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This Wicked project explains

How text look like after you hit the Edit button of your project.

We call this computer/editing language: Wiki Markup
(also known as Wikitext language and Wikicode)
This is a simplified language used for layout tools at wiki-based websites such as Wikipedia and Geni.

Description menu and Wikicode

Screenshot Description menu:

The Description menu above is showing the following options from left to right:
Bold ➜ Italic ➜ Large Title ➜ Medium Title ➜ Small Title ➜ Bullets ➜ Numbers ➜
Image ➜ Link ➜ Blockquote ➜ New Paragraph ➜ Horizontal Rule ➜ Line break
You can either use the Description menu buttons, by selecting a specific part of your text, then activate one of them. Or you can use the Wikicode, which will be explained below.
Making use of Wikicode expands your layout abilities.

// text:

Wiki: ''' text '''Example

// text:

Wiki: '' text ''Example

Bold + Italic text:

Wiki: '' ''' text ''' '' Example

// title:

Wiki: = text =


// title:

Wiki: == text ==


// title:

Wiki: === text ===



Wiki: * example:


Wiki: #
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