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The Mysterious Peverel family.png WELSH ORIGINS OF THE PEVEREL FAMILY ...

People: Baroness Melette (Maud) Maud Peverell, Heiress of Whittington, Sir Guy Warin "The Bold" de Metz, William Peverell, The Elder, of Nottingham and 1 other.

Marriage of Maurits Lissaur and Anna de Metz

December 27, 1905

Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

People: Anna Lissaur

Ansegisel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ansegisel (also Ansgise, Ansegus, or Anchises) (c. 602 or 610 – murdered before 679 or 662) was the son of Saint Arnu...

People: Ansigisel of Metz, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia

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