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  • Verdi Gallery sub page 04: I Lombardi alla prima crociata

    ( MOVE BACK TO THE MAIN PAGE - VERDI GALLERY ) Historical persons (HP) behind the opera characters Performers and collaborators of the first Premieres Performers most liked by Giuseppe Verdi and his wife Giuseppina Strepponi Greatest performers after Verdi's times Persons are sorted by roles and birth years. Please, add profiles only to the main page, "Verdi Gallery". I Lo...

  • Lombards

    Kingdom of the Lombards Regnum Langobardorum; Regnum totius Italiae; Regno dei Longobardi 568–774 Capital: Pavia Common languages: Vulgar Latin ; Lombardic Religion: Christianity : Arianism (official until 653); Chalcedonian Christianity (common; official after 653); Germanic paganism (some initial elite) Government: Feudal elective monarchy King: 565–572 Alboin (first); 756–774 D...

  • Gausi Dynasty

    The Gausi dynasty was a family of Lombard kings. From Lombard Kings from the Gausian Dynasty Audoin (546–565), led the Lombards into Pannonia Alboin (565–572)

  • Beleos Dynasty

    The Beleos Dynasty was a family of Lombard kings.