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  • The Lost Train: Bergen-Belsen to Tröbitz

    The aim of this project is to gather all profiles of survivors and victims who were on the Lost Train, in the hopes of better commemorating and understanding their experience during the last days of the Holocaust (and the months following it). The following description was taken from Jewishgen , which holds a database relating to some of the people who were on this train. As the end of World Wa...

  • Greek Jews

    History of Jews in Greece * Musica Romantica Video: The Sephardi Balkan Odyssey The first recorded mention of Judaism in Greece dates from 300-250 Before Common Era (BCE) on the island of Rhodes. In the 2nd century BCE, Hyrcanus, a leader in the Jewish community of Athens, was honoured by the raising of a statue in the agora.According to Josephus (Contra Apionem, I, 176-183), an even earlier me...

  • Salonika Center of Jewish Scholarship 140 BCE - 1945

    SALONIKA - Thessaloniki * Musica Romantica Video: The Sephardi Balkan Odyssey History of the Jews of Thessaloniki It is believed that the Alexandrian Jews who arrived in ca. 140 B.C.E. were among the first Jews to settle in Salonika. The Apostle Paul preached for three consecutive Sabbaths in the synagogue of Salonika. The Romans granted autonomy to the community, whose members lived in a neigh...

  • Hartuv

    פרויקט זה מיועד לרכז את כל יוצאי המושבה הרטוב הפרויקט יאחד בתוכו גם משפחות שאינן בקישרי משפחה עם השארזה מקום טוב לשים מסמכים וקישורים לחומר על הרטובבקישור להלן ניתן למצוא סרט על הרטוב וכן הקלטות מפי רפאל בן ארויה [ ]מוזמנים לתרום כראות עיניכם שגיא מצורף קישור לתיקייה משותפת ובה אוסף כתבות הנוגעות בהרטוב: