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  • Austro-Hungarian Jews

    This project is here to give us a greater insight into the lives of our ancestors from across the empire and to help us work together to find our common roots. List of Austro-Hungarian Jews Wikipedia>===Famous People Sigmund Freud : Father of Psychoanalysis. Theodor Herzl : Father of Zionism. Stefan Zweig : Novelist, playwright, journalist, biographer. Franz Kafka : Novelist.

  • H44b (Mitochondrial DNA)

    Haplogroup H44b is a branch on the maternal tree of human kind. Its age is between 2,900 and 10,300 years (Behar et al., 2012b).Mitochondrial DNA of prehistoric Europeans The testing of ancient DNA help us understand how long each haplogroup has been in Europe. Dozens of samples from the Paleolithic and Mesolithic, and hundreds from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age have already been t...

  • Hartuv

    פרויקט זה מיועד לרכז את כל יוצאי המושבה הרטוב הפרויקט יאחד בתוכו גם משפחות שאינן בקישרי משפחה עם השארזה מקום טוב לשים מסמכים וקישורים לחומר על הרטובבקישור להלן ניתן למצוא סרט על הרטוב וכן הקלטות מפי רפאל בן ארויה [ ]מוזמנים לתרום כראות עיניכם שגיא מצורף קישור לתיקייה משותפת ובה אוסף כתבות הנוגעות בהרטוב:

  • Архиереите на Българската православна църква

    Primates & Bishops of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Списък на предстоятелите и архиереите на Българската православна църква. Обхванат е периода от борбите за църковна и духовна независимост до тежките за църквата времена, в които Комунистическата държава се ориентира към внимателна и в крайна сметка – успешна политика, основана на един трудно прокаран компромис, чиято цел е избягването на явна...

  • List of Famous Bulgarians

    Notable Bulgarians >> The Bulgarians (Bulgarian: българи, pronounced: [b%C9%A4%CC%9E%C9%AB%CB%88%C9%A1%C9%90ri]%29 are a South Slavic people native to Bulgaria and neighbouring regions. >>> Wikipedia - Bulgaria Bulgarian Monarchs * Kubrat* Batbayan* Asparukh of Bulgaria* Tervel of Bulgaria* Kormesiy of Bulgaria* Sevar of Bulgaria* Kormisosh of Bulgaria* Vinekh of Bulgaria* Telets of Bulgaria* S...

  • Paulicians

    (Classical Armenian: Պաւղիկեաններ, Pawłikeanner; Greek: Παυλικιανοί;[1] Arab sources: Baylakānī, al Bayālika)[2] were a Christian Adoptionist sect, also accused by medieval sources of being Gnostic and quasi-Manichaean Christian. They flourished between 650 and 872 in Armenia and the eastern themata of the Byzantine Empire. According to medieval Byzantine sources, the group's name was derived f...

  • April Uprising / Априлско въстание (1876)

    April Uprising (Bulgarian: Априлско въстание) was an insurrection organised by the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire from April to May 1876, which indirectly resulted in the re-establishment of Bulgaria as an autonomous nation in 1878. About 1,000 Muslims were killed during the uprising, leading the regular Ottoman Army and irregular bashi-bazouk units to brutally crush the rebels, leading to a ...

  • Kamenka (disambiguation)

    Kamenka (Каменка) is the name of several hundreds locations in the former Russian Empire and Bulgaria; the list in Russian Wikipedia is incomplete.=History of Kamenka (the links are related to different places).* Kamenka Fortress * Kamenka on the Dnieper River The Geni projects on German Kamenka on Volga river are Kamenka, Каменка, Baehr, Bähr and Kamenka Ancestors and Descendants .