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  • The Jewish French Connection

    French Jewish intellectual and cultural life flourished through the ages, producing some of the most famous Jewish Rabbis, Philosophers, Artists, Mathematicians, and Scientists. We welcome all contributors. Early History The Early Jews of France 700 - 1200 Jewish community in Alsace and Lorraine History of Jews in Alsace Napoleon's Grand Sanhedrin

  • Medieval Rhineland Jewry: Speyer - Worms - Mainz

    Three central cities of Medieval Rhineland Jewry were: Speyer, Worms, and Mainz. The initials of the Hebrew names for these cities, Shpira, Vermayza, and Magentza form the initials שו"ם (SHUM) . The Jewish Traveler Mainz, Worms & Speyer Worms Mainz Speyer The Takkanot Shum תקנות שו"ם