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  • Ambassadors of Darkness

    The Dichotomy of Evil & Good The human Ambassadors of Darkness through history upon whose fiendishly diabolical trials the world exists in exquisite tension between Good and Evil . Recognizing Evil Outward masks of great piety and the extreme self righteous convictions of fanatical fundamentalism may conceal egregious evil therefore it is sometimes only through brutal actions, or from the...

  • Modern Dictators

    Dictators / Absolute Power From Wikipedia: A dictator is a ruler (e.g. absolutist or autocratic) who assumes sole and absolute power (sometimes, but not always, with military control or bribes) but not officially sanctioned by heritage, as is an absolute monarch. When other states call the head of state of a particular state a dictator, that state is called a dictatorship. The word originat...

  • The Lenin Project

    Pinpointing and showcasing some of the intriguing people, stories, facts, and controversies tied to Lenin's ancestry. And the quest to find new ones! — * Lenin on Geni: Владимир Ленин / Vladimir Lenin * Lenin on Wikipedia: ru en de es fr zh * Lenin Internet Archive