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  • Farmers, Growers and Sharecroppers

    Introduction A farmer (also called an agriculturer) is a person engaged in agriculture, raising living organisms for food or raw materials. The term usually applies to people who do some combination of raising field crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, or other livestock. A farmer might own the farmed land or might work as a labourer on land owned by others, but in advanced economies, a farme...

  • Connecting the Tennessee families of Stills, Ricker, Lamb etc

    A previous project was merely for connecting my grandmother's paternal side, but this is literally for connecting ALL of the related Tennessee / North Carolina (as greene county came out of North Carolina) - families. This is extremely useful for me myself and anyone related to these families, as trying to connect and correct isn't easy.

  • Husbandman

    A husbandman in England in the medieval and early modern period was a free tenant farmer or small landowner. The social status of a husbandman was below that of a yeoman. The meaning of "husband" in this term is "master of house" rather than "married man". It has also been used to mean a practitioner of animal husbandry, or in perhaps more modern language, a rancher. For a farmer or grower ...