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  • Jewish Families of Gibraltar

    This project seeks to reconstruct the Jewish population of Gibraltar from the late 18th century to present day. As the project grows it should be possible to link up all the Jewish families of Gibraltar. BMD RECORDS Civil Status and Registration Office HM Government of Gibraltar • Joshua Hassan House, 3 Secretary’s Lane • Gibraltar GX11 1AA t +350 20078303 e

  • Iraqi Jewish Genealogy Portal

    History of the Jews in Iraq Wikipedia Iraqi Jewish Notables Community leaders in Iraq Adv. Aboudi Setty עוה"ד עבודי סטי Israel Prize recipients Prof. Shmuel Moreh פרופ' שמואל מורה Prof. Sasson Somekh פרופ' ששון סומך Dr. Ezra Korine דר' עזרא קורעין

  • Jewish Communities of Morocco

    This is an umbrella project for all of the Jewish communities in Morocco. Moroccan Towns with Jewish Communities Agadir Arcila Atlas Azemmour Casablanca Ceuta Debdou Demnat Essaouira (Mogador) Dra Fez Marrakesh Meknes Melilla Rabat and Salé Ofran Ouazzane Safi Sous Tangier Tetuan

  • Origins of the Baghdadi Trade Diaspora

    The Baghdadi Trade Diaspora The Baghdadi Trade Diaspora consisted of a small group of very religious Jewish traders who came to a place that had absolutely no Jewish life at all. They created a very strong community that has had a large impact on Singapore. The Jews today now live in a multi-cultural Republic that provides respect, religious freedom and full integration into society. Althou...

  • Baghdadi Trade Diaspora: Jews in Bombay

    This project is under construction. from Wikipedia: History of the Jews in India - Baghdadi Jews Despite the name, the Baghdadi Jews are not exclusively of Iraqi origin: many came from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen as well. These Jews emigrated to India around 250 years ago and settled in the city of Surat and established Synagogue and Cemetery after they move to Bombay (Mumbai). ...

  • Turkish Jewish Genealogy Portal

    Turkish Historical Jewish Community Geni History of the Jews in Turkey Wikipedia Town Projects Gallipoli Istanbul Izmir Turkish Historical Jewish Community Ankara Jewish Families Jewish Community of Tire, Izmir Province - Turkey

  • Baghdadi Trade Diaspora: Jews in Calcutta

    Who are the Baghdadi Jews? In the late 18th century, Jews from Arab countries and Iran arrived in India. Collectively they are called ‘Baghdadi Jews’. Most of the ‘Baghdadi’ Jews did arrive from Baghdad but there were among them Jews who arrived from Syria, Iran, Yemen and other places in Iraq. Sometimes these Jews are collectively called ‘Iraqi Jews’. The Bene Israel Jews were called ‘Israel...

  • Baghdadi Trade Diaspora: Jews in Shanghai

    from From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai From Baghdad to Shanghai One of the most interesting chapters in Shanghai's history was the growth of a vibrant Jewish community, exiles who found refuge in the city from hardship, war and persecution. Baghdadi Jews came to Shanghai via India and first settled in the foreign enclave in 1845. Dur...

  • Baghdadi Trade Diaspora: Jews in Hong Kong

    from Wikipedia: History of the Jews in Hong Kong 1800s-1960s: origins Jews first arrived in Hong Kong when the territory was ceded to Great Britain by China in 1842. The Jews transferred their offices from neighboring Canton to Hong Kong and helped to develop this new port. The Hong Kong Jewish Community was first established in 1857. The first synagogue was set up in a rental house o...

  • Jews of Tunisia

    History of Jews in Tunisia The history of the Jews in Tunisia goes back to Roman times. As of 2011, 700 Jews were living in Tunis and 1,000 on the island of Djerba. A tradition among the descendants of the first Jewish settlers was that their ancestors settled in that part of North Africa long before the destruction of the First Temple in the 6th century BCE. The ruins of an ancient synagog...