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  • Jewish Community of Brody - קהילת יהודי ברודי

    Jewish Community of Brody In celebration of the town of Brody , Austria, present day Ukraine, and the people who came from there, particularly those who died in the Holocaust. A city, where wisdom and wealth, Torah and understanding, commerce and faith are united - Nachman Krochmal , in a letter to Isaac Erter 1961 Please add your ancestors or heroes from Brody to the project. You can do so...

  • Jewish Community of Bochnia

    Bochnia is located in southern Poland, in the Malopolskie Province (Lesser Poland). Since the first partition of Poland, Bochnia was under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. According to the administrative division from 1918-1939, Bochnia was the seat of the Bochnia County which was part of Kraków Province. History Bochnia is one of the oldest towns in Poland and was first me...

  • Jewish Families of Ternopil (Tarnopol), Ukraine

    Here are the earliest known Tarnopol ancestors of current project members - more will be added as more are discovered. 1. Michael Rothstein 2. Hirsch Leib Krochmal (note from Steven Jaron : I am not 100% sure about Hirsch's parentage, if you have any questions please ask) 3. Jacob Golbrun 4. Chaim Seid 5. Samuel Fruchtmann 6. Moses Bilker

  • Austro-Hungarian Jews

    This project is here to give us a greater insight into the lives of our ancestors from across the empire and to help us work together to find our common roots. List of Austro-Hungarian Jews Wikipedia Famous People Sigmund Freud : Father of Psychoanalysis. Theodor Herzl : Father of Zionism. Stefan Zweig : Novelist, playwright, journalist, biographer. Franz Kafka : Novelist.

  • Jewish Families of Nowy Wisnicz

    Background The area of Nowy Wiśnicz was a monastic village that had existed since the 8th century. The first Jews settled down in this village in 1606. After being banished from Bochnia, they were offered assistance by the village owners called Lubomirscy. In 1613, Nowy Wiśnicz became the property of Stanisław Lubomirski, who was the governor of the Cracow Province. In 16...

  • Jewish Families from Kazimierz, Poland

    This project seeks to collect all Jewish families from the town of Kazimierz (Casimir), Poland. Kazimierz in Wikipedia Jewish Quarter Kazimierz Memorial Book on Jewishgen Background Kazimierz (Polish pronunciation: [kaˈʑimʲɛʂ]; Latin: Casimiria; Yiddish: קוזמיר‎) is a historical district of Krakó...

  • Jewish Families from Tovste, Ukraine

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Tovste, Ukraine, also known as Tolstoye, Tłuste, Toist, Tlusta, Tłuste Miasto, Tłuste Myasto, Toyst, Tolstoya. Gesher Galicia - Tovste Urban Type Settlement Jewish History Overview Tovste (Ukrainian: Товсте) is an urban-type settlement in the Zalis...

  • Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine (Dolina, Galicia) Portrait of the Shtetl in Transition

    I have started this project to give a forum for geni members who's ancestors came from the Shtetl of Dolina in the former Austro-Hungarian Province of Galicia ( now Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, as distinct from Dolina-Janov). I have started with profiles of my father, uncle, grandfathers, and one grandmother who were born there. Collaborators are welcome to add names of other Doliners to h...

  • Kovno, Ponedel, Rakiskis and other Lithuanian Heritage

    Tracing Lithuanian Jewish Families Trying to locate and map out Lithuanian families: Zisman, Zausman, Levin(e), Jaffe, Yoffe, Kader, and other various versions and many other names. Jaffe Family Read about the history of the illustrious Yaffe family starting from 15th century Rabbi Mordecai Jaffe and Descendants in Lithuania and Galicia in " An Ancient lineage: European Roots of a Jew...

  • Jewish Families from Gdów, Poland

    This project seeks to collect all Jewish families from the town of Gdów, Poland. Gdów on Wikipedia JewishGen Locality Page Gdów Virtual Shtetl

  • Jewish Community of Ottynia

    Ottynia also known as Otyn'a or Otynia (Ukrainian) is in the Tlumach district of Ukraine, midway between Ivano-Frankivsk and Kolomya, at 48.44 N and 24.51 E History Ottynia is first mentioned in documents from 1610 as a city where Polish aristocrats resided. Jews are known to have lived in Ottynia since 1635, and with about 2000 inhabitants, represented 40% of the population in 1900. It was...

  • Jewish Families of Chorostkow (Khorostkiv, Ukraine)

    The purpose of this project is to identify and connect all of the Jewish families of the small town of Chorostkow. Chorostkow, now called Khorostkiv is located between Husiatyn and Kopyczynce, on the banks of the River Taina in the Ternopil Oblast of the Ukraine in what was once Galician Podolia. The village was granted the rights of a small town by local magnate named Siamianski who invited ...

  • Jewish Families of Strusov, Ukraine (Formerly Strusiv, Galicia, Austro-Hungary)

    Strusov is a very small town located in Ternopolskaya at 49º20 25º37, near Ternopil and 12 km from Terebovlya and 120 km from Chernovtsy. The cemetery is located at SW village, near entry from Buchach. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews. The earliest known Jewish Community was 18th century. 1939 Jewish population (census) was 579. The last known Chortkovskaya Hasi...

  • Wheat Merchants of Brody, Galicia

    This project is meant to locate documents and historic records pertaining to the Mochrei Kemach (“Wheat Merchants” or "Flour Dealers") group from Brody, Galicia. Profiles of documented members of this group and their affiliates may be added.

  • Galician Jewish Family Projects

    Bauman, Tugendhaft, Ausubel and Strum Families * Kreinik Kreinick Family * Warmbrand Family * Zins Family