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People: Rebecca Custer

The Clark Family

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People: Mary Clark and Mary Clark

Joseph and Julia DeWitt 1880.jpg

June 29, 1880

Accident, Garrett, Maryland, USA

People: Sampson Custer, Lorren J Custer, Minerva J Custer and 3 others.

Robert and francess Ferguson+Gideon & Martha 1860.jpg

November 26, 1860

Selbysport, Allegeny, Maryland, USA

People: Emily V DeWitt, Parry DeWitt, Josephus G Ferguson and 19 others.

Gideon Ferguson + DeWitt Family1900.jpg

June 1, 1900

Garrett, Maryland, USA

People: Mary DeWitt, Gideon John Ferguson, John G Ferguson and 22 others.

Gideon & Martha Ferguson1870 Cencus.jpg

July 22, 1870

Allegeny, Maryland, USA

People: Emily V DeWitt, Josephus G Ferguson, Joseph DeWitt and 11 others.

Thomas Custer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thomas Ward Custer (March 15, 1845 – June 25, 1876) was a United States Army officer and two-time recipient of the Me...

People: Lt. Col. Thomas W. Custer, Medal of Honor


People: Ann Fitch, Martin, Martin and 10868 others.


People: Ann Fitch, Martin, Martin and 11566 others.

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