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  • Ancient Britain

    This master project or portal will mostly deal with the peoples, tribes and nations of Ancient Britain more or less before the Roman invasion of 55 AD.==Summary====Notables====Peoples, tribes, and nations=====related Geni projects (on right navigation bar)====resources, references and links==

  • I-BY3805 (Y-DNA)

    I-BY3805 har en undergruppe/gren: I-BY3806. Resultater: Famliy Tree DNA, Y-DNA Haplogroup Report for I-BY3805 I-M223 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart The Norway DNA Project - Norgesprosjektet - Y-DNA Classic Chart Norway-NRL Nordland - Y-DNA Classic Chart Null425 Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart Artikler og bøker: "Vesterhavsøyene", i Store Norske Leksikon : Bråten, El...

  • Celtic Nations

    This project is a portal to the geography, history, and people of the Celtic nations. The six territories recognised as Celtic nations are Brittany (Breizh), Cornwall (Kernow), Wales (Cymru), Ireland (Éire), the Isle of Man (Mannin), and Scotland (Alba).=Brittonic===Brittany (Breizh)=====Breton People===* Notable Bretons ===Geography===Brittany is the largest French peninsula. It stretches towa...