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Jewish Families of Gibraltar

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This project seeks to reconstruct the Jewish population of Gibraltar from the late 18th century to present day. As the project grows it should be possible to link up all the Jewish families of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Jewish Population Data

Year: 1725 - Number of Jews: 137 - 10% of population

Year: 1754 - Number of Jews: 573 - 33% of population

Year: 1777 - Number of Jews: 863 - 25% of population

Year: 1784 - Number of Jews: 655

Year: 1881 - Number of Jews: 1,800 - 10% of population

Year: 2008 - Number of Jews: 600 - 2% of population


Civil Status and Registration Office HM Government of Gibraltar • Joshua Hassan House, 3 Secretary’s Lane • Gibraltar GX11 1AA t +350 20078303 e w

The records held in the registry office date back as far as the dates shown below.

BIRTHS Commencement Date: 3rd October 1848 Date from which Registration became Compulsory: 20th January 1887

DEATHS Commencement Date: 1st January 1869 Date from which Registration became Compulsory: 5th December 1912

MARRIAGES Commencement Date: 10th April 1862 Date from which Registration became Compulsory: 17th July 1902

For records dating back further than the dates listed you will need to contact the relevant church or researcher as they may be in a better position to provide you with assistance. In some cases, their records date back as far as 1704.


JEWISH COMMUNITY RECORDS M E Belilo 2/1 Engineer Lane P O Box 548 Gibraltar Tel: +350 20079548

JewishGen Gibraltar Database currently includes: Births: 1808 - 1894: 2,820 Records Marriages: 1810 - 1883: 554 Records Deaths: 1829 - 1931: 3,095 Records Census: 1777 & 1791: 805 Records

Online access:

'List of the Jews in Town', Gibraltar, 16 January 1784 Online access:

Gibraltar Mohelim* of the 18th and 19th Centuries Online access:

Genealogia Hebraica: Portugal e Gibraltar sécs. XVII a XX. Lisboa, Liv. Ferin [distrib.], 1990-1991 5v. - Abecassis, José Maria

Gibraltar Inhabitants 1704 - 1914

Online access:

Rabbi Of Gibraltar From 1720 - 1960 - Rabbi David Abecasis:

Saar HaShamamim Synagogue Ledger 1811:$FL22014139

Saar HaShamamim Synagogue Ledger 1817-1821:|FL31946458

Saar HaShamamim Synagogue Ledger 1824-1829:|FL19281566

Saar HaShamamim Synagogue Ledger 1832-1835:

Below is a list of profiles of the patriarchs of the Jewish families of Gibraltar. When a family name occurs more than once this is because they appear to be separate branches, this can be very clear with one family originating in Livorno and another from Rabat, though at times less when both families originate from the same place such as Tetuan. Click on any name to enter their tree.


Mordojai Abisdid 1785 Jose Abisdid b. 1816

Samuel Abensur 1809


Judah Aboab 1729


David Abudarham 1697 Joseph Abudarham 1749

Acris, Aderhi, Aflalo, Alkaim,

Chief Rabbi of Gibraltar, Haham Isaac Almosnino 1712

Amar, Amram, Amselem, Amzalak, Anahory, Asayol, Askenazi, Assayag,

Menahem Atia 1741

Solomon Attias 1770 Joseph Attias 1780 Abraham Attias 1794 Samuel Attias c. 1780

Auday, Astruel, Azencot, Azulos, Azulan,

Balensi, Banon, Baquis, Barchilon, Baruel,

Eleazar Belilo 1782

Solomon Benabu 1813

Benady, Benaim,

Abraham Benamor 1714


Judah Lion Abenatar (Benatar) 1695 Abraham Abenatar (Benatar) 1704

Benbunan, Benchetrit,

Hilel Berriro (Benshimol) 1741

Abraham Raphael Bendahan 1798

Bendelak, Bendran, Benelicha, Beneluz,

David Benhayon (Benhayot) 1798

Moses Beniso 1788

Benitah, Benjamin,

Salem Benjo 1812 Mesod Benggio 1860

Benmergui, Benmiyara, Benmuyal, Benoalid,

Solomon Benoliel 1739


Isaac Benros 1751

Bensabat, Bensadon, Bensaloha, Bensaude, Benselum, Bensheton, Bensimon, Bensliman,

Samuel Bensusan 1782

David Bentata 1864

Moses Bentabo

Bentubo, Benudis, Benyuli,

Emanuel Benyunes 1798 Mojluf Benyunes 1785

Joseph Benzacar


Samuel Benzecry 1806

Moses Benzimra 1757

Berdugo, Bergel, Bohudana,

Menahem Bubdy 1707


Shalom Buzaglo 1760



Moses Cansino c. 1705

Jacob Cardozo Nunes 1709

Carseni, Castel,

Mesod J. Castiel 1892


Private 1970 (?)

Sason Cresiente 1795

Mimon Cohen 1789

Ephraim Conquy (Conqui) 1709

Abraham ben Isaac Coriat, Chief Rabbi of Tetuan 1717

David Elcuby (Cubi / Cuby) 1772

Jacob Danan (Aben Danan) 1799

Samuel Daninos 1788

Davis, Delmar,

Rabbi of Sale and Rabat, Joseph Ben Ayyush Elmaleh 1750 Rabbi Jacob Elmaleh 1839 Chief Rabbi of Gibraltar, Haham Solomon Elmaleh 1855

Rabbi Amram Encaoua 1796 - 1874

Esaguy, Esnaty,

Joseph Farache 1792

Jacob Joseph Ferrares 1713 Samuel Ferrares 1727 Samuel Ferares 1809

Mordojai Finzi 1758

Foinquinos, Fresco,

Gabay, Gabizon,

Jacob Guedalia 1810

Isaac Hadida b. c. 1750-1770

Abraham Hatchuel 1774

Rabbi Judah Hazan 1843



Samuel Labos 1774

Chief Rabbi of Lebanon Abraham Laredo, 'El Justo' (Ladero) c. 1750

Chief Rabbi of Gibraltar, Samuel Lasry c. 1800

Levy, Lengui,

Isaac Lopez Nunes 1795


Judah Maman 1785


Abraham Marache, I 1743 Joseph Marache 1752


Solomon Massias 1711 David Massias c. 1810 Solomon Massias c. 1820

Jacob Matana 1727

Megueres, Melul, Moreira, Mor-Jose,

Judah Murcian c. 1813


Abraham Nahmias c. 1700


Isaac Nieto 1702

Obadia, Ohana, Oliveira,

Chief Rabbi of Gibraltar, Joseph Immanuel Pacifici 1928


Isaac Palache 1739

Abraham Pariente c. 1770 Jacob Pariente 1773 Moses Pariente 1767

Jacob Peso 1824

Jacob Pimienta 1753



Sabath, Salama,

Abraham Sananes 1747

Saragga, Schokron, Sebag, Sequerra,

Private User c.1790 Azar Serfaty 1790

Seriqui, Serrafe, Seruya, Sicsu,

Joseph Swid (Suid, Soaid) 1790

Tangi, Tapiero, Taregano, Taurel,

Solomon Tobhelem 1823

Levy Toledano 1755 Hayyim ben Isaac Toledano 1730

Solomon Toledano appears on the 1834 Census, as 40 years old, native, Hebrew, Hospital servant. A Solomon Toledano died on the 9th of June 1837 in Gibraltar, recorded as born in Gibraltar. Likely these two are the same Solomon, not to be confused with Solomon son of Levy Toledano above.

Tuati, Tedesqui,

Shemaya Uziel 1806


Haim Guanano ou Wahnon 1734



Abraham Zagury 1774