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  • Diplomats

    Diplomats Pictured Right: Sir Thomas Elyot was an English diplomat and scholar (1490-1546) A diplomat is a person appointed by a state to conduct diplomacy with one or more other states or international organizations. The main functions of diplomats are representation and protection of the interests and nationals of the sending state, initiation and facilitation of strategic agreements, tre...

  • Políticos e Diplomatas Brasileiros

    Este Projeto pretende elencar os célebres políticos e diplomatas brasileiros, sem uma classificação única, para que no futuro se possa desmembra-lo em subprojetos próprios. Adelfo Poli Monjardim (1903 - ?) Aderbal Ramos da Silva (1911 — 1985) Aécio Neves ( 1960) Afonso Arinos de de Melo Franco Filho (1930) Afonso Celso de Assis Figueiredo, 1º visconde de Ouro Preto (1836 — 1912) A...

  • Envoys and Ambassadors of China

    Britain 1875 - 1911 Envoys of the Qing Empire 郭嵩燾 許鈐身 劉錫鴻 曾紀澤 劉瑞芬 薛福成 龔照瑗 張德彜 汪大燮 李經方 劉玉麟 1912-1935 Envoys of Republic of China 劉玉麟 施肇基 顧維鈞 朱兆莘 顏惠慶 陳維城 施肇基 郭泰祺 1935-1950 Ambassadors of Republic of China 郭泰祺 顧維鈞 施肇夔 鄭天錫 France 1878-1912 Envoys of the Qing Empire 郭嵩燾 曾紀澤 許景澄 劉瑞芬 薛福成 龔照璦 慶常 裕庚 孫寶琦 劉式訓 Ger...

  • Eesti diplomaadid

    Eesmärk Siia projekti soovime Genist kokku koguda tuntumaid Eesti diplomaate (suursaadikuid, konsuleid, aukonsuleid jt) läbi kõigi ajajärkude. Allikad Eesti välisteenistus. Biograafiline leksikon. 1918-1940 Isikud (1918-1940) Voldemar Aders Friedrich Karl Akel Jüri Annusson Eugen Antson Karl Ast (Karl Rumor) Johannes Bauer