd Gam, and grandso...

5/3/2007 5/28/2012

Thomas Neville, "The Bastard of Fauconberg" (c.1430 - 1471)

"Thomas /Faucomberge/"

Thomas Neville or Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg (died 1471) was a Lancastrian leader in the Wars of the Roses. The illegitimate son of Sir William Neville of Fauconberg, Earl of Kent, Thomas Nevill...

10/16/2009 5/28/2012

Sir John de Neville, Earl of Northumberland MP (c.1431 - 1471)

"1st Marquess of Montagu"

John Neville, 1st Marquess of Montagu, alias John Mortimer, called the Captain of Kent (c. 1431 – 14 April 1471) was a Yorkist leader in the Wars of the Roses, best-known for eliminating Lanca...

5/10/2007 5/28/2012

Jasper Tudor MP (1429 - 1495)

"Jasper Tudor, 1st Duke of Bedford, 1st Earl of Pembroke, KG (Welsh: Siasbar Tudur) (c. 1431 – 21/26 December 1495) was the uncle of King Henry VII of England and the architect of his successful...

2/11/2007 5/28/2012

John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford MP (c.1442 - 1513)

"13 Earl of Oxford", "Lord Great Chamberlain"

John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford (8 September 1442 – 10 March 1513) was one of the principal Lancastrian commanders during the English Wars of the Roses. War of the Roses Early in the r...

5/16/2008 5/28/2012