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  • Northwest Territories Liberal Party

    The Northwest Territories Liberal Party was a short-lived branch of the Liberal Party of Canada in the Northwest Territories.==History==The party existed between 1898 and 1905. In 1905, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created from the heavily populated areas of the Northwest Territories. The members of the NWT Liberal Party joined the Alberta Liberal Party or the Saskatchewan Lib...

  • Wildrose Party

    The Wildrose Party (legally Wildrose Political Association , formerly the Wildrose Alliance Political Association) is a conservative provincial political party in Alberta, Canada. The party was formed out of the Alberta Alliance Party in early 2008 following its merger with the unregistered Wildrose Party of Alberta. The wild rose is Alberta's provincial flower.It contested the 2008 provincial ...

  • Northwest Territories Liberal-Conservative Party

    The Northwest Territories Liberal-Conservative Party also known formally as the Liberal-Conservative Association prior to 1903 and the Territorial Conservative Association after 1903, was a short lived political party in the Northwest Territories, Canada. from 1897–1905. It was a branch of the federal Conservative Party of Canada (historical).

  • Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta

    The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (often referred to colloquially as Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta ) is a provincial centre-right party in the Canadian province of Alberta. The party formed the provincial government, without interruption, from 1971 under Premiers Peter Lougheed (1971–1985), Don Getty (1985–1992), Ralph Klein (1992–2006), Ed Stelmach (2006–2011), Al...