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  • Kilkenny Surnames Geographic Project - FTDNA

    The Kilkenny Surname Project on Family Tree DNA is for people whose surnames are connected with the county of Kilkenny. It is open to people who have tested their yDNA mtDNA and Autosomal DNA . It can be all or any of these tests. We will try to locate the surnames within a geographic location of Kilkenny. Some surnames that have an historical connection with Kilkenny are listed below as listed...

  • Q-L245 (Y-DNA)

    Clarification of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q1b Phylogenetic Structure Based on Y-Chromosome Full Sequencing Gurianov et al., 2015 Abstract The recent growth of the Y-chromosome full sequencing data sets made it possible to arrange a full-scale update of Q1b haplogroup phylogenetic structure (Q-L275). The article contains a detailed description of Q-Y2200 and Q-YP745 branches as well as a number ...

  • 23andme, FTDNA and Gedmatch

    This project is for Geni users who have their autosomal DNA tested at 23andme, FTDNA or elsewhere -: International Society of Genetic Genealogy logo FAMILY NAMES: Frankel - Hatte Rubenstein Blejer Gelsenius - Justin Swanström Gleason - Gleeson - Enrique Gleason-Aguiluz ,Esq Habsburg - ,

  • Norgesprosjektet DNA FTDNA

    Nå har samarbeid med FTDNA om DNA-testing for slektsgranskere . Tester kan bestilles her om du ikke allerede har testet. Mål Dette prosjektet samler i utgangspunktet ikke profiler, men skal være en portal for å vise til andre prosjekter for haplogrupper, finne informasjon og lenke til de riktige nettsidene. Målene til Norgesprosjektet er todelt,...