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  • Centenarians

    Centenarians 100 ~ hundred ~ C ~ hundert ~ Jahrigen~Centenaires~Signerad EN : Until recently, living to 100 was considered a rare phenomenon. Within the past few years, however, with several hundred people reaching the century mark each month, scientists and laypeople alike are beginning to look upon these oldest of the old as beacons guiding us to a new, longer lived age. DE : Bis vor ...

  • Centenarian Notables

    This subproject of the Centenarians Project is to document and create interesting profiles for "notable" centenarians; that is, people famous for other reasons who hit the century mark, throughout history. Please join us and collaborate and bring your profiles with you. They must be set to public. Any that need to be made into a Master profile should be requested, with link, in a Project disc...

  • 100 Pluss

    Kjente norske hundre og superhundre åringer.Kjente nordmenn over hundre år. Superhundreåringer( pluss 110) er kjente på bakgrunn av veldig høy alder.