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People: "Tony Lip", Don Shirley, ing. Giorgio Rosa and 61 others.




Source: Chronicles of Rashid-ad-Din circa 1300, translation to Russian published in 1952: Сборник летописей Рашид-ад-...

People: Khan Chagatai (Jaghatai, Bzhagatay) Borjigin, Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire, Empress Börte Üjin Onggïrat and 5 others.

Genes on the March -

There may be a little bit of Genghis Khan in all of us.

People: Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire

Tolui - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tolui, also rendered Toluy, Tului or Tolui Khan (Mongolian: Толуй хаан (1192–1232) was the youngest son of Genghis Kh...

People: Tuluy-Khan

Chagatai Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chagatai Khan (Mongolian: Цагадай, Tsagadai; c. 1185–1241 or 1242) was the second son of Genghis Khan and first khan ...

People: Khan Chagatai (Jaghatai, Bzhagatay) Borjigin

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