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  • Suomen palomiehet - Firefighters in Finland

    Projekti on tarkoitettu Suomessa toimineiden palomiesten ja pelastajien, sekä ammattilaisten että vapaapalokuntalaisten henkilöprofiileille Genissä. The purpose of this project is to research firefighters in Finland. ===Suomalaisen palokunta-aatteen historiaa===Palokunta-aate rantautui Suomeen Ruotsista. Suomen ensimmäinen palokunta oli vuonna 1838 perustettu Turun vpk, joka on tätä nykyä myös ...

  • Firefighters who died on the Job

    Firefighters== ===Please add Firefighters who died on the job or as a result of injuries from fighting a fire or doing their job.=== Firefighters put their lives on the line everyday doing everything from fighting grass fires, house fires, rubbish fires, car fires, anything that can catch on fire. They go to medical calls, any time ambulances are called and deal with everything from heart attac...

  • Lithuanian Fire Fighters

    It was first decided to create a permanent fire fighters team in 1802 by Vilnius city townhall. In the interwar Lithuania, there were active state, municipality, public and private organisations of fire fighters.Please add profiles that were fire fighters in various time periods in current territory of Lithuania. Please add only public profiles.