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Albert Carrington MP (1813 - 1899)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Albert Carrington (January 8, 1813 – September 19, 1889) born in Royalton, Vermont, was an apostle and member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Presi...

Rev. Alexander Broadnax Carrington MP (c.1834 - d.)

Presbyterian Minister 4 children.

Andrew Carrington MP (1463 - 1521)

Son of William Carington, who was the son of Sir George Carington of Carington. Married Emma, widow of .. Holynworthe. Their son John, son & heir, married Margaret Warburton. wife's last name not giv...

Ann "Nancy" Carrington (Mayo) MP (c.1712 - 1785)

Anna Lewis Carrington (Wilmot) MP (1669 - 1727)

Birth: Feb. 26, 1669 New Haven New Haven County Connecticut, USA Death: 1727 New Haven New Haven County Connecticut, USA Family links: Parents: William Wilmot (1632 - 1689) Sarah Thomas Wilmo...

Anne Hills (Carrington) MP (c.1620 - 1671)

ID: I14175 Name: Ann (Immigrant) Sex: F Birth: ABT 1618 in probably England Note: aka Widow Lunt Sen. John Kerry and Alice Hathaway Lee, first wife of Teddy Roosevelt, are descendants...

Sir Archibald Primrose, 1st Baronet Primrose MP (1616 - 1679)

Biographical Summary " Sir Archibald Primrose of Carringham , younger son of James Primrose, Clerk of the Privy Council [S], 1602 till his death in 1641, being his 1st son by his 2nd wife, Catherine,...

Catherine Carrington (Montagu) MP (1315 - c.1415)

Cecilia Wynn-Carrington, Marchioness of Lincolnshire MP (1856 - 1934)


Charles Robert Wynn Carrington, 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire MP (1843 - 1928)

Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington, 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire KG, GCMG, PC, DL, JP (16 May 1843 – 13 June 1928), known as the Lord Carrington from 1868 to 1895 and as the Earl Carrington from 1895 to 19...

Cicely (Hyde) Carrington MP (c.1321 - c.1390)

John de Carrington, lord of Carington in 1326, son of of William de Caryngton, Knt., and Agnes Toft. Married Cecily, daughter of Ralph de Hyde of Urmeston. Their children: Robert, William. page 554...

Elenor Neeley (Carrington) MP (c.1720 - 1782)

Dr. Elias Carrington MP (1734 - 1800)

Elizabeth Ann Preston (Carrington) MP (1768 - 1839)

Elizabeth Carrington (Clark) MP (1653 - 1690)

Elizabeth Carrington (Brereton) MP (1458 - 1497)

Elizabeth Brereton F, #44555, b. circa 1470 Father Sir Andrew Brereton b. c 1440 Mother Agnes Legh b. c 1445 Elizabeth Brereton married Philip Legh, son of Sir John Legh. Elizabeth Brereton was...

Elizabeth Ann Kendall (Carrington) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Horton (Carrington) MP (1774 - 1816)

Emily Eaton Venable (Carrington) MP (1805 - 1871)

Emma Carrington MP (c.1453 - 1520)

Emma Carrington1,2,3,4 F, #20020 Father Sir John Carrington2,3,4 d. 1446 Mother Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beeston3,4 b. c 1391, d. 17 Oct 1455 Emma Carrington married Randle Brereton, Esq., son of ...

Emma Carrington (Brereton) MP (deceased)

Esther Carrington (Northrop) MP (1744 - 1817)

Euna Marie Carrington (Veasey) MP (1888 - 1963)

Birth: Aug. 8, 1888 Granville County North Carolina, USA Death: May 8, 1963 Durham County North Carolina, USA Family links: Parents: George McDuffie Veasey (1856 - 1929) Edna Walker Veasey (1...

