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  • Whisky Distilleries and Families - Scotland

    Whisky Distilleries and Families of Scotland The object of this project is to identify the families of Scottish whisky distillers who have been added to Geni. The aim is to link those profiles to the names in the list below, and to expand notes about individuals on the Profile page in the "About Me" field, or here if no profile exists. To take part in any project - you do need to firs...

  • Maltsters

    A maltster (also malster) was someone who brewed beer or prepared malt for brewing purposes. From Glossary of Brewing Terminology Malting was a trade in its own right, and maltsters generally independent from either the farmers who produced the barley or the brewers who consumed the malt, though some of the larger breweries conducted their own malting operations, especially from the ninetee...