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  • Premiers of Nunavut

    The Canadian territory of Nunavut was formed on April 1, 1999 through the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act. Nunavut, since its formation, has had a consensus government. In a consensus government, the premier is elected by the non-partisan members of the Legislative Assembly. Prior to April 1, 1999, the land that Nunavut occupies was part of the Northwest Territories. P...

  • Commissioners of Nunavut

    This is a list of the Commissioners of Nunavut, Canada, since its creation in 1999. The Commissioner is appointed by the Government of Canada, but a Commissioner, in contrast to the Governor-General of Canada or the Lieutenants-Governor of the Canadian Provinces , is not a Viceroy and therefore Commissioners are not direct representatives of the Monarch in the territory. If the current Commissi...

  • Place projects

    Place projects are projects on Geni that are focused of a specific geographical place or region. Places profiles are also the precursor to the upcoming Place Profiles feature. Place project portals Includes countries and kingdoms, and other top level place project. Geographical Australia Canada Europe Al-Andalus Austro-Hungarian-Empire Belarus Czech Republic-Bohemia Croatia

  • Canadian Teachers

    Canadian Teachers= Pictured Right:- 1950 Canadian School Train. Pupils attend classes at Nemegos near Chapleau, Ontario Please add the profiles of Canadian teachers to this profile but please do not include any tutors. These should be added to Tutors Education in Canada is for the most part provided publicly, funded and overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments.[16] Education is wi...

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

    This project has been created to house all current and former members of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut.=Sources=* Official site * Assemblée législative du Nunavut, Wikipédia

  • Members of the Canadian House of Commons from Nunavut

    This is the sub-project for all Canadians with a district in Nunavut, who have or currently hold the position of MP (Member of Parliament) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.All members of this sub-project should be added to the master project as well.

  • Canadian Senators from Nunavut

    This is the master project for all Canadians, who have or currently hold the position of Senator from Nunavut in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All Canadian Senators are able to serve up and till the day that they turn 75, at which point they have to retire. They can retire from the job at any time before their 75th birthday.All members of the sub-projects should be added to the main Canadian Senator...

  • Speakers of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

    The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut is the presiding officer of the territorial legislature in Nunavut, Canada. Since 1999 the position has been elected by Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) using a secret ballot. The current Speaker is George Qulaut.==The office of the Speaker==As the politics of Nunavut are run under a Westminster system, the role of the Speaker of the ...