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  • Iraqi Jewish Genealogy Portal

    History of the Jews in Iraq Wikipedia Iraqi Jewish Notables Community leaders in Iraq Adv. Aboudi Setty עוה"ד עבודי סטי Israel Prize recipients Prof. Shmuel Moreh פרופ' שמואל מורה Prof. Sasson Somekh פרופ' ששון סומך Dr. Ezra Korine דר' עזרא קורעין

  • Notable Jews of Persia & the Arabian Peninsula

    Persian Jews یهودیان ایرانی‎ יהודי פרס‎ Persian Jewry Persian Jews (Hebrew: יהודי פרס‎, Persian: یهودیان ایرانی‎) are Jews historically associated with Iran, traditionally known as Persia in Western sources. The beginnings of Jewish history in the area of present-day Iran date back to late biblical times. The biblical books of Isaiah, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Chronicles, and Esther con...

  • NATO Non-Article 5 Medal for Training Mission in Iraq (NTM-Iraq)

    The NATO Training Mission – Iraq was established in 2004 at the request of the Iraqi Interim Government under the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1546. The aim of NTM-I was to assist in the development of Iraqi security forces training structures and institutions so that Iraq could build an effective and sustainable capability that addressed the needs of the nation. NTM-I was not a...

  • Lost and Found in Iraq (Jewish)

    Lost and found in Iraq (Jewish) This project is designed to re-unite families to lost individuals on the tree. How many of us had that "Uncle" or "Best Mate of Dads" that did not seem to have any family? How many times in your research do you find someone, who, is a mystery, you want to add him to the tree, but, have no idea where he/she belongs. Can also be used for families with the same ...