Eunice Warner (Carrington) MP (b. - 1785)

Frances Isabelle Carrington (Venable) MP (1885 - 1885)

4 Children

Grand Carrington (Yale) MP (deceased)

Hannah Carrington (Moulthrop) MP (1709 - 1748)

Isabel Carrington (de Beeston) MP (c.1391 - 1455)

From "Carington of Carington" pedigree : Inq. p. m. 34 Hen. VI. Isabella, widow of John Carington, [milit] held in demesne as of fee the manors of Teverton and Stoke, and lands in Hulgreve [in] Min...

Jane Holland (Carrington) MP (1524 - 1555)

John Carrington, Sr., of Wethersfield MP (1602 - 1651)

John and wife Joan are listed as executed in the Wethersfield, Connecticut witch trials in 1651. The execution of John Carrington and his wife was the second known execution for witchcraft in New Eng...

John Smith of Carrington, Knight MP (c.1275 - 1359)

John Carrington, of Farmington MP (c.1640 - c.1690)

Likely the son of John Carrington of Wethersfield & (perhaps) his 1st wife Mary, born about 1640 / 1642 (probably in) the Connecticut Colony. John and his 2nd wife Joane were executed for witchcraft ab...

John Carrington, Sr. MP (1733 - 1803)

John Carrington and Mary Pamplin possibly had theifr first two sons in VA before locating in Orange Co NC. In a history of the Duke family of North Caroline, John Carrington was referred to as the larg...

John de Carrington, of Carington MP (1307 - 1347)

John de Carrington, lord of Carington in 1326, son of of William de Caryngton, Knt., and Agnes Toft. Married Cecily, daughter of Ralph de Hyde of Urmeston. Their children: Robert, William. page 554...

Dr. John Carrington MP (1776 - 1817)

John Carrington MP (deceased)

Capt. Joseph Powell Carrington MP (1741 - 1802)


Leah Carrington (Eades) MP (1887 - 1980)

Lyda Myrtle Carrington (Waller) MP (1901 - 1977)

Birth: Nov. 20, 1901 Granville County North Carolina, USA Death: Feb. 14, 1977, USA Wife of William Harrison Carrington. Daughter of Henry Lee & Julia Ann Jeanette Veazey Waller. Family links: ...

Mary Scott Venable (Carrington) MP (1756 - 1837)

Mary was born to Judge Paul Carrington Sr. & Margaret Read at "Mullberry Hill", Charlotte County, VA. She died at "Springfield", Prince Edward County, VA. The following is a description given of her in...

Mary Holcombe (Carrington) MP (1675 - 1708)

Mary Duke (Carrington) MP (deceased)

Mary Neeley (Carrington) MP (1750 - 1817)

Mary Carrington (unknown) MP (c.1602 - 1651)

Mary (parents unknown, born about 1602) migrated to New England with her husband John Carrington on the "Susan and Ellen" in 1635. She must have died before 1651, when John and his second wife Joane we...

Sir Michael Smith of Carrington, Knight MP (c.1175 - c.1241)

legendary profile Take this with many grains of salt: In 1399 when King Richard II was deposed, Michael's descendant, John of Carrington had to flee the country and changed his name to (back to??) ...

Nelson Jonah Carrington MP (1922 - 1971)

Birth: Jan. 31, 1922 Granville County North Carolina, USA Death: Aug. 29, 1971 Durham Durham County North Carolina, USA Husband of Mary Nicholson Carrington. Son of William H & Lyda Waller Carringt...

Nodiah Carrington MP (1706 - 1738)

Judge Paul Carrington, Sr. MP (1733 - 1818)

Find A Grave Memorial DAR Ancestor # A019726 VIRGINIA , PATRIOTIC SERVICE MEMBER OF HOUSE OF BURGESSES, VA CONVENTION, COMMITTEE OF SAFETY "CARRINGTON, Paul, statesman, was born in Virginia, March 16...

Peter Carrington MP (1662 - 1727)

Birth: 1666 Death: 1727 New Haven New Haven County Connecticut, USA American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) about Peter Carrington Name: Peter Carrington Volume: 25 Page Number: 367 Referen...

