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  • Wyoming with Counties, Towns and Communities Project .

    This Project is for those who were born,lived, and died in the State of Wyoming.

  • American Old West

    Designed to capture contributors and participants in America's expansion westward from the east coast. Including politicians, newsmen, explorers, founding fathers, frontiersmen, mountainmen, railroadmen, lawmen, outlaws, gunfighters, etc. Notable people of the American Old West Artists Frederic Remington - Artist who specialized in the American Old West Explorers Sacajawea , S...

  • Edeler Family Tree

    Descendants of Johann Christof Edeler: Johann Christof Edeler Living Edeler Family Members Facebook Group: Edeler Family Memorials on FindAGrave:

  • Mormon Pioneers 1856

    1856 This project covers all Mormon pioneers that arrived in Utah in 1856. We Need Your Help Please collaborate on a specific year's (1847-1868) project page. While viewing a Mormon pioneer's profile and under the "More Actions" link choose "Add to Project" and this will allow you to add that pioneer to any of the the Mormon Pioneer projects. How to Help 1856 Arrivals <<- Click to...

  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-Mountain

    North American Tribes Mountain Includes the Following States Colorado | Idaho | Montana | Utah | Wyoming Includes the Following Tribes Apache Arapaho Arikara Assiniboin Atsina Bannock Blackfeet (Siksika) Cheyenne Chippewa Comanche Cree Crow Dakota Jicarilla Kiowa Kiowa Apache Kutenai Mandan Nez Percé Navaho Paiute Paloos Pawnee Piegan Pueblos Salish Shoshonean Family Shoshoni Si...

  • Wyoming Legislature

    The Wyoming State Legislature is the legislative branch of the U.S. State of Wyoming. It is a bicameral state legislature, consisting of a 60-member Wyoming House of Representatives, and a 30-member Wyoming Senate. The legislature meets at the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne. There are no term limits for either chamber. As of 2013, Republican legislators hold a supermajority of the seats in...

  • Western Television Shows

    Televisions shows that depicted the Old West that ran approximately 1940-1975. The studio and network (NBC) were set on ending the Vriginian series, as evidenced by rivals CBS and ABC making demographic moves away from rural oriented shows (see "rural purge" for more information). The final episode aired on March 24, 1971 ending its 9-season run. Bonanza ended its 14 season run on January 16,...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Wyoming

    Please do not add profiles to the Native American Tribes of Wyoming project. Add them to the appropriate sub-project. Links Naming Conventions

  • Wyoming Pioneers

    Wyoming Pioneers are those who emigrated to the Wyoming Territory prior to statehood in 1890. The usual indication that a person was a pioneer is a listing in 1870 or 1880 censuses for Wyoming, or a land entry dated before 1890. County records are also good sources of information. Wyoming is the iconic state of the Old West. The United States acquired international title to the area east of t...

  • United States Senators from Wyoming

    United States Senators from Wyoming United States Senators from Wyoming (U.S. Senate website): List of United States Senators from Wyoming (with wikipedia links):