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  • Unresolved South African Genealogical Mysteries

    A collection of profiles connected to South Africa with some intriguing aspects still to be resolved. Any genealogy sleuths who like to solve mysteries, please feel free to assist. Were the mysterious 3 Englishman connected to the remote Afrikaner farming community of Gamkaskloof (aka ‘Die Hel’) survivors of the Shipwrecked Convict ship Waterloo?, which sunk off the coast of S...

  • Brick-Wall Workshop

    This is an open group collaborative project for assistance on genealogy "Brick-Walls". We all have them - some we have been successful at overcoming, others still give us continued grief as we all like to complete our ancestor line as far back as possible to learn our family heritage. Basic genealogy 101 teaches us that most "Brick-Walls" are due to human error - enumerator mis-spellings, and...