Rebecca Andrus (Carrington), of Waterbury MP (1650 - 1729)

The Town and City of Waterbury, Connecticut by Sarah Johnson Prichard, pg. 8

Rupert Carington, 4th Baron Carrington MP (1852 - 1929)

"Rupert Clement George Carington, 4th Baron Carrington, CVO, DSO, DL (18 December 1852 – 11 November 1929), known as the Hon. Rupert Carington from 1868 to 1928, was a British soldier and Liberal Party...

Lady Ruperta Wynn-Carrington MP (1883 - 1963)

Sammuel Carrington MP (deceased)

Dr. Samuel Carrington MP (1767 - d.)

Sarah Wooster (Carrington) MP (1708 - 1749)

Susan Carrington (Pond) MP (1786 - 1867)

Theodosia Carrington (Mosby) MP (1742 - c.1790)

Theodocia Mosby, died 1790, was shown to be the spouse of Joseph Carrington, daughter of Benjamin Mosby and Mary Poindexter, sister of Littleberry Mosby per footnote in The Huguenot Abraham Michaux and...

Sir Thomas Carrington, Knight MP (c.1335 - 1383)

According to Burke - "Sir Thomas Carrington married Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Roos, and was father of John Carrington, who in the beginning of the reign of Richard II was forced to expatriate hi...

Wellington Carrington MP (c.1814 - 1890)

Sir William "Knights Templar" Carrington MP (1313 - 1378)


William Smith of Carrington, Knight MP (1259 - 1334)

William Harrison Carrington MP (1893 - 1943)

Birth: Aug. 2, 1893, USA Death: May 8, 1943, USA Husband of Lyda Waller Carrington Family links: Parents: James L Carrington (1855 - 1921) Laura J Wheeler Carrington (1858 - 1935) Spouse: ...

Sir William Primrose of Carrington, 2nd Baronet Primrose MP (1649 - 1687)

Biographical Summary " Sir William Primrose, Baronet [S 1651] of Carrington , son and heir by 1st wife, born 14 January 1649, at Edinburgh; Clerk of Notaries, 1 November 1660; succeeded to the Barone...

unknown father MP (c.1850 - d.)

(Aunt) Eller Carrington (Cunningham) MP (deceased)

(mary) Ann carrington MP (1855 - d.)

(Unknown) Carrington (Adams) MP (deceased)

...... CARRINGTON MP (deceased)

? Carrington (?) MP (deceased)

? Carrington MP (deceased)

? Carrington (Findelater) MP (deceased)

???? Carrington MP (deceased)

A Carrington MP (deceased)

A Carrington MP (deceased)

A F Carrington MP (b. - 1860)

Aaron Carrington MP (1746 - 1805)

Aaron CARRINGTON MP (1740 - d.)

Aaron Carrington MP (1749 - 1805)

Abel Richard Carrington MP (deceased)

Abel Williams Carrington MP (b. - 1798)

Abijah Carrington MP (b. - 1776)

Abijah Carrington MP (1778 - 1851)

Abner Carrington MP (deceased)

Abraham Carrington MP (deceased)

Abram Cabel Carrington MP (1833 - 1862)

Abram Cabell Carrington, II MP (1894 - 1976)

Acey Carrington MP (deceased)

Ada Carrington MP (deceased)

Ada Lancaster Carrington (Shaw) MP (1850 - 1909)

In 1861, Ada Lancaster Shaw was the ten-year old daughter of a very active gentleman, a brewer & wine merchant employing sixty-two men, who was also a Justice of the Peace for West Yorkshire & a captai...

Ada M Carrington (Waller) MP (1894 - d.)

Ada Elizabeth Carrington (Leedom) MP (1866 - 1952)

Addie Deleon Carrington (Baylor) MP (1879 - d.)

Addie Sue Carrington MP (1934 - 1943)

Adelaide Carrington MP (c.1780 - d.)

Adelaide Emily Carrington (Astley) MP (1887 - 1952)

Agnes Carrington MP (deceased)

Agnes Morton Carrington MP (deceased)

Agnes Watkins Carrington MP (deceased)

agnes carrington MP (deceased)

Alabama M Carrington (Kindel) MP (c.1815 - d.)