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  • Lieutenant Governors of Alberta

    The following is a list of the Lieutenant Governors of Alberta. Though the present day office of lieutenant governor in Alberta came into being only upon the province's entry into Canadian Confederation in 1905, the post is a continuation from the first governorship of the Northwest Territories in 1869. Lieutenant Governor under King Edward VII (1905 to 1910) George Hedley Vicars Bulyea (1...

  • Premiers of Alberta

    The list of premiers of Alberta consists of the sixteen leaders of government of the Canadian province of Alberta since it was created in 1905. Three were Liberal, three were United Farmers of Alberta, three were Social Credit, seven were Progressive Conservative. The current premier is New Democratic. Alberta uses a unicameral Westminster-style parliamentary government, in which the premier i...

  • Alberta Finns

    The project serves as an umbella for local projects for Alberta, Canada communities with significant Finnish population. If there is no suitable local project, you can add profiles of Finnish immigrants and their descendants also to this project.Please start a project discussion if you would like to have a new project established for a particular area.

  • Hillside Cemetery, Medicine Hat, Alberta

    Hillside Cemetery is a peaceful, quiet sanctuary surrounded by trees. The site is made up of 80 acres of land and has been in existence since 1886. City of Medicine Hat Website This cemetery is located on Highway 3 and 10 Avenue SW, Medicine Hat, Medicine Hat Census Division, Alberta Canada. Find a Grave

  • Alberta, Canada

    Alberta, Canada=This is the master portail for the Province of Alberta, Canada.=The People of Alberta=This section of the project will explore the relationships and links between families who lived in Alberta. Please add each family name alphabetically below and add profiles of those who lived or were born in Alberta to the project. Native Groups The ancestors of today's First Nations in Albert...

  • Place projects

    Place projects are projects on Geni that are focused of a specific geographical place or region. Places profiles are also the precursor to the upcoming Place Profiles feature. Place project portals Includes countries and kingdoms, and other top level place project. Geographical Australia Canada Europe Al-Andalus Austro-Hungarian-Empire Belarus Czech Republic-Bohemia Croatia

  • Lake View Cemetery, Stettler, Alberta

    Please add profiles of those who are interred in Lake View Cemetery in Stettler, Wainwright, Alberta. Find a Grave

  • Edmonton Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta

    Once the edge of the city's limits, now bisected by a busy thoroughfare, this cemetery contains the city's oldest and most architecturally diverse monuments. Graves in the Edmonton Cemetery are oriented east and west, while graves in the Catholic cemetery are oriented north and south. Edmonton Cemetery was established in 1886, as a resting place for noble pioneers of early Edmonton. Many of the...

  • Pioneers of Canada - Ontario

    Pioneers of Canada - Ontario ===History=====Aboriginal Settlement===The first residents of Ontario arrived during the last ice age, approximately 10,000 years ago. As the ice retreated Ontario's paleo-Indian inhabitants moved into the northern region of the province. For many years Ontario's Aboriginal peoples probably lived by fishing and hunting; deer, elk, bear and beaver could be found in t...

  • Claresholm Cemetery, Claresholm, Alberta, Canada

    The Claresholm Cemetery is located on 3800 8th Street South, Claresholm, Alberta Census Division, Alberta. Find a Grave Billion Graves

  • Champion Cemetery, Champion, Alberta, Canada

    This project is for those buried in Champion Cemetery, Champion, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. Find a Grave

  • University of Alberta

    The University of Alberta (also known as U of A and UAlberta) is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford,[6] the first premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory,[7] its first president. Its enabling legislation is the Post-secondary Learning Act.The university comprises four campuses in Edmonton, the Augustana C...

  • Canadian Teachers

    Canadian Teachers= Pictured Right:- 1950 Canadian School Train. Pupils attend classes at Nemegos near Chapleau, Ontario Please add the profiles of Canadian teachers to this profile but please do not include any tutors. These should be added to Tutors Education in Canada is for the most part provided publicly, funded and overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments.[16] Education is wi...

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology ( SAIT ) is a polytechnic institute in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. SAIT offers more than 100 career programs in technology, trades and business. SAIT is a member of Polytechnics Canada and one of Alberta's Top 50 Employers. Established in 1916, it is Calgary's second oldest post-secondary institution and Canada's first publicly funded technical institute.

  • Pioneers of Canada

    WARNING: Geni users, please, do not create a version of this project in another language, any other language. The Geni project multilingual feature will cause project data to be lost. For the time being, just stay with the English (default) version. A solution is being worked on. Stay tuned. <<<= Pioneers of Canada =This project will act as an umbrella project for all province's pioneers.==The ...

  • St. Mary's Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    This project is for those buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. St. Mary's Cemetery was established in 1897 after being moved from the original 1876 location at Second Street & 23 Avenue S.W. It is one of Calgary's oldest Catholic cemeteries with around 15,000 burials. The Northern portion is now known as St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery and has many notable names from Calgary's ...

  • Saint Anthony Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta

    This project is for those buried in Saint Anthony Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta. The cemetery is also known as Saint Anthony's Roman Catholic Cemetery . Find a Grave Billion Graves

  • University of Alberta Faculty of Law

    The University of Alberta Faculty of Law is the graduate school of law of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Established as an undergraduate faculty in 1912 it is the third oldest law school in Canada, and often considered the oldest law school in Western Canada.The school offers a three-year Juris Doctor (J.D.) program, as well as the graduate degrees of Master of Laws (LL.M.) and ...

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

    This project has been created to house all current and former members of Alberta's Legislative Assembly.=Sources=* Official site * Assemblée législative de l'Alberta, Wikipédia

  • Mayors of Calgary, Alberta

    This a list of all of the mayors of Calgary, Alberta, Canada starting with its formation as a town on December 4, 1884.* George Murdoch (4 December 1884 to 21 October 1886)* George Clift King (4 November 1886 to 16 January 1888)* Arthur Edwin Shelton (16 January 1888 to 21 January 1889)* Daniel Webster Marsh (21 January 1889 to 20 January 1890)* James Delamere Lafferty (20 January 1890 to 19 Ja...

  • Mayors of Edmonton, Alberta

    This is a list of mayors of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Prior to September 1, 1905, Edmonton was in the Northwest Territories, and prior to 1904, Edmonton was a town.* Matthew McCauley (10 February 1892 to 14 January 1895)* Herbert Charles Wilson (14 January 1895 to 6 October 1896)* Cornelius Gallagher (27 October 1896 to 14 December 1896)* John Alexander McDougall (1st time) (14 December 1896 t...

  • Members of the Canadian House of Commons from Alberta

    This is the sub-project for all Canadians with a district in Alberta, who have or currently hold the position of MP (Member of Parliament) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.All members of this sub-project should be added to the master project as well.

  • Speakers of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

    The Speaker of the Alberta Legislative Assembly , is the presiding officer in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.The Speaker is selected by secret ballot in the first session of a new legislative assembly.==List of Speakers=====Liberal===* Charles W. Fisher (1905–1920)* Charles Pingle (1920–1922)===United Farmers===* Oran McPherson (1922–1926)* George Johnston (1926–1936)===Social Credit===* N...

  • Lomond Cemetery, Lomond, Alberta

    This project is for those interred in Lomond Cemetery, Lomond, Vulcan County, Strathmore Census Division, Alberta.The Lomond Cemetery is located to the west of Lomond on highway 531 & Range Road 202 . Turn right at Range Road 202 heading north . The cemetery is located at the end of 202 on the right hand side of the gravel road 1 km on Range Road 202 . No grass lawn, just lots of prairie grass....

  • Canadian Senators from Alberta

    This is the master project for all Canadians, who have or currently hold the position of Senator from Alberta in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All Canadian Senators are able to serve up and till the day that they turn 75, at which point they have to retire. They can retire from the job at any time before their 75th birthday.All members of the sub-projects should be added to the main Canadian Senator...

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